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How to Clean Bar Floor Mats: 3 Steps to Clean Bar Floor Mats

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Commercial floor mats, or anti-fatigue mats, are one vital feature of a bar layout. They prevent the floor behind the bar counter from getting messy and becoming a safety hazard. Bar cleaning can be a headache, but good bar floor mats can make it a bit easier.

Molded rubber bar mats provide traction on a wet floor by allowing liquids to flow through the mat's surface. They keep the walking surface as dry as possible, and good floor mat cleaners maintain their cleanliness and effectiveness. They add to the cost to open a bar, but it's well worth it.

The bartender, barback, and bar manager-see bar manager salary-must feel confident they can move quickly and securely around the bar area. That's why it's necessary to purchase high-quality floor mats and use the best methods to keep them clean. The right floor mats will keep your bar equipment layout pristine.

Read on to learn how to clean a floor mat and see our recommendations for the best floor mats to consider when starting a bar. It's a feature of the bar that should come to mind when you're creating your restaurant business plan. Also, check out our additional articles for tips on how to clean a bar. They include our recommendations for glass and surface cleaner, tips for wood furniture, and our picks for the best glassware cleaner. Alright, let’s get into it!

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How to Clean Bar Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue bar mats appear in almost all bars in America. They support bar management and staff who must move around quickly in the bar area. Bar mats protect them from walking on slippery surfaces, leading to falls and other injuries.

That's why it's vital to clean them regularly to prevent wear and tear. Bar liquor and red wine spills often cause permanent damage to the bar floor.

You should know how to keep bar floor mats clean and aim to purchase the best bar floor mats for your bar and restaurant operations. Like everything else in your bar, it's an investment that pays off in the long run.

Here's how to clean bar floor mats in three easy steps:

1. Use a Broom to Sweep Your Mat

The first step is to remove all debris from your floor mat. Over time, small pieces of dirt, food, and other small items collect in the holes in your floor mat.

Use a broom and dustpan to sweep the food particles, dirt, and other debris away. Make it a weekly task on your bar and restaurant cleaning checklist to stay ahead of dirt and particles.

2. Carry the Mat Outside and Scrub It With Water and Soap

Fill up a large bucket with water and soap. Use a scrub brush to clean the stains and other sticky areas. You don't need to use harsh chemicals to get the job done. Using a degreaser can cause gradual damage to your bar mats.

It might be worth buying a mat transport and wash cart if your bar has several heavy mats. This is a cart for moving and washing your floor mats, which can also function as a drying or storage rack.

3. Rinse Your Mat and Let It Dry

You can use a hose with a spray attachment to give it a good rinse. Wash away the soap before making sure all dirt and grime are gone. Use an industrial fan or let your bar mat air dry before returning it to its usual spot.

Inspect your bar mat to be sure it's completely dry before placing it down again. This will prevent any moisture from becoming trapped between it and the floor–a situation that could produce mold.

This is how to clean bar floor mats in a quick and effective manner. You don’t have to use a powerful degreaser to scrub away grease from your mats. Additionally, a power washer also isn’t needed to do a thorough cleaning. In fact, using a degreaser or power washer could quicken the wear and tear of your mats. 

Keeping this in mind, you want to focus on buying floor mats that are durable. They should stand up to daily use and provide comfort and protection to your employees. That’s why we’ve researched the market and come up with our list of the 10 best floor mats.

10 Best Bar Floor Mats

1. Smabee Anti-Fatigue Non-Slip Rubber Floor Mat

Smabee's Non-Slip Rubber Floor Mat tops our list of recommended bar floor mats. It comes from high-grade sustainable rubber, is easy to wash, and is durable.

This bar floor mat has non-slip features which provide a comfortable working area for your bar staff. They are also reasonably priced, giving you good value for your money. It's a bargain that saves you money and makes running a bar a bit easier.

2. M&A Matting Commercial Grade Drainable Anti-Fatigue Mat

M&A Matting's commercial floor mat comes from nitrile rubber foam infused with anti-microbial properties to reduce odors. The reduced smell makes this mat perfect for your back bar area.

It provides anti-fatigue characteristics and a flexible design, helping your bar staff stay comfortable and allowing for easy transport and cleaning. Its nitrile rubber construction gives it durability; resists grease, oil, and other chemicals; and offers excellent traction.

3. Rubber Cal's "Dura Chef" Non-Slip Rubber Kitchen Mat

The name says it's a kitchen mat, but it's also ideal for floors in a busy bar. Rubber Cal designed it specifically for the hospitality industry to reduce accidents in bar and kitchen areas.

This bar floor mat enhances traction and comes in different sizes and colors (black and red). It offers non-slip and anti-fatigue characteristics that increase the comfort level of front and back of house staff who walk on it.

4. Kempf Rubber Anti-Fatigue Drainage Mat

This bar floor mat is perfect for areas around your bar. It offers interlocking features to give you more coverage on your floors. Your mats will lock together to provide a solid surface for your back of the bar area.

