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Kali Mireva

Wine Cooler Drinks: 6 Best Wine Coolers for Your Restaurant

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Trying to stand out from the crowd is tough, especially in the hospitality industry. If you are a restaurant or bar owner, chances are you are looking for ways to improve your beverage menu and try out some trendy drinks. 

Nowadays, you need to consider CBD-infused drinks and vegan drinks. But let’s not forget exotic wines, specialty coffee, and so many more! Different varieties of wine, types of alcohol, and non-alcoholic drinks are crucial for the success of any bar and restaurant. 

If you are now looking for beverages to add to your seasonal menu or your permanent offers, here’s one idea for you - wine cooler drinks. No, not the little fridges cooling wine but flavorful wine cooling drinks that are refreshing and fun.

Whether or not you have heard of them, we will jump right into the details about them and will make a list of the top 6 wine cooler drinks to get. Let’s go!

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What Are Wine Cooler Drinks? 

Wine cooler drinks were something people made at home first. They started out as simple wine cocktails with wine, fruit juice, sugar, and carbonated water. The idea behind this was to create sort of a new wine flavor and make the drink even more refreshing than regular cooled wine. 

Once the wine cooler drink hit the market, it was advertised as a soda pop beverage for adults. These wine cooler drinks typically contained artificial fruit flavor, pulp, and cheap wine. Their ABV was low - between 4% and 6%. 

The wine coolers can be made with a wide range of fruits - from classics like apples to tropical options. Regardless of the fruit used, they are refreshing drinks that anyone can enjoy. 

Key Takeaway: Wine cooler drinks are a great light and refreshing drink to serve at any bar or restaurant, especially in the warmer months. They can be had on their own or with a nice meal and due to their many flavors, anyone can enjoy them.

Brief History of Wine Cooler Drinks

After being an at-home drink for a little while, wine cooler drinks were then commercially bottled and sold for the first time in 1981. Six years later, the wine cooler drinks craze reached its peak. At this point, this drink accounted for 20% of all wine sold across the US.

The original wine cooler drink was named California Cooler and was invented by Michael Crete. It was created to be a refreshing beach drink with a tropical feel. The cooler was made with grapefruit, pineapple, and lemon, as well as club soda and of course - white wine. Once Crete noticed how much his friends liked the wine cooler drinks, he packaged them with Stuart Bewley and started selling them. 

By 1984, there were so many wine cooler drinks being sold that other companies wanted to be a part of it. More brands started coming out with wine coolers and the market was flooded with this delicious drink. 

Wine Cooler Drinks Today

Today’s wine cooler drinks are no longer as sweet as their ancestors were back in the 1980s. Now, there are even many red wine coolers available for lovers of red wine. The wine cooler drinks of today have a lot more botanical, herbal, or bittersweet flavors than the coolers before. 

6 Best Wine Cooler Drinks to Serve at Your Restaurant

There are many brands that offer delicious, refreshing wine cooler drinks with different fruits. However, not all of them are worth serving at your restaurant. Below, there’s a list of the best wine cooler drinks we suggest you look into and consider adding them to your restaurant beverage menu. 

Seagram’s Escapes

This is a beloved brand that has a lot of ready-to-go cocktail drinks people know and love. They are all crafted with a blend of premium ingredients, real fruits, and some effervescence. The range of flavors is so wide that there’s something for everyone’s taste. 

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California Cooler

This is an iconic brand that hugely popularized wine cooler drinks. They bring major West Coast vibes. This brand creates fruit-forward wine coolers that capture well the essence of California’s sunny lifestyle. 

It’s offered in a variety of flavors - from zesty citrus blends to berry deliciousness. All of the flavors are truly refreshing and your restaurant customers will surely enjoy them, especially in the warmer months. 

Bartles and Jaymes Wine Coolers

These wine cooler drinks are loved by many for their timeless appeal. The history of these coolers dates back to the 1980s when the first wine cooler ever was bottled. These coolers are crafted with premium wine and natural fruit flavors. They come in a range of tasty options, from berry combinations to citrus blends. 

Arbor Mist

One of the most popular brands, Arbor Mist, is known for perfecting the art of blending luscious fruit flavors and quality wine. These wine cooler drinks are known for their easy-to-enjoy style. They offer options that range from crisp and refreshing to sweeter and indulgent. 

Califresca White Sangria Wine Cooler

This wine cooler drink combines the qualities of white wine with the vibrant flavors of tropical and citrus fruits. It has a well-balanced sweetness and offers a unique and delicious twist to the Sangria. 

B & J Red Sangria Cooler

This cooler made from red wine deserved a spot on this list. It’s a combination of quality red wine and vibrant fruit flavors. It includes grapes, cherries, and citruses, which makes it a perfect refreshing drink to have in the warmer months. It’s another great alternative to classic Sangria.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wine Cooler Drinks

Want to know more? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding wine cooler drinks!

Which Wines Are Commonly Used in Wine Coolers?

White wine is most commonly used in wine cooler drinks due to its lighter and more versatile flavor. However, wine coolers can be made with different types of wine, including red wine and rosé. They can even be made with sparkling wines and prosecco. 

As long as the wine is of high quality and the other ingredients are too, producers can make delicious and unique wine cooler drinks. They are a great choice for special occasions!

Are Wine Coolers Alcoholic?

Wine coolers are alcoholic beverages and they have between 4% and 6% ABV. The alcohol content varies depending on the amount of wine used. Additional spirits that may be added also affect the percentage. Overall, they are a light beverage that can be enjoyed with lunch or dinner. 

Are There Non-Alcoholic Wine Cooler Drinks Available?

Non-alcoholic wine coolers, often called grape juice cocktails, can be found in stores. Some bars and restaurants may offer them either, although they are not as popular as their alcoholic counterparts. 

These beverages use grape juice or grape-based substitutes to mimic the flavor of wine but have no alcohol. This makes them save for designated drivers and pregnancy. 

What Is the Ideal Serving Temperature for Wine Coolers?

Wine cooler drinks are best served chilled. The perfect temperature depends on personal preference. However, they are often enjoyed at around 45-55°F, which is 7-13°C. 

If you are serving them at a restaurant, make sure to keep them refrigerated and serve them chilled. They are wine coolers after all, right? 

How Is a Wine Cooler Different from Regular Wine?

Wine cooler drinks are less alcoholic and often sweeter than regular wine. They are mixed with fruit juices and carbonated water, making them lighter and more refreshing. They are a perfect grab-and-go type of drink.

What Flavors Are Common in Wine Coolers?

Common flavors include berry, citrus, tropical fruits, peach, and apple. These flavors are often enhanced with additional natural or artificial flavorings.

How Should Wine Coolers Be Served?

Wine cooler drinks are best served chilled, over ice, in a glass. Garnishing with fresh fruit can add a decorative and flavorful touch. If you run a bar or a restaurant it's very important to think not only about the quality of the drink, but the presentation, too.

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