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Sarah Ward

10 Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas for Restaurants

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Valentine's Day is coming up, and it's time for bars and restaurants to set up bar promotion ideas for all the people who celebrate St. Valentine-all the bar books would agree. There are plenty of Valentine's Day restaurant promotions to make your bar-even a cocktail bar-or restaurant the place to be. You can even shake up your liquor bottle display for the holiday with some different types of rum. Many Valentine's Day celebrators will lean towards their favorite spots. These 10 Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants will help make your bar or restaurant that place.

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Valentine's Day Promotion Ideas for Restaurants and Bars

From romantic options to Galentine's treats to stay-at-home possibilities, there's something on this list for everyone. The variety of options for Valentine's Day bar promotions and Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants gives you a wide range of options. Either way, there's a Valentine's Day promotion on this list for you. 

Number 10: Set the Scene

First up is setting the scene. There are plenty of Valentine's decor options to use closer to the date. However, now's the best time to put out online ads, flyers, or however you prefer to reach your audience. If you get your ads up now, you'll be planting the seed in your customer's minds. You can frame your ads around a special Valentine's Day dinner promotion, wine sales, or happy hour ideas. You can also leave the ad as a general reminder of upcoming festivities. 

Setting the scene is a way to set up whatever specific Valentine's Day promos you choose. Then, when the day comes around, you'll have customers lining up to see what the deal is. On this option, make sure your decor matches your ads, to keep the scene consistent.

Number 9: Heart-Filled Happy Hour

If you're aiming for Valentine's bar specials or Valentine's Day happy hour ideas, this promo is the one for you. It's one of the Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants that is commonly used. Many couples will be looking for something light and easy to enjoy on Valentine's Day. Sharing the love through happy hour deals is a great way to reach the customers who want something quick and delightful. In the lead-up to the big day, lots of folks will be searching for the "best happy hour near me." If you start now, you'll be high up on the list they find.

Number 8: Romance in the Air Discounts

A discount is a great promo idea no matter the day. However, it's especially nice for people looking for a great Valentine's Day deal. Whatever the discount is, branding with romance in the air will be perfect. The great thing about a standard discount is that it can work for Valentine's Day bar promos, dinner deals, and happy hour ideas. You can make a $2.14 appetizer special, a 14% discount, an aphrodisiac meaning theme, or anything you like, and Valentine's branding will do the rest.

Number 7: Two-as-One Entrée Deals

For a romantic turn, bring the love to a classic Valentine's Day dinner with a two-as-one entrée deal. With a BOGO deal this wonderful, everyone will fall in love with your offer. If you want to narrow this deal down, you can apply it to a select amount of Valentine's Day dinner promotion items-like a lamb wine pairing meal. But, if you go that route, be sure to make the items Valentine's Day specific in some romantic way.

Number 6: Galentine's Great Deals

This one is for everyone single this Valentine's Day. Galentine's Day on February 13, coined by Parks and Rec, is the day to share some love with your female friends. But, even with gal in the name, this extra-special holiday is for any group of friends. If you're looking for a good Galentine's Day discount to offer, offering deals on family style food (or food fitting the a la carte meaning) is a great option. Sharing the love of great food and drinks with a group of friends is an extra special way of promoting this loving holiday.

Number 5: Meals Cooked with Love

Of course, there's the time-honored tradition of putting love into meals by making them home-cooked delights. To make your Valentine's Day dinner promotion or Valentine's Day happy hour ideas a cut above, create a special and utterly unique meal. Whether you have an old family recipe or a drink that only you make, something made with love is great for Valentine's Day. You could even make heart shaped dishes for some extra love.

"Key Takeaway: Many Valentine's Day celebrators will lean towards their favorite spots. These 10 Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants will help make your bar or restaurant that place."

Number 4: More Wine = More to Love

If your bar specializes in wine, a wine tasting event is your bread and butter for Valentine's Day bar promotions. While any wines will do, having your waiters focus on the romantic red wine types and bubbly champagne and sparkling wines will be a crowd-pleaser. You can even do tastings of different types for lovers of all the wine options. If you're in a currently locked down spot, a wine event can easily be a virtual celebration for Valentine's Day. Through deliveries or pickup, you can share the wine love with your Valentine's guests at home just as well as in the bar-it'll even help you with how to increase restaurant sales.

Number 3: Special Day Extras

A small but wonderful way to brighten a Valentine's Day dinner promotion is putting extra treats up for special offers. Whether that means waiving a bottle service price on champagne, or discounting a deluxe dessert, little discounts are a surefire way to please. You could also create special menus or a prix fixe menu with special discounts. What you choose to discount will depend on your menu and what other Valentine's Day promos you offer. Whatever it is, however, you'll have happy customers enjoying little discounts on the day that's all about little acts of love and joy. 

Number 2: A Classic Affair

A classic romantic dinner will always be great when it comes to love. If you want to go classic with your Valentine's Day dinner promotion, a standard discount on a meal for two is sure to impress. In the same way the word classic generally brings to mind something simple and elegant, this deal doesn't need to be flashy. Instead, well-placed ads, a cozy atmosphere, and a great deal of a meal will make this a classic for all your Valentine's Day guests.

Number 1: At-Home Options

And the best option for these days when so many people are observing lockdown orders is an at-home option-see this Wall Street Journal article-with online ordering. At-home Valentine's Day bar promotion will take the cake this year. If you're already boosting your takeout and delivery options, you're in good shape. If it's something you'd like to improve, now is the time. Whether you're boosting a Valentine's Day dinner promotion or Valentine's bar specials, promoting for takeout customer service will serve you well this year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine's Day Promotion Ideas for Restaurants

While Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants are similar to other promotions in many ways, there are some key differences. Because of those differences, you may have questions about these promotions if you haven’t done a promotion for Valentine’s Day before. Even if you have, these questions might still apply to you. Either way, these frequently asked questions are good to know the answer to before February 14th. 

When Should You Promote Valentine’s Day?

The best time to promote Valentine’s Day is at least a few weeks before the big day, preferably about three weeks in advance. Of course, if you’re offering a limited promotion, you’ll want to start beforehand, as it will increase the customer drive to take advantage of the promotion. Ideally, sometime in early January for beginning marketing is always a good idea, with a ramp up towards the end of January. 

What Sells The Most During Valentine’s Day?

For bars and restaurants, the most popular Valentine’s sales will come from wine, desserts, and more expensive entrees like steak, seafood, and decadent pasta dishes. For people who are going out for Valentine’s Day, they’re going all out, and that means your top menu items will be the big sellers. You can lean into that by offering promos on your best items, paired with other items. These top sellers are ideal for Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants.

What Should I Sell Before Valentine’s Day?

In the ramp up to the big day, you can start with smaller promos on wines and appetizers. There’s never a bad time to celebrate love, and you can whet everyone’s whistle with deals on smaller treats that will have them hankering for more when February 14th comes around.

How Do Restaurants Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Celebrate Valentine's Day by taking advantage of different Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants including:

  • Offering limited edition dishes
  • Providing exclusive discounts, such as those for loyalty program customers
  • Running social media contests
  • Offering a prix fixe menu
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All the Love, All the Deals

You've still got time to choose your Valentine's Day promos. Any of these deals and discounts will help you share the love with your customers this February and help you with the task of how to increase restaurant sales. The best Valentine's Day promotion ideas for restaurants are the ones that bring in lovers and show your books some love.

Focus on creating buzz around the day and get people interested in what you're planning. Use social media and restaurant SEO strategies to boost awareness of your venue, and people will look forward to celebrating Valentine's Day at your bar or restaurant with that special someone.

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