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Kali Mireva

Prosecco and Desserts: What Desserts Go Best with Prosecco

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Well-curated drink and food pairings can make your restaurant more successful. It can even help you earn a Michelin Star. Combining flavors and textures is an art in itself and when done right, people will keep coming back to your restaurant.

Creating an amazing customer experience is not easy, especially in this day and age. Now that Millenials and Gen Z’s are the people who are out traveling and exploring different bars and restaurants, you need to engage all their senses. This means that you need to invest in your food and beverage menu, restaurant marketing, glassware, interiors, etc. 

We already talked about pairing beer and other types of alcohol with food on our blog. We even have an entire article dedicated to prosecco food pairing. Now, we want to talk about all the incredible prosecco and desserts pairings that will make your customers crave more. 

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Prosecco and Desserts: The Best Combinations to Make

The light and effervescent nature of prosecco wine makes it the perfect drink to pair with a wide range of delicious desserts. If you are running a restaurant, you will benefit greatly from offering people drinks alongside the desserts they order. 

Train your waiters on what drinks go well with different desserts and other food and watch how your profit will grow. Don’t underestimate the power of a good pairing, especially prosecco and desserts pairings. A drink can enhance the flavors of the food you are offering and set you apart from all the competition in the local area.

Here is a comprehensive list of desserts that pairs well with prosecco and prosecco cocktails! Some of them go well with champagne, too, but for more on the topic check out our article on prosecco vs. champagne.

Fresh Berries 

Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, as well as other berries, are a classic prosecco pairing. Because they are light and fresh just like this sparkling wine but are sweet and tarty, they balance the crispness of the drink. 

In a restaurant setting, you probably don’t serve only fresh berries. But you can always experiment with different desserts that incorporate them. From berry tarts to berry cakes and creams topped off with fresh, delicious fruits, you have a lot of options. You can have these desserts in your seasonal menu to make the offers more exclusive and exciting. Prosecco and desserts with fruits are a great option all year round.

Fruit Tarts

The acidity of prosecco makes it a great match for fruit tarts. You can top them off with a mix of fresh berries, lemon curd, or other fruity fillings. Either way, this is a dessert that you can offer in your brunch menu, too. Customers will truly enjoy this fresh and light pairing!  


Light and refreshing sorbets, especially citrus-based options, are great with prosecco. Lemon and orange sorbet are the best options to combine with this light and crisp wine. The combination is both palate-cleansing and sweet. Actually, one of the best prosecco and desserts pairings you can offer. Especially in the summer time!

Shortbread Cookies

The crumbly texture and buttery feel of shortbread cookies complement the bubbliness of prosecco. You can offer a dessert with these cookies or have them dipped in chocolate and offer that as an after-meal treat. Adding them as an offer in brunch menus is also a great idea. 


Cheesecake is a very popular type of dessert that deserves a spot on almost every menu. There is a huge variety of cheesecakes you can offer to your customers and can even follow seasonality. Either way, the texture of cheesecake goes amazingly with the crispness of the wine and its acidity. 

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Panna Cotta

The creamy nature of panna cotta pairs wonderfully with prosecco. This combination makes for a luxurious and delicious experience that will leave your customers happy. You can always add fresh berries on top of the panna cotta for a better look and even better taste. 

Creme Brulee

The creamy custard and the caramelized sugar of the creme brulee create a beautiful contrast with the sparkling wine. Prosecco is the perfect pair for this popular dessert that is known and loved by so many people who will be happy to see it on your menu. 


The delicate and colorful French confections come in a variety of flavors and harmonize with prosecco so well. Consider offering macarons in raspberry, lemon, and rose flavors. You can add macarons to other desserts or combine them with sorbet. 

Meringue Desserts

Prosecco is the wine to have with any meringue-based desserts. Think of delicious pavlova, for example. This sweet and airy combination will become most people’s favorite!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Strawberries covered in chocolate are one of the most loved desserts because of the beautiful combination of flavors. Now imagine this incredible dessert alongside a nice glass of chilled prosecco. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? 

Lemon Bars 

The zesty and tangy notes in the lemon bars are a great match for prosecco. Add this fresh and delicious dessert to your menu and see for yourself how much people will love it!

Some Words to Restaurant Owners

Depending on the concept of your restaurant and the cuisine you are serving, you can recreate some of these popular desserts or get inspired by their taste to create something special. Unique prosecco and desserts pairings can make your business stand out from the rest and help you get many return clients. Don’t be afraid to put your own twist on things and experiment until you find what works best for your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Prosecco and Desserts 

History of prosecco, prosecco cocktails, as well as food and prosecco pairings are all interesting topics that you may what to know more about. That’s why we have curated a list of questions people commonly ask to give even more interesting insights about this great sparkling wine. 

What Type of Prosecco Goes Best with Desserts?

Brut and Extra Brut prosecco goes best with desserts because it doesn’t have an overpowering sweetness. However, you can also pair extra dry prosecco with desserts and get compelling combinations.

What Is the Best Serving Temperature for Prosecco with Desserts?

Prosecco is best served well-chilled at around 42°F to 45°F (6°C to 8°C). At this temperature, it maintains its refreshing qualities and makes dessert pairings even more delicious. 

Is Prosecco a Suitable Choice for Chocolate Desserts?

While prosecco can pair with chocolate desserts, it's often better suited to lighter, fruit-based, or creamy treats. Consider other wine options like red wine or port wine for chocolate-heavy desserts.

How Can I Create a Balanced Prosecco and Desserts Pairing?

Consider the sweetness level of both the dessert and the prosecco wine. A sweeter dessert can complement a drier prosecco, while a drier dessert pairs nicely with a slightly sweeter prosecco. It’s always recommended to experiment with the dessert you are offering and see which types of prosecco really bring out the flavors. 

Key Takeaway: Prosecco and desserts pair great together, especially if the desserts are light and fruity. Citrus-based desserts are also great to pair with a crisp and light, bubbly wine like prosecco. Chocolaty desserts can also be a good option but depends on the level of sweetness of the treat. 

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