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Sarah Ward

Summer Bar Promotion Ideas: 15 Best Summer Bar Promotions

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These summer bar promotion ideas will help you propel your bar business forward through the summer with success. From deals with the best bar and restaurant appetizers to unique options for hosting brunch, this list covers all your needs. 

We’ve broken the list down into sections for different types of bars to cover a range of customer experience options. Before we dive into those lists, let’s establish the key elements of the best summer bar promotion ideas. 

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Elements of the Best Summer Bar Promotion Ideas

The elements of the best summer bar promotion ideas can be seen across all types of bars. They include:

Overall, these elements can be seen across types of bars and types of promotions. You can make any summer bar promotion ideas work if you lean into these elements. 

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Summer Bar Promotion Ideas for Outdoor Bars

Outdoor bars are uniquely situated to thrive in the summer months. For outdoor bar summer promotion ideas, the best ideas take advantage of time in the sunshine as the center of events and promotions. 

Having the right bartender to set up these events with great drinks will set you up for success. Beyond that, these five events can work on any sunny day. You can tie them into your bar theme or lean into them as their own themes to promote your bar.

5. Live music events: live music events bring in revenue through ticket sales, and you can offer drink promotions to draw in crowds.

4. Summer solstice parties: summer solstice parties are an opportunity to offer sunny drink promotions late into the night on those days when the sun never sets.

3. Weekend brunch specials: weekend brunch specials are perfect for bringing people in and showcasing your best dishes with bottomless drink specials.

2. Beer and BBQ promotions: beer and BBQ promotions are a steal of a deal for customers looking for a way to enjoy drinks and great food in a budget-friendly way.

1. Outdoor games events: outdoor games events can draw in crowds for the fun, and for some drink promotions that match the games.

Summer Bar Promotion Ideas for Wine Bars

The best wine bars strike a balance between refined wine appreciation and delightful promotions. Wine bars find their ideal clientele in a mix of regulars and folks drawn in by promotions and the lure of great wine. 

These five summer bar promotion ideas for wine bars follow that balance. A wine bar manager will find their own balance on this list, but ultimately, any of these work for any wine bar. On a sunny day, take them outside. On those rainy summer nights, these will help create a cozy atmosphere in your wine bar. 

5. Wine tasting flights: wine flights are a perfect wine bar promotion for any occasion in the summer.

4. Wine and movie nights: wine and movie nights can be done outdoors, but they’re well-suited in particular for rainy summer nights when you can get cozy with a viewing inside the bar.

3. Bottle-count discounts: bottle-count discounts, where you offer a promotion when someone buys a certain amount of bottles, are another classic you can use all the time.

2. Wine cocktail nights: wine cocktail nights are perfect for summer bar promotion ideas because they mix up your menu for those adventurous nights. 

1. Local wine promotions: local wine promotions are excellent summer bar promotions to bring in more locals and expand your reach.

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Summer Bar Promotion Ideas for Hotel Bars

Hotel bars are popular all the time. They’re especially perfect when people are looking for a place by a pool on hot summer days. Beyond the best cocktails to choose from at a hotel bar, there is plenty to do to draw in customers beyond hotel guests. 

These five summer bar promotion ideas for hotel bars highlight what you can do with the unique setup of a hotel bar. From poolside adventures to deals on the best drinks you offer, these ideas will get you started.

5. Poolside drink specials: poolside drink specials, with discounts on drinks bought at the pool bar, are perfect for bringing people in on hot days.

4. Seasonal summer beer flights: seasonal summer beer flights, especially with local brews, will bring in all the beer connoisseurs. 

3. Sunset special promotions: sunset special promotions are the perfect extension of happy hour, to offer drink specials in the later evening when the sun is setting.

2. Tropical theme nights: tropical theme nights, with tiki bar specials and tropical decor, will up the summer fun factor.

1. Summertime cocktails for brunch: adding to your brunch menu is always perfect for summer, and summer cocktails can make it even better.

"Key Takeaway: Summer bar promotion ideas are a great way to amp up your bar marketing in the summer and improve your customer service all year."

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Bar Promotions

Summer bar promotion ideas are a great way to amp up your bar marketing in the summer and improve your customer service all year. The nuances among summer bar promotion ideas mean these promos and plans inspire a lot of questions among bar owners and managers. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you a headstart on mastering bar promos.

How Do You Promote a Bar Event?

To promote a bar with event management, share information about the event about a month in advance. After that, amp it up closer to the date to maintain interest. A month gives people time to buy tickets and get excited. On the days closest to the event, share reminders on social media through reels and stories to get folks as excited as possible.

How Do I Promote My Small Bar?

To promote a small bar, highlight the unique aspects of your bar and the deals you have. Overall, show people why they should come to visit you. Using social media and online contests and giveaways will help. Asking for customer reviews on Yelp and other review places is also a good plan. 

How Do I Promote Happy Hour at a Bar?

One of the best ways to promote happy hour at a bar is by using social media. Social media marketing is one of the most direct and efficient ways to market your business. For happy hour, you can share a post or story when it’s starting. You should also create content that highlights your happy hour specials with drink and food pictures.

How Do You Make a Bar Vibe?

You can make a bar vibe with several different methods, including:

  • Making use of the right types of lighting for the ambiance you’re aiming for
  • Playing music–or hosting live music events–that suit your intended vibe
  • Choosing cozy seating options for all around your bar
  • Putting time and effort into the selection of your decorations

All these tools and tricks come together to make your bar an aesthetically pleasing place to be. When you make these decisions with intention, you’ll find the vibe you’re looking to create.

What Do Customers Want From a Bar?

Customers want quality from a bar. In everything you do, from the drinks you serve to the customer satisfaction you strive for, quality is key. Maybe it’s the best quality of a cheap beer on tap or house wine. Perhaps you have a quality of community service that stems from a personal touch with every customer. Whatever it is, prioritizing quality will make your bar the place to be.

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Summer Bar Promotions: Put Some Sunshine Into Your Promos 

These summer bar promotion ideas will boost your bar through the summer, to make the most of all the time in the sun. While you’re running promotions in the summer, it’s also the perfect time to maintain your basic bar inventory list. You can also evaluate your bar setup to make sure it’s working efficiently. Summer is the key time to promote and perfect your bar practices. 

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