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Kali Mireva

Memorial Day Mocktails: Tasty Drinks for Everyone to Enjoy

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Memorial Day is just around the corner and it’s time to work harder on your beverage menu. Every business owner in the hospitality industry who expects an influx of customers during the long weekend needs to be prepared. And it’s not just about stocking up your beverage inventory with the usual stuff. It’s a good idea to try some Memorial Day cocktail recipes and change things up in your offers.

Once you figure out the different types of alcohol you want to serve, as well as the popular cocktail drinks or maybe signature ones, it’s time to plan the mocktails. You can stick to common mocktails or come up with some Memorial Day mocktails to add a festive twist to the menu. It’s up to you, but we would suggest you lean into the Memorial Day theme for the last week of May.

Whether you prefer to offer healthy mocktails or maybe a wider variety, it’s up to you. However, if you spend the time to plan and create delicious and pretty Memorial Day mocktails, it will be worth it. Eye-catching, tasty drinks are what every Millennial and Gen Z customer wants. These groups of customers (which are the majority of people at restaurants and bars nowadays) love taking pictures of what they are consuming, so you need to accommodate that. 

Need some ideas for delicious Memorial Day mocktails? We got you covered in the following paragraphs!

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Memorial Day Mocktails to Include in Your Beverage Menu

The most important factors to consider when curating Memorial Day mocktails for your menu are whether they are refreshing, tasty, and appealing. Since Memorial Day weekend tends to be the first warm one of the summer, refreshing drinks will be ordered a lot. Deliciousness must also be a priority, as nobody will order a pretty mocktail twice if it doesn’t taste good. 

Key Takeaway: Memorial Day mocktails are an important part of the beverage menu for this special occasion. Not everyone wants or can have alcohol, so to make sure everyone feels included, you need non-alcoholic options. Make the mocktails as fancy as the cocktails to celebrate this special day in style!

As for the appeal, we already mentioned that the generations that are most frequently at restaurants and bars in the last few years, really appreciate pretty food and beverages. They commonly take pictures and videos of what they are having, tagging the place on their social media. This is great for the exposure of your business and it doesn’t cost you any additional money for restaurant marketing. So make sure you have that in mind when you are selecting Memorial Day mocktails!

Here are the ones we suggest you try!

1. Berry Lemonade Spritzer

Lemonades are some of the most refreshing beverages to have on a hot summer day. That’s why it’s a great idea to serve a variety of lemonade. We suggest you try the berry lemonade spritzer this Memorial Day weekend! Mix classic lemonade with a bit of sparkling water and muddle in some mixed berries. Strawberries, as well as blueberries and raspberries, are perfect for this. Serve the lemonade over a lot of ice and garnish it with a lemon slice and mint leaves. If you can, add a festive straw or another type of unique cocktail garnish.

2. Watermelon Cooler 

Doesn’t watermelon just scream summer to you? Try to incorporate this fruit in at least one or two of your Memorial Day mocktails to start the season right. For the watermelon cooler, you are going to need chunks of watermelon, lime juice, and a bit of coconut water. Blend it all together and strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice. You can garnish the mocktail with a watermelon slice or mint leaves. 

3. Citrus Sunrise Mocktail

Another great refreshing option to try is the Citrus Sunrise mocktail. For this drink, you are going to need orange juice, pineapple juice, and some grenadine. Just replace the tequila from Tequila Sunrise with the pineapple juice and you will have a delicious drink for everyone to enjoy! You can garnish this drink with an orange slice and maraschino cherry to go with the vibrant colors of the drink. Unique garnishing is always welcomed when we are talking about a festive occasion!

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4. Cucumber Mint Cooler

Cucumbers are also an ingredient that can make any mocktail or cocktail more refreshing. Muddle some cucumber slices with fresh mint leaves in a glass with a splash of simple syrup and lime juice. Then, fill the glass with ice (you need a lot of ice for Memorial Day weekend!) and top it with sparkling water. Stir gently and garnish with cucumber slices or twists. 

5. Blueberry Lavender Lemonade

Lavender lemonades are so delicious and pretty that your customers will be obsessed with them. Make sure you have one on the menu. We suggest you try a blueberry version, for which you are going to need blueberry syrup, fresh lemonade, and lavender-infused water. Pour the mixture over ice and garnish with lemon or a few fresh blueberries. 

6. Peach Iced Tea Sparkler

Ice tea is another warm-weather staple. Turn it into a mocktail by mixing it with sparkling water and a few slices of peach. This refreshing drink is super easy to make but so delicious that customers will continuously order it. You can even serve it in pitchers if this style of serving will fit the type of your bar or restaurant. 

7. Minty Pineapple Cooler

Pineapple is a great ingredient for many different Memorial Day mocktails. Here, we have one suggestion, that your customers will surely enjoy. Try mixing your fresh pineapple chunks with coconut water, lime juice, and a few fresh mint leaves. Then, strain the mixture into a glass full of ice and garnish with a pineapple wedge. 

8. Strawberry Basil Smash

Last, but not least, try the strawberry basil smash. It’s made by muddling fresh strawberries with basil leaves in a glass. Pour some simple syrup on top and add lime juice. Fill the glass with ice and add soda water at the end. Stir gently and garnish with a delicious mocktail with a slice of strawberry or basil leaves. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Memorial Day Mocktails

Do you want to know more about making the perfect Memorial Day mocktails? If so, the answers to these frequently asked questions may give you more valuable information that you can find useful!

Why Serve Mocktails on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a time for gathering with friends and family to honor and remember those who have served in the military. Serving mocktails ensures that everyone, including non-drinkers and designated drivers, can participate in the celebration without feeling left out.

Do Mocktails Need to Be Served in Special Glassware?

While mocktails can certainly be served in any type of glassware, using special glassware can enhance the presentation and elevate the drinking experience. Consider serving mocktails in martini glasses, highball glasses, or mason jars to add a festive touch to your Memorial Day celebration.

Can Mocktails Be Made in Large Batches for Parties?

Yes! Mocktails can easily be made in large batches for parties and events. Simply scale up the ingredients accordingly and mix them in a pitcher or punch bowl before serving. This allows guests to help themselves and ensures that everyone can enjoy a refreshing beverage throughout the celebration.

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