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Sarah Ward

14 Best Wine Openers | Wine Bottle Opener Reviews 2022

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For many of us, the day we learned how to open a bottle of wine was the first day of the rest of our lives. Because we open a lot of wine around here-especially when we make up a lamb wine pairing. Everyone we know does, too. Wine bottle openers are a frequent topic of conversation. Electric wine openers, screwpull wine openers, needle wine openers. This is what actually interests us. We're interested in the process of buying a winery and all sorts of wine pairings, but it all starts with opening a bottle.

Why? Because they’re beautiful and useful. Anything with those two qualities is surely worthy of conversation. Also, there’s a bit of a Pavlovian response at work. We know that wine openers mean wine.

Cue drooling.

As a labor of love, we put together this list of the best wine openers out there. There’s something for everyone. The first one we’ll cover is the one that we rated best overall. Then we’ll get into the individual picks.

Supplement these with one of our best wine aerators or wine pourers and you’ll be well on your way to a remarkable wine rig. 

Best Overall Wine Opener: Secura Electric Wine Opener

secura electric wine opener

The Secura is gorgeous, immaculately-reviewed, and affordable. If you’re in the market for an automatic or electric wine opener—or really any wine opener—you must critically consider the Secura. First, admire its fetching colors. Get lost in the rich blue, feel the energy of the sparkling rose gold. Second, it’s easy. Easy to use, easy to store. And third, it’s polite. A quiet office has a volume of 40 decibels. Most air conditioning units are 60 decibels. This wine opener is 50 decibels.

And if your new Secura wine opener beautifully, easily, and quietly opening your wine bottles isn’t enough, it comes with a 12-month warranty. And lifetime customer support. Invite it into your home. Watch it effortlessly glide through cork after cork. This would have been the best electric wine opener if it didn’t win overall best wine opener. You have found your forever wine opener. You're also less likely to spill during the uncorking with this beauty, so you won't need to have a wine stain remover on hand.

Best Coravin Wine Opener: Coravin Model Three

coravin model three wine opener and preservation system

The Coravin Model Three combines Coravin’s legendary wine preservation system with a best-in-class wine opener. This particular Coravin wine opener model has a coated needle that’s specially designed to pierce the cork as smoothly as possible. In Coravin world, that counts as opening. Because the needle pumps the wine out of the cork. Yep. And replaces it with inert argon gas that preserves any aged wine as new for years, if necessary. And it’s easy to do: press and release a trigger.

Best Electric Wine Opener: Ozeri Nouveaux

ozeri nouveaux wine opener

We think the Ozeri is the best electric wine opener. That’s because it can stand vertically without a separate base and it’s got a lid that converts into a foil cutter. That makes it more versatile than most automatic wine openers on the market. It’s also beautiful: the transparent shell shows the entire cork-removal process, illuminated by a soft blue light. It would look remarkable next to one of the best wine decanters we identified. As of this writing, it has a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon. And at the price point it’s at, it’s a remarkable value.

Best Rabbit Wine Opener: Rabbit Original Vertical Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener

rabbit vertical lever corkscrew wine opener

Rabbit has a lot of wine openers. We chose their original vertical lever corkscrew as the best rabbit wine opener because of its insane speed. It uncorks all size wine bottles in about 3 seconds. And, to make things even more efficient, it releases the cork instantly after opening. Over 20,000 cork pull tests ensure the design is about as fast and effortless as possible. With a standing design, a foil cutter, extra spiral, and a 10-year warranty, it’s the best Rabbit wine opener out there. And that’s saying a lot.

Best Oster Wine Opener: Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener

oster rechargable and cordless wine opener

Oster, like Rabbit, is another name with a large presence in the automatic and electric wine opener scene. So choosing the best among them is meaningful. We chose the cordless model with a built-in chiller. It’s got a lot of versatility while still delivering on its primary value proposition: opening wine bottles. So you can begin pouring wine, your destiny. It’s ergonomic and durable like all Osters, sure. But this one’s got a double-wall stainless steel cooler, along with a foil cutter and soft-grip handle. Usually gadgets with so many moving parts are jacks of all trades, masters of none. Not so with this Oster electric wine opener. They pulled a rabbit out of a hat with this one.

