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6 Best Wine Glasses With Pour Lines | Wine Glass Measure

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The standard wine pour. The yardstick by which we measure wine’s embrace.

There are a bunch of reasons why knowing how much wine we’re pouring is useful. And that’s why wine glasses with pour lines are useful. They make free pouring easy.

Maybe we’d like to stay under the pour line and drink moderately. Maybe we’d like to completely trample over the pour line in celebration. Or maybe we’re simply trying to pour equitably so everyone gets the same amount.

Regardless, wine glasses with pour lines are a great solution. Wine pourers are another, for those keeping track. That’s why we scoured the internet to find the best wine glasses with pour marks out there. Keep reading because there’s a glass for everyone.

For everyone who has ever reached their last guest and poured them a sad, small amount. To everyone who has ever gotten a little too wine drunk on a weekday night. To everyone looking for an affordable, fun gift. These picks are for you.

Best Overall / Best Wine Measure Set: Stemless Wine Glasses with Bubble Marks

stemless wine glasses with bubble marks

Wine glasses with pour lines are useful, but not everyone thinks they look great. Wine glasses are beautiful vessels that show off the naturally brilliant colors of wine. Obscuring that fireworks display isn’t ideal. That’s why we love the discreet bubble marks on these premium stemless glasses. 4-, 6-, and 8-ounce pours are each represented with a tiny bubble mark. They’re very noticeable once you've uncorked your favorite bottle with your trusty wine opener and started pouring. And they're hard to notice when you’re sipping. It’s pretty much the perfect situation.

They come in packs of 2, 4, 6, and 12, so you can stock up if you’ve got multiple people after the perfect pour. They’re dishwasher safe, 4.5” tall, and 3.125” wide. For our money, they’re the wine glasses with pour marks that sacrifice the least amount of the elegance and design that make wine glasses so charming.

No-Frills Pick: Wine Glass Goblet Measuring Cup

wine glass goblet measuring cup

This stemless 17-ounce wine glass includes four measuring marks: 4, 8, 12, and 16 ounces. It’s not often that wine glasses with pour lines have so many measurements. And that’s what makes this one so useful. The large size also makes it helpful for swishing and aerating your wine and softening the wine's tannins. If you're curious about that, here's a resource about wine aerators vs decanters. It’s also available in a 10-ounce stemmed model, too. While having four pour lines may seem crowded, they’re arranged relatively pleasantly. With a soft white color, they don’t jump out at you or make the glass feel busy. If you’re looking for a straight-forward way to tell how many ounces you’re pouring, then keep it simple. This wine glass does exactly that. No extra bells and whistles. Nothing cute. Just a solid glass with numerous pour lines. It will measure your wine pours for you. That’s what this glass was born to do. And you can help it live its best life.

Most Unique / Best 4 Oz Wine Glasses: Wine-Trax Clear Glass Frosted Lines (Set of 2)

wine-trax clear wine glasses with frosted pour lines

This set of 2 Wine-Trax glasses is remarkable for a few reasons. First, the measuring lines are discreet. Not as discreet as the tiny bubbles we mentioned above, but still pretty discreet. They’re frosted measuring lines and they look like they’re just a part of the glass design. They could easily pass for wine glasses that aren’t supposed to measure anything. But measure they do! Each wine glass fill line measures 4, 6, or 8 ounces respectively. These glasses are durable, too, with thick crystal-clear glass that’s dishwasher safe and has a solid handfeel. The last thing to mention here is the shape. This is why they won this category. The bowl of the glass is cylindrical, which makes it relatively unique for wine glasses. And especially for the types of wine glasses with pour lines. That means, while it can hold wine admirably, it’s also perfectly suited for any other beverage. It’s got a very wine-y look, but it’s not pigeonholed by it. That uniqueness sets it apart.

Best Design: Livliga Aveq Portion Control Wine Glass with Etched Fill Lines (Set of 4)

liviliga aveq portion control wine glasses with pour lines

If you’re looking for the most refined choice on this list, here you go. These are etched portion control wine glasses. And the Livliga Aveq set is, hands down, the best looking option out there. Each glass has tactfully(?) etched lines at the 4-ounce and 6-ounce marks. There’s also a small circular design in between the etched lines to help you hit 5-ounce pours. And it all looks rather fetching. Another great part about the Aveq wine glass is that it’s completely chip-resistant and dishwasher safe. No amount of usage or washing will dull the etchings or reduce the glass clarity. If you’re just after a personal portion-control solution, there are other options at lower price points. But if you’re hosting a dinner party and plan on pouring wine for your guests, this is your best bet. And you can compliment them with one of the best wine aerators or best wine decanters. Then you’ll have a nice collection of beautiful, party-ready wine gear.

Best Portion Control Wine Glasses / Best Calorie Counting Wine Glasses: Calorie Counting Stemless Wine Glass (Set of 2)

calorie counting stemless wine glass

The Caloric Cuvee stemless glass has 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounce pour lines. But what sets it apart as particularly useful for the portion controller is its calorie counts. There's a reason it's called the caloric Cuvee the calorie counting wine glass. Each wine glass fill line has average calories in wine. Though different wines have different calories, so it’s just an approximation. It's a great set of etched portion control wine glasses. And if you’re in good humor, you can fill it up to the 10-ounce line marked with “Who Cares” amount of calories. Is it a question or a declaration? A slight smile will cross your face as you think about it. Then an even bigger smile will appear as you reflect that, regardless, both apply to you. You don’t care a wink. Ah, good times, good times. But, wait, this isn’t the funniest wine glass with pour lines. Not by a long shot.

Most Hilarious Wine Glass: 13-Ounce Sassy Wine Glass

sassy funny wine glass with pour lines

First, we apologize in advance for the upcoming foul language. Second, let’s go over some basics. This is a 13-ounce stemmed glass that comes in a durable gift box. That makes it a perfect light-hearted gift for weddings, showers, white elephant exchanges, birthdays, and more. Now onto the good stuff. This glass has no use for traditional wine glass fill lines. It’s had it up to here with your portion control and your moderation. And where is here? It depends! On how much wine is being enjoyed. The smallest measuring line on this glass is “classy.” One imagines a wine drinker enjoying the classy amount with good posture, subdued movements, and relaxed eyes. Pour a little more, though, and that class gets jazzed up into sass. The “sassy” line likely introduces those nearby a more acerbic version of the previously-classy drinker. The eyes are touch mocking, body movements flamboyant, eyes mocking. Then, hold onto your horses. Because the next level is “smart assy.” One can only imagine what happens there. You won't read about this fun glass in a book about wine.

Control Your Pours, People!

Hitting the right pours is a crucial part of good wine service, even if you’re serving people at a home dinner party. That’s why wine glasses with pour lines are so awesome. They’re also a great way to exercise portion control and avoid the pitfalls of relying on free pouring. You might not even need a wine stain remover on hand if you use these.

Two other ways to enhance your home wine service is to learn how to decant wine and what wine aerators do. Just make sure you know how to clean a decanter. Soon, you’ll have a stable of attractive, useful glassware and wine tools that’ll make wine night at your house a hit. Just make sure you have a good sommelier documentary to watch.

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