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Kali Mireva

Best Beers for Saint Patrick’s Day: Types and Brands to Get

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Beer is a must-have for any bar or restaurant beverage inventory. Whether you choose to offer just a couple of beers or a great selection of regular and craft options, your beverage menu needs this drink. And you should know how many beers are in a keg.

According to statistics, beer is the most popular and loved alcoholic beverage in the United States. This means that it’s a must all year round, but especially so when you are planning the Saint Patrick’s Day drinks. Beer is a drink that pairs well with popular green food for Saint Patrick’s Day. Pairing these two categories will make your celebration unforgettable and ensure your customer’s satisfaction

To help you prepare well for this widely celebrated holiday on the 17th of March, we have decided to dive deep into the topic. We will share our list of the best beers for Saint Patrick’s Day. Find out which are the best types and brands to get below!  

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Which Are the Best Beers for Saint Patrick’s Day? 

To celebrate the occasion in the most authentic way possible, you should stock up on Irish beer. The holiday celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish people in general. That’s why it’s recommended to serve Irish or Irish-inspired foods and drinks. 

With that being said, you probably have guessed it already - Irish beer is the best type of beer to serve on Saint Patrick’s Day! Here’s our full list of brands and types of the best beers you can get. 

Key Takeaway: The best beers to serve on Saint Patrick’s Day are either Irish or Irish-inspired. You can also get great local craft brews that will boost the experience of your customers. Curate a list of different beer types to ensure there is something for everyone’s taste!

1. Irish Dry Stout - Guinness Draught

Irish dry stout is one of the best beers to get. You should order Guinness Draught because it’s a true must-have for Saint Patrick’s Day. It has a creamy texture and roasted malt flavor. Its characteristic cascading foam makes it a favorite to many. 

2. Irish Red Ale - Smithwick's Irish Ale

A classic red ale is another type of beer you need to have in your inventory this March. The brand you can’t go wrong with is Smithwick's Irish Ale. It has a smooth and malty profile and pairs well with hearty pub fare. The red ale offers caramel sweetness balanced by a subtle hop bitterness.

3. Irish Cream Ale - Murphy's Irish Red

Another popular choice is Murphy's Irish Red, which is an Irish cream ale. It’s known for its smooth character. It’s easy to drink and features notes of toasted malt, caramel, and a hint of fruitiness. 

4. Irish Lager - Harp Lager

Harp Lager is a beer brewed by Guinness. It’s a crisp and refreshing Irish lager with a clean, balanced flavor. It's perfect for those who prefer lighter beer styles. 

5. Irish Pale Ale - Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

This beer type is commonly compared to Guinness, a smoother version of it. However, Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale offers a creamy texture and rich maltiness with subtle hints of caramel and toffee. This is truly one of the best beers you can get for this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

6. Craft Irish Beers - O'Hara's Irish Stout

O'Hara's Irish Stout is a craft option with bold roasted malt flavors and a dry finish, reminiscent of traditional Irish stouts. Craft beers in general have been all the range in the last few years, so you should have a few options on your menu. 

7. Irish Hard Cider - Magners Irish Cider

For customers who prefer cider over beer, it’s a good idea to get Magners Irish Cider. It’s made from a blend of 17 varieties of apples. It offers a crisp and refreshing taste with a hint of sweetness. 

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America’s Best Beers to Serve on Saint Patrick’s Day

If you are having trouble sourcing a variety of Irish beer for Saint Patrick’s Day or you just want to offer a wider variety, this list is for you. Below, we have narrowed down the best beers to get in America. 

American Craft Beers

Craft beers are super popular lately. We suggest you stock up on a few different brands, like:

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  • Stone IPA

American Irish-Style Beers

Everything Irish-style or inspired by Irish culture works great for this celebration. The best beers in this category are: 

  • Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout
  • Great Lakes Conway's Irish Ale

Regional Favorites & Craft Brewery Offers

Every state and region has its own best beers. Make sure you look into that before you start ordering bottles. If there is a specific beer that locals are used to ordering, you must have it on your menu. 

Another thing you should do in preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day is contact local craft breweries and see what they have to offer. Their unique brews will help you create a better experience for your customers. 

Preparing Your Inventory for Saint Patrick’s Day

Start working on your menu as soon as possible if you want to create an outstanding customer experience this Saint Patrick’s Day! You need to work on both green mocktails and cocktails, stock up on good whiskey, and of course, get the best beers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Best Beers for Saint Patrick’s Day 

If you have more questions about the best beers you can get for Saint Patrick’s Day, read the information below. 

Can I Serve Green Beer for Saint Patrick’s Day?

While green beer has become a popular symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day in some places, it’s not a traditional Irish practice. If you choose to serve green beer, consider using natural food coloring or offering green-themed beers like lagers or ales.

What Types of Beers Pair Well With Traditional Irish Dishes for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Beers that pair well with traditional Irish dishes for Saint Patrick’s Day include stouts, porters, red ales, and lagers. These beers complement hearty, savory flavors and can enhance the dining experience. If you run a restaurant, offering the right types of beer with every dish can help you boost profits. 

Are There Any Non-Alcoholic Beer Options for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Yes! There are non-alcoholic beer options available that can be served for Saint Patrick’s Day. These may include non-alcoholic versions of traditional Irish styles like stouts or ales. Be sure to have some non-alcoholic options in your beverage menu if you are running a bar or a restaurant. Your customers will appreciate catering to designated drivers and people who can’t or don’t want to have alcohol.

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