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Matthew Krimmel

Glass and Surface Cleaners: 8 Glass and Surface Cleaners

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Spring has arrived, so it's time to think about doing some much-needed spring cleaning. Here at BinWise, we’ve researched the best bar cleaning products to help you out. We've scoured the market, so you can focus on getting your bar cleaning checklist done.

Over the next few days, we'll be publishing recommendations for cleaning products for each area of your bar. We’ll start in this post with a list of the best glass and surface cleaners before covering bar glasses, wood furniture, and how to clean bar floor mats. If you're tired of cleaning with paper towels for cleaning windows, and lacking a streak free finish, this is the place for you.

If you're in the process of starting a bar, consider adding some of these products to your list. Cleaning expenses should be included in your restaurant business plan. Read on to see cleaning products that will get your bar countertops, furniture, glass surfaces, and mirrors sparkling clean. From your bathroom mirrors to heavy duty glass and window cleaner for bacteria and virus protection, these are our eight top picks. They should all be a part of your bar inventory basics.

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Best Glass and Surface Cleaners

It's necessary to keep your bar counter and glass surfaces clean and polished. If you bartend or manage a bar, you know how difficult it is to stay on top of cleaning. You want your bar layout to look sparkling clean, and these products will help you get the job done.

1. Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser is perfect for quick cleaning tasks around your bar. It clings to vertical surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning glass doors.

Some ingredients in Soft Cleanser could etch or dull delicate surfaces, so test a small amount in an inconspicuous area. If it hasn’t damaged the surface, feel free to continue using it. This is especially true for fiberglass, plastics, brushed metal surfaces, and anodized aluminum.

The Soft Cleanser is perfect for cleaning bar sinks, non-stone countertops, and plates to buff out knife marks. You can also apply it to faucets, tile, and non-colored grout in your bar layout area.

Use it on glass doors and windows. It cleans surfaces including aluminum, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and copper alloys.

Avoid using it on colored grout, gold, silver, lacquered, painted, and mirrored surfaces. Don't apply it to polished stone such as granite or marble.

2. Branch Basics All-Purpose and Oxygen Boost

Branch Basics All-Purpose and Oxygen Boost works wonders for cleaning your bar sink areas. Spray some of Branch Basics All-Purpose cleaner and add a scoop of Branch Basics Oxygen Boost to make them sparkle. They’ll cut through the dirty stains and soap scum on the aluminum, porcelain, or stainless steel sink surfaces.

This combination can also eliminate those dreaded red wine stains from clothing. Use the All-Purpose and Oxygen Boost to remove stains from your bar staff uniforms or guests' clothing in the event of an accident.

Oxygen Boost is also effective at removing gentler stains from clothing, including your work shirt or apron. It works without ammonia, bleach, fragrances, or dyes.

Branch Basics doesn't use harsh chemicals and has an eco-friendly approach to its cleaning products. You can feel satisfaction knowing that you're using products that work on tough stains and soap scum without harming the environment.


3. Windex Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface

This fresh take on a classic household cleaner emits a citrus scent without leaving behind any residue. Use it to clean your bar refrigerator doors, tables, and glass microwave doors. Windex Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface can help you run down your bar cleaning checklist in no time!

It kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces. Spray the area you want to clean and wipe with a lint-free cloth or towel.

You can also use Windex Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface to disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. Pre-clean any heavily stained or soiled areas, then spray the surface until thoroughly wet. Let it stand for about 10 minutes, then wipe dry with a lint-free cloth or towel.

4. Method Natural Surface Glass Cleaner

Method offers its Natural Surface Glass Cleaner with a mint or lavender fragrance. It's a plant-based glass cleaner that eliminates dirt, dust, and fingerprints without leaving streaks or scents behind. It proves that you don't need to use a glass cleaning product with ammonia to get a streak-free shine on your glass surfaces.

Spray it on glass surfaces, including refrigerator doors and mirrors, then wipe dry with a lint-free cloth or towel. Let it stand for a few minutes before wiping to treat tougher streaks and smudges.


5. Method All-Purpose Natural Cleaning Wipes

We also recommend Method’s All-Purpose Natural Cleaning Wipes for their power to cut through dirt and spills with ease. These wipes are compostable and use plant-based cleaning agents that pack a powerful punch on your bar or pub layout area.

The cleaning wipes are available in three different fragrances: French Lavender, Lime and Sea Salt, and Pink Grapefruit. These are a good option if you prefer to use wipes instead of a spray bottle for your bar area.

6. Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner (Lemon Fresh)

Your bar surfaces will sparkle after using Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner. They'll also have the brand's trademark lemon scent, creating an inviting aroma for guests arriving at your bar.

It powers through dirt, grease, and grime and is perfect for heavy cleaning or light touch-up jobs. It’s ideal for cleaning wood furniture and counters, leaving them disinfected and with a glossy look. Read our additional articles in this bar cleaning series for our recommendation for the best wood floor cleaner.

Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner has a concentrated formula that you can dilute for most jobs. It cleans, deodorizes, and removes 99% of allergens on surfaces–a good feature for spring allergy sufferers. And another good reason to add it to your bar supplies list.

7. Bar Keepers Friend Steel Cleaner and Polish

This steel cleaner and polish removes fingerprints, drink spills, and food debris from your stainless steel bar appliances. It cleans without dulling or scratching surfaces and doesn't contain harsh abrasives. The Bar Keepers Friend Steel Cleaner and Polish shines stainless steel and wipes dirt away without leaving any residue.

Shake the product well, then spray it directly onto the surface for routine jobs. Use a clean and soft dry cloth (we recommend microfiber) or towel and wipe along the brush lines. Flip your cloth or towel and use the dry side to buff your surface until it shines.

For deeper cleaning, spray the cleaner on the surface and let it stand for about one minute. Rub the surface gently with a microfiber towel or a non-abrasive, nylon-mesh sponge. Use a clean microfiber cloth or towel to wipe the surface completely clean.

8. Bar Keepers Friend Microfiber Cloth for Stainless Steel

Pick up a few microfiber cloths to complement your Bar Keepers Friend Steel Cleaner and Polish. They absorb dirt and grime in addition to polishing your stainless steel to a flawless shine.

You can quickly clean your bar's stainless steel appliances and sink areas. This microfiber cloth has a side for absorption and dirt removal and a softer side for polishing stainless steel.

Use it with the BKF Steel Cleaner and Polish to clean sinks, refrigerator doors, and other bar areas. Apply the cleaner and polish to the surface. Rub in the direction of the brush lines on the striped side of the cloth.

Flip it to the softer side and buff the area until it shines. When finished, rinse it and let it air dry before reuse.

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A Clean Bar Can Boost Business

Our list of cleaning recommendations will help you keep your bar glass and surface areas spotless. When thinking about how to clean a bar, these products are definitely worth a try. If you have a bar in your home, consider adding a few of these products to your home bar essentials list.

You want your bar equipment layout to be clean and polished so that your patrons feel comfortable. If your bar looks dirty and unkempt, customers might think about heading out. You'd prefer them to be thinking about questions like how much do bars pay for liquor or the difference between bourbon and whiskey.

People will show up for happy hour drinks and end up staying all evening. That means a boost in bar business and server tips, so everyone is happy.

Taking some extra time each day to make sure you complete your bar cleaning checklist can pay off–literally. Check out our bar management guide for more tips on successful bar management.

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