Best Wine Opener Set: Smaier Wine Opener Set with Wood Case

smaier wine opener set with wooden case

This Smaier wine opener set plays all the old favorites: chrome-plated wine opener, foil cutter, wine pourer, collar, stopper, thermometer, and an extra screw. The pourer aerates wine, too. And if that intrigues you, you may want to explore how to decant wine, too. But it plays them with a classic, elegant flare that other wine opener sets shoot for but don’t hit. The beautiful wooden box makes it an epic gift for virtually any occasion. And the recipient doesn’t have to be fluent in wine keys to use it. It’s a screwpull wine opener. Screw it down and let the lever do all the work. It’s got every tool needed, looks amazing, and is built to last. Give this wine opener set to someone and make them happy.

Best Needle Wine Opener: Cork Pops Matte Black Legacy

cork pops needle wine opener

The Cork Pops needle wine opener is one of the easiest ways to open a wine bottle. Because you don’t have to screw around with it. Literally. The needle goes straight in, quickly, and the wine cork opens with the push of a button. The reason it’s so easy is because it comes with a low-pressure cartridge of inert propellant that pops the cork out easy-peasy. Each cartridge lasts for about 60 bottles of wine. The design and usability are no slouches, either. It’s got a refined matte finish that makes it a welcome addition to any home bar or countertop. And it’s got an easy grip with a needle guard. Hands down, it’s the best needle wine opener on the market.

Best Craftsmanship Pick: Belwares Ah-So Wine Opener

belwares ah-so wine opener

Ah, the Ah-So. A stainless steel masterpiece. A paragon of craftsmanship. This beauty opens almost any bottle out there—wine or not. The two prongs open any corked bottle of wine, sparkling wine, or Champagne. And the other opener words for beer bottles, water bottles, juice, whatever. It’s just an absolute bottle hound, this thing. Useful with all liquids, like wine glasses with pour lines. But back to wine. The Ah-So wine opener is actually fun to use. You insert the two prongs along the outside of the cork then push. Just twist and pull and you’re good to go. It’s a very effective wine opener, but it’s also downright cool. Two-pronged openers aren’t so common. That’s why it makes a great gift, especially with its fetching gift case. It also comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Can’t beat that with a stick!

Best Corkscrew Wine Opener: IPOW WS01 Wing Corkscrew

ipow dual-lever corkscrew wine opener

The IPOW is a durable dual-lever corkscrew opener. I mean, this thing is made of a premium, corrosion-resistant zinc alloy. The screw itself is zinc alloy, too, so it plows right through puny little corks. After the apocalypse hits, there will be cockroaches and IPOW wine openers. It’s got a heavy handfeel with comfortable, curved, anti-slip handles, too. So once you grab a hold of it, it ain’t going anywhere. Like other dual-lever screwpull wine openers, it handles beer, water, and soda bottles on its other end. It’s versatile, easy to use, and tough as nails.

Best Cuisinart Wine Opener: Cuisinart Electric Wine Opener

cuisinart electric wine opener

One charge, 50 bottles. Not bad, not bad at all, Cuisinart. Cuisinart has a bunch of wine openers. We think this Cuisinart wine opener is tops because of its simple operation. You press the “remove” button to remove the cork from the bottle. And you press the “eject” button to release the cork from the opener. Nice little cadence, there. Remove, eject. Remove, eject. 50 times over. And don’t get us started on the power. Some electric wine openers struggle to make their way through cork. This thing powers through like a total champion. Both synthetic and natural corks. No breakage, no crumbling. It’s a nice, clean, cork-skewering experience. This Cuisinart also comes with a foil cutter that’s stored in its charging base. It’s compact, lightweight, and cordless. If you’re loyal to Cuisinart or looking to give the legendary brand a try, this is your new wine opener.

