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Sarah Ward

9 Top Wine Pour Spouts: Best Wine And Bottle Pourers 2022

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If you’ve ever wanted to drink crimson liquid out of a dragon’s open mouth, you’re strangely not alone.

Welcome to the weird world of the wine pourer.

Also called wine pour spouts, wine pourers are affordable and useful. They allow for pouring wine consistently so you always hit the elusive perfect wine pour. They aerate and smooth tannins in wine. They can double as bottle stoppers. Heck, one of them doesn’t even open the bottle and it still gets wine out. And some of them are eye candy, too. Who knew there were animal head wine pourer and rabbit wine aerator pourer options!

You can communicate a lot about yourself by the wine pourer you choose. So it’s wise for wine enthusiasts to put a bit of research in before buying. It's even important if you're buying a winery and looking for something to use for wine tasting events.

That’s why this page exists. We did that research. We leveraged our many years in the wine business, along with our relationships with those in the wine industry. We asked questions. We did research. And here’s what we came up with.

These are the 9 best wine pourers out there, and there’s something for everyone. Salut!

Best Overall Wine Pourer/Best Bottle Pourer: Rabbit Wine Aerator Pourer

rabbit wine aerator pourer

A wine pourer is not a fundamentally complex device. That’s why we rate the Rabbit Wine Aerator Pourer as best overall. For a whole host of reasons.

First, it’s easy to use. You insert the pourer into an uncorked bottle of wine. It takes seconds. Second, it’s easy to clean because it’s hand-washable stainless steel. Third, it’s got a silicone base that fits firmly in the bottle opening for drip-free pouring. Fourth, did we mention stainless steel? That’s long-term durability right there. And finally, it aerates wine. I mean, it’s a wine aerator pourer. As you pour it, it enhances the flavors and aromas of your wine. You can’t beat that.

This wine pourer does a bit of everything—all of it masterfully—and is built to last. At this price point, it’s a total steal. That’s why it’s the best overall of the bottle pourers.

Best Wine Needle Pourer: Coravin Wine Pourer

coravin model one wine pourer and preservation system

The Coravin Model One Advanced is a different kind of wine bottle pourer. In fact, it’s not simply a “wine pourer,” it’s a wine pouring system. It allows you to pour wine without removing the cork. It does that by inserting a needle through the cork. Then it pumps out your wine and replaces it with argon gas. That allows the wine you didn’t remove from the bottle to remain in it for years in its original state.

You can literally pour wine through the cork and drink it without opening a wine bottle. It’s as close to magic as winemaking itself. This type of wine bottle needle pourer is more expensive than standard bottle-top wine pourers, for good reason. It’s obviously a bit more complicated and has a few more moving parts. But, like we said, you can enjoy any aged wine in your cellar without accelerating the countdown of its demise. That’s that classic Coravin wine pour. And for some wine collectors, it’s invaluable.

Best Wine Aerator Pourer: Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

vintorio wine aerator pourer

We wrote about the Vintorio aerator in our best wine aerators post. That’s how good of a wine aerator it is. But it’s also a wine pourer. The reason it’s the best wine aerator pourer is because it’s got a large aerating chamber. That chamber utilizes something called the Bernoulli’s principle to scientifically increase the speed of a fluid. The faster your wine rushes through the aerator chamber, the more it’s aerated. Aerating wines is crucial for opening up flavors and aromas that would otherwise be understated or underwhelming.

It’s the only aerator on this wine pourer list specifically designed to aerate wine like this.

If you're not familiar with aeration, here's a good resource about wine aeration vs decanting. But it’s also a fantastic, drip-free pourer with an air-tight seal and a beautiful design. If you’re looking for the best aeration out of your wine pourer, this is it.

Most Adorable Wine Pourer: ChirpyTop Wine Pourer

chirpytop wine pourer

Imagine uncorking a bottle of wine, placing your wine bottle pourer in it, and pouring a glass. But wait, what’s that you hear? It sounds like a pleasant chirping sound. You stop pouring to listen closer. The sound disappears. Ah, forget it, you think. You pour again, and there it is! The sound of a small, adorable bird fills the room. This is no delusion. It’s the ChirpyTop wine pourer. With a hidden whistle sweetly chirping away as you pour, you’ll become a legend. The chirpy wine pourer is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

In addition, it is the best conversation piece wine pourer on this list. People will notice it, think it’s painfully cute, and remember it. And, let’s not forget, this chirpy wine pourer works perfectly. It’s got a steady-flow with a drip-free pour. It fits all standard wine bottles, so you’ll be able to chirp your way through your entire collection.

Most Whimsical Wine Pourer: Dragon Wine Pourer

animal head dragon wine pourer

If you want something interesting but lean more Game of Thrones than Tweety Bird, here’s your new wine pourer. Few things in the world will command such attention as a metal dragon. Thankfully, this metal dragon is small and inanimate. Once you do work with your handy-dandy wine opener, just slip this bad boy in the bottle opening. Once you begin pouring, you’ll understand why this was a necessary purchase.

From your new dragon friend falls a shimmering liquid. You feel the power of earthen fire stirring inside your body. Everything happening around you will take on mythical proportions. Such is the power of dragons. Oh, it also pours wine real good, too. It’s made with durable, food-grade stainless steel and fits all standard size wine and liquor bottles.

