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Sarah Ward

Wine Display Ideas: 10 Creative Wine Display Ideas

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If you own a bar or restaurant, a project for your bar is finding creative wine display ideas (and display liquor bottles in general). There are so many delightful ways to display wine-from 16 bottles to a creative wine rack for custom wine design ideas that you picked up as you learned about what is a winery. You can have the best wine list in town, but if you don't have great wine display ideas and wine marketing, how will customers know what you offer?

Also, if your bar liquor storage, and by extension wine storage isn't organized, your inventory will be that much more difficult. From your dining room to your bar organization, wine bottle displays and organization are key. Bar books can help along the way.

You don't need to take sommelier classes to know how to display wine with different design ideas. You can showcase the best wine pairings or show off the amount of wine you have in stock to make some great wine sales. Maybe you’ll find that a wine rack display or a gallery of different wine bottle sizes or specifically large format wine bottles will work best. It's possible you've seen a sommelier documentary that's given you an idea for displaying your wine bottles. Maybe you're looking for something to up the ante on your Valentine’s day promotion ideas for restaurants.

The question of how to display wine bottles will depend on the wine you’re displaying and the room you have to work with-like a dining room or bar space. This list of the top 10 most creative ways to display wine bottles with unique design ideas is a good place to start looking for ideas-including if you're looking into how to open a winery. If you want to be one of the best bars (like one of the oldest bars in America), using at least a few of these ideas is a good plan.

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How to Display Wine

Wine display and design ideas are just as much an art form as it is a part of keeping your bar setup organized. In fact, if you’re a wine bar owner or sommelier, your wine display will be a major value proposition for restaurant brands. The wines purchased the most are the ones that catch your customers’ attention. To maximize the potential of your wine bottle display, it’s best to use several ideas from this list. However, if you pick just one you’ll be off to a good start. 

Number 10: Flat Wine Rack

A lovely wine display, and a creative wine rack, is a flat wine rack. This simple wine holder can be an in wall wine rack, or even a flat wine rack on a large scale. It's one of the most creative wine rack options. However, keeping it simple and small is also an elegant way to showcase your wine. A bottle holder rack doesn’t need to have much to it to show off your best wines. A flat wine rack, while simple in nature, is a classic way of displaying your wines and letting the wines speak for themselves. 

Number 9: Single Wine Bottle Holder

For something simple and elegant, a single wine bottle holder is a great option for a small wine display. A single wine bottle holder can be at a hostess stand, on each table, or at strategic points throughout your bar or restaurant. Any wine bottle holder will do, whether it’s metal, wood, or something truly unique. A small wine display is best for a small bar. It doesn’t take up much space and can help you highlight your wines. If you want a wine display that is easy and always a good fit, a single wine bottle holder is the way to go. 

Number 8: Empty Wine Bottle Display

A great way to show off your wines without putting any of your actual stock on display is an empty wine bottle display. You might find yourself wondering what to do with your empty wine bottles, even if it's just 16 bottles of unique wine. Well, a display with those prize bottles is a great option. You can line the walls with empty wine bottles, or place a wine bottle holder on each table. You can create an empty wine bottle display with many of the other ideas on this list. Whichever way you choose to display your empties, it’s a good way to display your wine bottles safely. 

Number 7: Wine Bottle Screen

The next option on the list is a great option to use empty bottles for. A wine bottle screen, also known as a bottle fence, is one of the most creative ways to create a wine bottle display. While wine bottle screen displays are often used in gardens and other outdoor spaces, they can be great in a bar or restaurant to separate a dining room. You can use them to filter light coming in, or as a divider between areas of the bar. Either way, a wine bottle screen is sure to impress your customers. Whether it's a screen of 16 bottles or 100 bottles, you can't go wrong with a wine bottle screen.

Number 6: Large Format Wine Bottles

If you’re looking for another unique wine display, working with large wine bottles, even custom wine bottles, for display is a great way to go. Large format wine bottles can be in your stock, but they can also be purely for decor. You can even buy large, empty custom wine bottles designed for display only with design ideas. If you want a truly stunning wine display, a big bottle of wine is a great way to capture attention. 

Number 5: Wine Tower Display

Another stunning visual for your wine display is a wine tower display. A wine tower display can really be any sort of tall shelving unit that will hold your wine bottles. Since the range is so wide, you can choose an industrial wine rack, an adjustable wine rack, or really anything else. The creative options are endless for anyone looking to create a wine tower display. You can go online for ideas or experiment to elevate your wine bottles and show off the amount of wine you have on hand. 

Number 4: The Wine Cellar View

One of the most intriguing ways to showcase your wine storage is the wine cellar view. Giving your customers a glimpse into your wine cellar is a way to show your full stock in a classic wine look. To dress up your wine cellar you should invest in the best wine cellar racks or even a wine shelf wall. Since your wine cellar won't get disturbed, you can make it as intricate of a display as you want. You can also set it up to make inventory through a barcode scanner app for inventory easy as can be.

Number 3: Wine Case Display Ideas

Wine case display ideas are always a good way to go. A custom wine case can be whatever you want it to be. Your wine display, in turn, can be as intricate or as simple as suits your bar. You can also mix your wine into a wine glass display cabinet, to make it a truly decorative piece. This is also a good option to mix with an empty wine bottle display. You can design it however you like and not worry about a full bottle of wine sitting in a case. 

Number 2: Bottle Wall Mount 

A stylish wine rack option is a bottle wall mount. A wall mounted bottle rack is a great way to decorate, show off your wine collection, and keep the floor space open. Choosing a wall mounted wine bottle holder is one of the most artistic ways to display your wine. It can be a single piece, or a part of a larger wine display. Whatever you choose, a wall mounted bottle rack is always a good option. 

Number 1: Wine Bottle Stand

An option for any bar or restaurant is a classic wine bottle stand. Wine bottle stands come up elsewhere on this list, and for good reason: they’re a classic way of showing off your great wine. You can go with a unique bottle holder or a simple wine holder that will work with any decor. Whatever you choose, a wine bottle stand is always a good choice. 

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Creative Wine Display Ideas: In Conclusion

Depending on your bar or restaurant, many of these wine display ideas will work well both separately and together. If you find several options, you can always move them around and use some at different times to keep it interesting. Whatever you choose, there’s something on this list for every place that serves up a love of wine. 

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