Best Screwpull Wine Opener: Le Creuset Wine Opener Original Table Model

le creuset wine opener

This Le Creuset wine opener is a monument to the history and design of wine openers, in general. It’s based off of the original self-pulling corkscrew that was invented by Screwpull way back in 1979. There have been countless riffs on the model since then, some good, some bad. This list is proof of that. But some traditionalists don’t stray from the original Screwpull wine opener models. In this screwpull wine opener, the screw is designed to glide through even the most stubborn corks. It then pushes the extracted cork back without damaging it. It’s a classic, timeless design.

Best Vertical Level Wine Opener: OXO Wine Opener Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew

oxo wine opener

This OXO wine opener, a steel vertical level corkscrew opener, removes corks in seconds with two simple motions. Down then up. What makes it the best OXO wine opener is that it’s die-cast zinc. That makes it tough like bull. But it’s got a comfortable, non-slip grip. And that makes it soft like a cloud. The combination of durability and usability is remarkable. When you push the lever down and the non-stick screw artfully navigates its way through synthetic or natural corks, you feel like you’re cheating. It’s even got a removable foil cutter that stores directly on the corkscrew. Can it be so easy? Guess so. We don’t know how OXO did it. Nobody does. 

Best Wine Key: HiCoup Professional Waiter’s Rosewood Corkscrew

hicoup premium waiter's corkscrew

Finally, a wine key. A good old fashioned wine key. Most people who’ve ever professionally opened a bottle of wine can’t go back from using a proper waiter’s corkscrew like this. It’s got all the most desirable qualities of a good wine key. The foil cutter is long, rounded, and serrated. The fulcrum is double-hinged for extra leverage, less screwing, and smoother pulling. The corkscrew itself is heavy-duty 420 stainless steel and slides nobly through any and all cork—synthetic or natural. Lastly, the handle is made of wood. We don’t know about you, but there is scant better than a nice, smooth piece of wood in the palm. For thousands of years, we humans have handled wood, shaped wood, loved wood. This is a needed reunion with the material that helped us march through time, tools in hand. Holding this wine key is like resting your tired head on the lap of history as evolution strokes your hair. This one’s for you, Ian!

Best Ah So Wine Opener: Monopol Westmark Two-Prong Cork Puller

Monopol Ah So Wine Opener

The "ah so" wine opener is also called "Butler's Thief". It is a two-pronged cork puller that plays double duty and can actually easily reinsert the cork into the bottle. They're relatively niche, but collectors love them. The Monopol cork puller matches German manufacturing with a classic wine accessory. It's easy to use, made of high-quality steel, and looks sleek. It's also easy to clean and comes with a five-year warranty, so you know you're buying something good.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Wine Openers

If you're looking to pick out your best wine opener, there's a few more questions you may want answered before you hit "add to cart." Those common questions include:

What is the easiest wine bottle opener?

While there are lots of great wine bottle opener options, the classic twist and pull is typically the easiest, simply because everyone knows how to use it. There are some options out there that make the job of opening a wine bottle easier once you learn how to use them, but in terms of user-friendliness, the classic twist and pull never goes out of style.

What wine openers do Sommeliers use?

While the wine opener of any given Somm is up to where they shop and what they like, there are some generally popular brands among the experts. These include:

  • Pulltex
  • Pulltap
  • Coutale
  • Houdini
  • Laguiole
  • Zwilling

What is a good brand of corkscrew?

Any of the brands on the above list of Somm options are good options. Beyond that, some other options include:

  • Le Creuset
  • Beneno
  • OXO
  • Oster
  • Coravin

That’ll Do It

If you’re looking for the best wine opener, pick up the Secura wine opener.

If you’re looking for a traditional wine key, pick up the HiCoup. 

Beyond that, every wine opener on this list is vetted by a collection of wine enthusiasts. You can’t go wrong with any of them. 

And once you get your hands on one, uncork your favorite bottle, and pour a perfect wine pour, you’ll feel special. Because you are special. Anyone who puts this much research into picking up a wine opener is. You’re doing right by wine, and we appreciate that. You should also take a look at a popular wine list so you can pick up some new wine to use that opener on.

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