Best Animal Wine Pourer: Deer Stag Head Wine Pourer

animal wine pourer with deer head

This is our pick for the best animal head wine pourer, of which there are awesomely many available. We like this one because the stag’s mouth opens wide for optimal pouring and minimal dripping. It also does a bit of aerating itself. It’s an animal head wine pourer aerator. It’s got the largest aerating chamber among animal wine pourers we could find. The materials are another big selling point. It’s heavy cold-cast stainless steel.

The pourer is special-fit with a silicone stopper that fits snuggly into all standard wine bottles and liquor bottle sizes. The antlers on this deer do what antlers are supposed to do in the wild: they impress. It’s a great gift, a beautiful piece, and a useful tool.

Best Wine Pourer Stopper: Rabbit Wine Pourer and Stopper (Set of 2)

rabbit wine pourer and stopper

The best pourer we could find that double as a proper stopper is the Rabbit wine pourer and stopper. It fits in all bottle sizes, and once you place it in, it flips open to pour. And when you’re done pouring, it clicks shut and acts as a stopper. It’s constructed of very durable rubber and stainless steel, and it’s dishwasher safe.

That makes it easy to maintain and clean. The matte-black style of the rubber is particularly appealing for anyone looking for a simple, elegant tool. While pouring itself is an act of aeration, this wine pourer and stopper doesn’t have an enlarged aerating chamber. If you’re looking for a wine pourer aerator, you’re better off with the Vintorio above. But if you’re looking for a simple, affordable, durable, and reliable solution to pouring and stopping wines, here you go.

One more great thing, too, is that the Rabbit wine pourer stopper combo is able to pour and seal any type of liquid. Cooking oil, vinegar, salad dressing, you name it. That makes it a fairly universal tool, just like wine glasses with pour lines. Pick up a few 2-packs and you’ll be stopping everything! You won't even need a wine stain remover since you won't have accidental overpours.

Best Budget Pick: Wine Disc Dropstop Pour Spouts (10-Pack)

winedisc wine pourers

This is a 10-pack of WineDisc brand pourers. These are not anything like the other pourers on this list. They’re basically little metallic discs. You roll them up, stick them in your wine bottle, and they’ll naturally unroll to stay in place. The result is a drip-free, ridiculously simple, and very charming solution to wine pouring. The reason we have these as our budget pick is because you get a pack of 10.

And you can rinse and reuse them again and again! They’re made of food-grade and lab-tested material. That means you’re getting 10 wine bottle pourers for under 10 bucks. That makes these dropstop wine pour spouts pretty outrageous, if you ask us. In a great way. Throw a few in your pocket the next time you head out to a party. Whip them out and impress everyone around with your foresight and elegance. Then do it again and again because these things last a long time.

Best Wine Bottle Pour Spout: 12 Pack Stainless Steel Liquor Pourers

Stainless Steel Wine Pourers

Liquor, olive oil, wine, whatever you have can benefit from bottle pourers. This 12-pack of bottle pour spouts are as adaptable as they are convenient. Any self-respecting bar owner should pick up these bottle pour spouts and see you liquor and wine waste numbers diminish.

These wine pour spouts come with rubber dust caps to avoid unwanted tarnishing of your wine and offer pour control, accuracy and the consistent speed every time. They're also easy to remove and clean, making your cleaning routine even simpler. You can't go wrong with this pack of wine spouts.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wine Pourers

Other than these picks on the best wine pourers, there are a few other things you may want to know before you choose the best wine pourers for you. A few commonly asked questions include:

Do you need a special occasion for an animal head wine pourer? No! You never need a special occasion to use an animal head wine pourer, a chirpy wine pourer, or any of the other options on this list. Wine is meant to be enjoyed no matter what the occasion is. If a fancy wine pourer adds to your enjoyment, it's never a bad time to use one.

Is a wine pourer the same as an aerator? In many cases, yes. Options like the rabbit wine aerator pourer and several animal head wine pourer styles also serve as aerators. Of course, there are some wine pourers out there that aren't meant to be used as aerators. This will really depend on what type of wine pourer you want.

Do you need a wine pourer? You don't need a wine pourer, wine can easily be enjoyed without one. That said, if you like wine pourers for yourself, or if you host a lot and want something fancy to show off, there are lots of wine pourers out there. You can get a budget friendly one, or really any type you like. But wine can be enjoyed with or without a wine pourer.

You Should Get a Wine Bottle Pourer

Wine pourers are simple, useful, and affordable. You should get one. 

The wine spouts we listed above hit all the marks. You can get one that allows you to pour wine without removing cork. We’ve got two Rabbit models: the Rabbit wine aerator pourer and the Rabbit wine pourer stopper. There are dragons, stags, and chirping birds. Wine aerator pourers and dropstop wine pour spouts. We assure you, we’ve covered all the main types of wine pourers here. And our list is composed of the best versions of them. And they’re all way more accurate and cleaner than free pouring.

The only exception to the affordability claim is if you’re going after the Coravin wine pourer. Then you’re looking for something a little more expensive with a more complicated use case. But, even for what it brings to the table, the Coravin system is easy to use and not prohibitively expensive.

If you’re researching wine pourers, you may be interested in how to decant wine and picking up one of our best wine decanters, too. Make sure you know how to clean a decanter.

Pour proudly, wine friends. Now go out there, learn about wine, and get to tasting!

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