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Kali Mireva

Keto Beer: Low-Carb Beer Options Suitable for the Keto Diet

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In the last few years, the ketogenic diet has become quite popular. Some people follow it as a short-term diet plan, while others make keto eating their lifestyle. In either case, businesses in the hospitality industry need to take note of that and adjust their offers accordingly. It would be ideal for any restaurant or bar to have low-carb food and beverages to accommodate such customers. 

There are plenty of keto recipes that will be enjoyed not only by customers on a diet but by others, too. Food in a way, it’s easier to manage and make keto-friendly. However, building a beverage menu that has enough options can be a challenge. You can’t stick to specialty coffee, matcha tea, and other simple drinks. It would be ideal to have keto wine, low-carb cocktails, and even keto beer. 

We already covered the topics of keto-friendly types of wine and cocktails. That’s why now it’s time to discuss beer brands and types that you can recommend to any customers following keto. So if you want to have a well-curated menu that will suit the tastes and preferences of the people coming to dine and socialize at your restaurant, just keep reading!

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What Is the Average Carbohydrate Content of Beer?

The beer market today is huge. The ingredients in beer vary depending on the beer type and brand. This affects directly the carbohydrate content of the beer. However, the carb content of beers you can find on the market today typically falls between 10 and 15 grams in a pint. 

Keto beer or low-carb beer has a lot less carbohydrates in a pint than the regular types. Keto beer is typically with 2 grams of carbohydrates per pint and this helps the consumers stay in ketosis. However, to stay in ketosis the people following this dietary plan need to limit their overall beer intake. 

Key Takeaway: The ketogenic diet has been quite popular in the last several years and customers are looking for keto drinks when visiting restaurants. Make beer lovers happy by stocking on some keto beer that pairs well with the keto-friendly meals you serve.

How Is Keto Beer Made?

To be able to create beers with a low-carbohydrate content, the process needs to be different. It’s a tricky process, especially when the brand is striving to retain the taste they are known for. The good news is that brewers have found a way to limit the carbohydrate content of beer without diluting the drink with water. 

In the “mashing” stages when regular beer is brewed, the enzymes break down most of the carbs into simple sugars. Then, the brewing yeast converts these sugars into alcohol and CO2 during the fermentation process. 

Some of the carbohydrates will remain in the beer. But when the brewers are making keto beer or low-carb beer, they are extending the mashing and fermentation processes to allow for the carbs to break down even further. This results in a much lower carb content in the beer. 

How to Select Low-Carb Beer?

When you are looking for low-carb or keto beer, you should choose light beer. Their carb content is a lot lower than that of other beers. Lighter beers generally contain less alcohol than other beers, too. However, keep in mind that some beers that are advertised as lighter options could have more carbs and calories.

To be labeled as a light beer, the beer itself needs to have one-third fewer calories compared to the regular beer types. To help you find the best beer, we have prepared a list of some options with lower carb and lower calorie content. The ABV of these beers is generally lower, too. 

Amstel Light

This beer has only 95 calories, 5 grams of carbs, and an ABV of 3,5%. This beer falls in the middle when it comes to beers with low-carb content. There are ones with significantly less carbs. It’s good to know that it’s light on the palate and it’s also refreshing. The carb and calorie content will be good news for anyone who is on a diet. 

Blue Moon LightSky

Just like Amstel Light, this beer comes at 95 calories. The carbs are 3,6 grams and the ABV is 4%. It’s another light and refreshing beer, and it’s made from wheat. It’s a great option for people wanting a keto beer. 

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Corona Premier

The well-loved and popular Corona Premier is a beer with only 90 calories, 2,6 grams of carbs, and 4% ABV. This beer has fewer calories than the Corona Light, which comes at 99 calories and 5 grams of carbs. 

Budweiser Select 55

This is the beer with the least amount of calories on our list. It comes with only 55 of them, 1,9 grams of carbs, and an ABV of 2,4%. Budweiser Select 55 has an aroma of toasted malt and subtle hops. It’s even lighter than Bud Light, which has over 100 calories. 

Lagunitas DayTime

When the DayTime beer was re-released back in 2019, the brewing company made a light IPA with a lower ABV than before. With this beer, you will still get the characteristics of the traditional IPA but with a lot lower carb and calorie content. The calories are only 98 and the carbs are 3 grams. The ABV of this specific beer is 4%. 

Miller Lite

Is a beer with only 96 calories and 3,2  grams of carbs. It has an ABV of 4,2% and it was first brewed in 1975. It has a strong flavor of hops and it’s the original “light beer.” There is a version of Miller beer that has even fewer calories and it’s called Miller64. It has only 64 calories and 2,4 grams of carbs per serving. 

Bud Light Next

A great keto beer to have is Bud Light Next! It has only 80 calories and 0 grams of crabs. The ABV is 4%. According to the company, this is the first of their beers that has zero carbs and also has a refreshing taste. Customers on keto will truly appreciate you serving this beer!

Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale

Another great option for people wanting a keto beer is Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale. It comes with only 3 grams of carbs, 99 calories, and at 4,2% ABV. If anyone is gluten-free at your restaurant, they can also enjoy this beer. People describe the taste as crisp and slightly bitter. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Keto Beer

Do you want to learn even more about keto beer? If so, read the paragraph below! We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you. 

How Is Keto Beer Different from Regular Beer?

Keto beer is typically brewed with ingredients that contain fewer carbohydrates, such as certain types of grains or alternative sweeteners. It often has a lower alcohol content and fewer calories compared to regular beer. This makes it suitable for people who are not on keto but are looking for drinks with lower calorie and alcohol content. 

What Are the Main Ingredients in Keto Beer?

The main ingredients in keto beer can vary depending on the specific recipe, but they often include low-carb grains like barley or wheat, as well as hops, yeast, and water. Some keto beers may also use alternative sweeteners like stevia or erythritol.

Is Keto Beer Gluten-Free?

Not all keto beers are gluten-free beers. Some may still contain gluten from ingredients like barley or wheat. However, there are keto and gluten-free beer options available that use alternative grains like sorghum or millet.

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