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Scott Schulfer

10 Best Wine Decanters 2021 | Crystal, Glass Wine Decanters

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If you’re going to aerate your wine, good for you. You’ve made the right choice. But you've got one more choice. How are you going to do it?

To figure it out, look into what wine aerators do and how to decant wine. Find the method that speaks to you. To make it as easy as possible for you, we covered the pros and cons of using a wine aerator vs decanter.

If wine aerators are more your style, then check out our best wine aerators of 2021. But if you feel drawn toward the tradition of the simple decanter, then read on. We’ve got 10 of our favorite wine decanters below. Some are called out as being the best in a specific decanter category (like high-end or budget). But make no mistake, even if they’re not the best in a category, they’re still one of the 10 best wine decanters out there.

If you're interested in upping your wine service game further, check out our picks for best wine glasses with pour lines and best wine pourers, too.

10 Best Wine Decanters of 2021

Best Overall Decanter / Best Red Wine Decanter: Le Chateau Hand-Blown Wine Decanter

Le Chateau wine decanter

Le Chateau’s wine decanter is lead-free and hand-blown. The benefit of a hand-blown piece over machine-blown is aesthetic, and you can tell with the Le Chateau. Each one-of-a-kind crystal decanter has a wide-bottom base and a slanted spout that flares outward making pouring—both in and out—easier. There are certainly more expensive hand-blown decanters out there, but at this price point getting a hand-blown piece of this quality crystal is a win. You don't need a book about wine to see why this decanter tops our list.

The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is our pick for the overall best wine decanter in 2021. With a ton of great ratings, an elegant design, high-quality, hand-blown crystal, and the classic wide-bottom base, the Le Chateau hits all the marks. Make sure you how to clean a decanter so you can keep this beauty sparkling. There’s a reason why the wide-bottom base is the most common decanter shape. This solid shape is less prone to spillage, so you don't even need to worry about picking up a wine stain remover before use. It works well. Whether you’re buying your first decanter or adding to a collection, having a solid, proven, hand-blown piece of high-quality crystal that will last a lifetime is never the wrong choice. You should also pick up an electric wine opener so you can get you wine into this beauty even quicker.

Best High-End Wine Decanter / Best Reidel Wine Decanter: Riedel Cabernet Decanter

Riedel cabernet decanter
Austria’s world-famous Riedel has been setting the standard for crystal and glassware since the 18th century. Most high-end restaurants have a collection of Riedel glasses specifically for high-quality wines. This traditional vase-shaped glass decanter is the definition of elegance and simplicity, like many of Riedel’s products. And that shape makes it easy to clean. A wider base typically decants wine faster, but time isn’t an issue with the timeless Riedel. Swish it around a few more times if you’re in a rush. If you want a classic, this is your new decanter.

Best In Style Wine Decanter / Most Unique Wine Decanter: Eisberg Iceberg Wine Decanter Aerator

Eisberg iceberg wine decanter aerator
Eisberg’s iceberg decanter features a beautiful punt on the base that not only enhances aeration upon swirling, but also upon pouring the wine into the decanter. Especially if you’re shock decanting. The piece is remarkable because the iceberg on the bottom looks like real ice, unlike other decanters that have similar designs. Watching wine cascade down the sides of the mountain is a pleasure, of course, but it doesn’t even have to be used to be a conversation starter. Sitting on a tabletop it’s almost as eye catching as when it’s in use.

Best Budget Wine Decanter: Bella Vino Wine Decanter

Bella Vino wine decanter
The decanter from Bella Vino is one of the lowest-priced on the list and has a host of great features. It’s made of 100% lead-free crystal with a slanted pour spout, wide base, and specific design for 750 ml wine bottles. That really makes it the ideal decanter. Coupled with great reviews, this gets our choice for the best budget pick.

Best Glass Wine Decanter: WBSEos Wine Decanter

WBSEos wine decanter
This swan-shaped decanter is designed specifically to make serving wine as easy and visually pleasing as possible. Wine goes in the decanter on the handle side and out through a curved, elongated pour spout with a slanted top. Tapering the pour spout like this makes it effectively drip-free when serving. It also makes for a delightful piece of decor because it’s shaped like a member of nature’s aristocracy. The swan.

Best Crystal Wine Decanter: USBOQO Crystal Glass Red Wine Decanter

USBOQO crystal glass red wine decanter
Here’s another crystal piece that holds about two standard bottles of wine. Its snail shape has a hole in the middle which disperses wine being poured into the decanter along both sides. The aeration chamber has a consistently large width which allows more air in than a lot of other decanters. The USBOQO is designed specifically for the most fragrant reds.

Best Non-Traditional Shape: Le Sens Amazing Home Scorpion Wine Decanter

Le Sens home scorpion wine decanter
A crystal scorpion may suit you. This is a statement piece and one of the most unusual wine decanter shapes we’ve seen online. But while it’s unusual it’s still just as dashing and as any other. The scorpion shape makes it easy for holding bottles and pouring wine while providing sufficient space along the base for aeration. Bonus: it comes with decanter beads to clean your new scorpion with.

Vintorio Citadel Wine Decanter

Vintorio citadel wine decanter
The Vintorio Citadel is a very durable, hand-blown decanter with a punt, or inner aerator groove, on the base. Like the Eisberg above, the punt is helpful for dispersing the wine once the wine is opened and poured in. It boosts aeration by swirling the wine, you see. Clever. It’s also useful for a grip when holding the decanter from the bottom. The Vintorio comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee and a silicone storage cap.

Best Wine Decanter Gift Set: YouYah Wine Decanter Gift Set

YouYah wine decanter gift set
This gift set is centered around a traditional wide-based hand-blown crystal decanter. Like other wide-base decanters, it’s the least ergonomic to hold (but not difficult by any means) with the most effective use of surface area for the purpose of aeration. In addition to a classic shape, it comes with a cleaning brush, decanter cleaning beads, a cork stopper, and a decanter holder. The whole thing comes packaged in a classy box and would likely thrill any wine lover. For an entire set, the price is right.

Best Wine Decanter Set: Mulstone Apericena Red Wine Decanter

Mulstone apericena red wine decanter
The Mulstone Apericena is probably the thickest, most durable decanter on this list. It’s also got a three-sided modern shape with smooth curves that make it ultra easy to hold and pour. The shape also encourages a unique flowing action that aerates wine unlike any other decanter. If you’re after a unique piece with a one-of-a-kind look that isn’t a scorpion, may we suggest the Mulstone Apericena? It also comes with a crystal stopper and a cleaning brush. Which is thoughtful, because with the Apericena’s shape, it’s already very easy to clean.

Go Forth and Decant

Using a decanter helps smooth the tannins in wine, add some traditional flare to your wine service, and (if you're decanting at home) do justice to your wine storage chops. It's certainly a faster way to smooth tannins than learning how to age wine. It is also a good way to explain to patrons what is a corkage fee and the value they get from wine service. You don’t have to pass any sommelier certification levels to use one, though the sommelier salary may be nice.

All you have to do is pick the right one, get your wine slang down, and you’ll be hitting standard wine pours out of your new decanter like you’re on the master sommelier list.

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