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Sarah Ward

The Best US Wineries: 25 Unique Wineries to Visit in America

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There are wine enthusiasts who will tell you the best wineries are in France, Spain, or Italy. Some might say the best are in Australia or Chile. Anyone making those claims isn’t wrong, per se; those places all have amazing wine locations-many of which sell wine by the glass.

However, when it comes to the best wineries to visit, you can’t beat the best US wineries and their wine marketing. The practice of opening a winery in the US has been alive and well for a long time. 

US wineries are vast and varied, and–perhaps most importantly–they’re extremely accessible. Any wine lover can find at least one winery (or vineyard) nearby for a visit. If you’ve been looking for the best US wineries to visit, we’ve got the info for you.

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The Best US Wineries

When it comes to the best wineries in the US, a lot of the ones you’ve probably heard of are in California. Don’t let that fool you though; there are unique wineries across the country, not just in the wine country of Napa Valley. The vast expanse of land and ingenuity in the US has led to different wineries thriving across the country.

The Best Winery Vacations in the US 

Of course, given all the wineries scattered throughout the US, there are some that are better for vacations than others. There are wineries that are especially dedicated to the craft of winemaking, which doesn’t always leave room for tourism plans.

There are also some extraordinary wineries that operate in small areas, and therefore can’t always accommodate a large number of visitors. As we get into this list, we’ll be covering the wineries that combine great winemaking with great vacation attractions. 

25 Best Wineries to Visit

This list of 25 of the best US wineries spans several states. Yes, there are quite a few spots on this list taken up by California wineries. However, there are also many in other places–locations where you might not expect great wineries to be. This list will give you options, from the expected to the utterly surprising. 

25. Scribe Winery

Scribe Winery in Sonoma County, CA, offers a unique taste of Sonoma wine and culture. In operation since 2007, Scribe Winery is known for unique wines and flavorful bites (from dessert to main dishes) to go along with tastings.

24. Beneduce Vineyards

Beneduce Vineyards in Pittstown, NJ, is one of many unique wine spots in New Jersey. Beneduce is known for everything from great wine in their tastings, to live music events, to picnics on Sunday. 

23. Arrigoni Winery & Cider Co. 

Arrigoni Winery & Cider Co. isn’t in the Portland you would usually associate with wine. Instead of Oregon, this hidden gem is in Portland, CT. Arrigoni offers over 30 specialty wines, along with music events, cider options, great food, and an all-around amazing atmosphere.

22. Alta Colina

Alta Colina in Paso Robles, CA, is known for its exceptional Rhône-style wines, including a surprising amount of Syrah options. If you want to visit a beautifully crafted winery, with wine that embodies the winemaking culture of Paso Robles, this is the place to be.

20. Sawtooth Winery

Sawtooth Winery in Snake River Valley, ID, is evidence of the growing wine culture in Idaho. Sawtooth is known for some truly amazing wines, including Riesling, Pinot Gris, Syrah, Merlot, and Tempranillo. This winery is a great example of the delicacies you can find in unexpected places.

19. Chateau St. Jean

Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma Valley, CA, offers the delicious wines of Sonoma, and that's not all. The wine tastings accompany stunning mountain views, gardens to wander in, and the history of a chateau from the 1920s. 

18. Augusta Winery

Augusta Winery in August, MO, has been bringing great wines to Missouri since 1988. The winery has a wine and beer garden set up for visitors to enjoy wines paired with local foods and great views.

17. Croteaux Vineyards

Croteaux Vineyards in Southhold, NY, is best known for its complete commitment to rosé wines. Croteaux offers rosé by the glass, wine flight, or bottle, alongside light foods that pair perfectly with this sunny wine.

16. Round Barn Estate

Round Barn Estate in Baroda, MI, truly lives up to its name. If the unique round barn location wasn’t enough of a draw, this winery offers Michigan wines, cocktail drinks (from summer cocktails to winter cocktail recipes), and lots of hiking opportunities.

15. Eberle Winery

Eberle Winery is another fine example of wine in Paso Robles, CA, with an educational twist. A tasting at Eberle comes with more than just great wine. You’ll also learn about wine, the history of winemaking, and the history of Eberle Winery.

14. Folktale Winery

Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA, is a magical enough place on its own. The addition of Folktale Winery simply adds to the stunning backdrop of this quaint space. Folktale fits the aesthetic of Carmel by being sustainably based in their winemaking and their garden space.

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13. King Family Vineyards

King Family Vineyards in Charlottesville, VA, is one of the best wineries in Virginia. With a tasting room and food trucks for every wine food pairing, this is the stop to make if you’re in Virginia. Learn more about the best wine to pair with salmon and other types of seafood vs. the best wine to pair with turkey or other meats before stopping by. 

12. Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

Another winery gem in Sonoma Valley, CA, is Jacuzzi Family Vineyards. With a name like that, you might expect this spot to feature wine tastings in hot tubs. Well, that’s not the case, but it’s certainly still worth a visit for the great wine and stunning views of the vineyard.

11. CASS Vineyard & Winery

CASS Vineyard & Winery in Paso Robles, CA, offers yet another unique taste of the wines you find in Paso Robles. There’s a reason so many spots on this list are in Paso Robles. The wine there is just amazing, and the views around the wineries are unparalleled.

10. Chateau Montelena

Chateau Montelena in Napa Valley, CA, has been offering the quintessential Napa experience since 1882. Be aware that tastings at this special spot can get pricey. That said, if you’re looking for the perfect Napa Valley wine experience, this is the place.

9. Sokol Blosser

Sokol Blosser in Dayton, OR, is the perfect place for excellent Oregon wine. It’s no secret that Oregon is known for some of the best Pinot Noir varieties (wines in which you can really taste the tannin) in the country. The wines you can taste at Sokol Blosser are further proof of that fact. 

8. Kramer Vineyards

Kramer Vineyards, in Gaston, OR, is a winery and vineyard in Oregon that feels like home for everyone who visits. With great wines, delicious foods, and special events (including unique game nights), Kramer’s is always a good time.

7. Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery

The Dr. Konstantin Frank Winery in Hammondsport, NY, is one of the most interesting selections on this list in terms of location. The winery is located in the Finger Lakes, and the historic home of Dr. Frank still stands on the property. For a taste of history with your wine, you can’t miss this NY spot.

6. L’Ecole No 41

L’Ecole No 41 in Lowden, WA, is a prime example of the always delicious, but equally unique winery options in Walla Walla, WA. L’Ecole No 41 features everything from great wines to adventures in the area, to celebrate everything that makes Washington wines special.

5. Duckhorn Vineyards

Duckhorn Vineyards, in Napa Valley, CA, is a wine brand you’re sure to have heard of, even if you’ve never bought a bottle. Duckhorn wine is known for its quality and its price. If you’re looking to enjoy the flavor of Duckhorn with a tasting, visiting their Napa home is the way to go.

4. Colterris Winery

Colterris Winery, located in Palisade, CO, offers several winery room options at multiple properties. Of course, you can just pick one. However, if you want a full view of the wine scene in Colorado, visiting every place Colterris has to offer is a good choice.

3. Tank Garage Winery

Tank Garage Winery in Calistoga, CA, is another top spot on this list for an extremely unique location. This one-of-a-kind winery is located in an old-fashioned gas station and garage building. Yes, the wine is great, but the real draw is the atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Wölffer Estate

Wölffer Estate in Sagaponack, NY, is the place to be for more than just wine. This estate, which has been around since 1988, proudly produces wines, ciders, and spirits with a focus on sustainability. 

1. Hendry Ranch Wines

Hendry Ranch Wines, in Napa, CA, has been a family winery since 1939. The vineyard supports more than a dozen grape varieties. The wines you can find at a tasting at Hendry’s will give you a true idea of what you can expect from Napa wines. 

The Best Vineyards in the US 

Of course, wineries aren’t the only interesting places to visit if you’re interested in wine. As you’re visiting wineries, you’re sure to find a fair amount of places that combine wineries with vineyards.

If you’re interested in visiting vineyards specifically, you’ll find it more difficult to find great ones. This is because wineries are more apt to be vacation-based.

If you do want to discover some neat vineyards, one great option is to talk with experts in the wine industry (like someone from the court of master sommeliers) to find recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best US Wineries 

Of course, with the variety of wineries across the US, there will always be more to learn. These common questions are things you might be wondering about. They’ll help you further along in learning about and enjoying wines across the country. 

What Are the Largest Wineries in the US?

When you ask this question, you may be thinking about the largest wineries in terms of acreage. However, that’s not how pros in the wine industry think of the size of wineries. This answer is more about capacity than lot size.

In that regard, E&J Gallo Winery comes in as the largest winery in the US. On one hand, E&J produces over 75 million cases of wine per year. They also hold the title of the largest exporter of California wines and the largest family-owned winery in the US.

What is the Best Wine in the US?

This isn’t a question we can give a definitive answer to. The best wine in the US depends on the year, the weather, and, of course, the person drinking it. As a general rule though, we can absolutely say that the US is known for producing a lot of excellent Cabernet Sauvignon.

Are there Vineyards in all 50 States?

In short, the answer to this quest is: yes. Every state in the US has at least one vineyard (or winery/vineyard combination). Some are so small you’d have to visit the state to find them. However, rest assured that, no matter which state you’re in, there’s a place wine is being made. 

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US Wineries: Which Wines Will You Visit?

You may be looking for a winery to visit for the weekend, or you could be mapping out a country-wide best-wineries crawl. Either way, this list of the best US wineries is your jumping-off point to discover the wineries that America has to offer.

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