Kempf's Rubber Anti-Fatigue Drainage Mats are ideal for high moisture areas and draining liquids (hence the name) in your bar or kitchen. The material provides good support for your bar staff, and you can divide it into smaller sizes for a better fit.

5. New Star Foodservice Commercial Grade Grease Resistant Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat

New Star Foodservice designed this mat with food and beverage workers' comfort in mind. They keep up with the latest trends in the industry to ensure they make cutting-edge products. 

This bar floor mat is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It provides good support and traction for bar staff to move around quickly. You can choose between black and red, giving you the option to choose the best fit for your bar or pub layout.

6. Cactus Mat 4420-RE VIP Duralok Red End Interlocking Floor Mat

Keep your employees safe with this center-style mat which features molded-in interlocking connectors. It's anti-fatigue, grease-resistant, and non-slip with smooth, stub edges–perfect for your bar area.

This mat is for a combination of center-style and end-style mats that you must purchase separately. The continuous hole pattern helps drain water from the mat's surface, providing another safety benefit for your bartending staff. It's available in red, blue, and yellow to match your bar's design.

7. San Jamar KM1200 EZ-Mat Red Grease-Resistant Floor Mat

The San Jamar KM1200 EZ-Mat boosts comfort and security for your bar staff. It's a light-duty mat that provides a safe and comfortable walking area for your employees. It has drainage holes and a grease-resistant surface to prevent slippery and messy working conditions.

This mat is heavy enough to stay in place during busy times at your bar. It also features beveled edges to minimize tripping hazards when carrying drinks and food.

8. Wizgree Bar Floor Mat

Here's a bar floor mat from Wizgree that uses high-quality and eco-friendly rubber. It's easy to clean, water-resistant, and has holes effective for draining liquids to the floor.

This mat is ideal for bar and kitchen areas, but you can also use it in other areas where heavy traffic and moisture are issues. Wizgree's Bar Floor Mat is durable to last in a busy bar and kitchen area.

9. Notrax 755-100 T3 Competitor Black Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat

This bar floor mat comes from durable rubber and offers excellent traction in slippery areas. It drains liquids and debris with a low-profile design to minimize tripping hazards for your bartender and barback.

Additionally, it provides comfort for your employees by relieving pressure on joints and reducing stress on the lower back area. Notrax's 755-100 T3 Competitor Floor Mat also helps protect your bar floor from damage and has a softer surface that absorbs the impact of falling items.

10. Choice Black Rubber Straight Edge Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Choice's Black Rubber Straight Edge Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat has a solid rubber construction that makes it a durable solution to safety concerns. It provides resistance to liquids, chemicals, and physical contact.

This mat has a continuous hole design that permits liquids to drain away from floor surfaces. It has slip-resistant and anti-fatigue properties that enable safe walking for your bar staff.

Frequently Asked Questions About "How to Clean Bar Floor Mats"

How Often Should You Replace Anti-Fatigue Mats?

On average, between one to three years. Anti-fatigue kitchen and bar floor mats usually last between one to three years, but high footstep mats may last six months or less.

Rotate them in your high and low traffic areas to extend their lifespan. Consider replacing them when they show wear and tear. Loose pieces or tears could be a tripping hazard for your staff.

Can Bar Mats Go In the Dishwasher?

Do not wash your bar mats in the dishwasher. High caustic levels in dishwashers may damage the fabric and separate it from the rubber material.

You should also avoid using high-powered pressure washers. The best method for cleaning bar mats is taking them outside, washing them with water and soap, and letting them air dry on a transportation rack.

How Do You Remove Grease From Rubber Floor Mats?

Use water and mild soap to scrub grease from your rubber floor mats. Fill a large bucket with soap and water and scrub the mat's surface and holes.

This removes dirt, grease, and other particles. Use a hose to spray the mat, removing any soap, water, and other residues from your rubber floor mat. Hang it and let it air dry on a transportation cart before returning it to the floor.

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How to Choose the Best Bar Floor Mat

Now you know how to properly clean a bar mat and you're equipped with our recommendations for the best bar floor mats. Include bar floor mats on your bar equipment list and compare the best features of each choice. Check out our related article to get some ideas for the best floor cleaner for your bar floors.

Also, consider including bar floor mats on your home bar essentials list. You probably will only need one or two depending on the size of your home bar. But it's a good investment to protect the floors behind the bar in your home as well.

Remember that you'll need to know your bar dimensions. This will help you find the right size and number of mats to buy. You'll want to cover any floor areas that could become slippery when wet. It's important to know this information for your bar and restaurant cleaning checklist.

Think about the heavy traffic areas of your bar area and where your staff usually works. These are the areas you'll need to install reliable and non-slip floor mats. It might be worth it to spend a bit more money to have durable floor mats in your bar. It could pay off in the long run, saving your bar money and keeping your employees safe.

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