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Sarah Ward

Happy National White Wine Day: 10 Ways to Celebrate

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Happy National White Wine Day! National White Wine Day is celebrated each year on August 4th. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the best types of white wine in whatever setting suits you best, including a frozen wine drink. From a place hosting brunch with wine to all manner of restaurant events with skillful event management, there’s no wrong way to enjoy National White Wine Day. 

In this BinWise blog, we’ll walk you through 10 of the best ways to have a happy National White Wine Day. Whether you enjoy vegan wine, non-alcoholic wine, or sparkling wine, this is a holiday to celebrate any way you like! Opening a bottle of wine on National White Wine Day is the start. 

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What Is National White Wine Day?

National White Wine Day, celebrated each year on August 4th, is the time to enjoy all the intricacies of different white wine types. The official start of National White Wine Day is lost to history. What we do know for sure is that celebrating and having a happy National White Wine Day is something we can do every year going forward.

10 Ways to Enjoy a Happy National White Wine Day

There are many ways to celebrate National White Wine Day. You can do something simple, like enjoying a glass of white wine at home in the evening. You could also make a day of it with friends and head to a winery or wine tasting. There is no wrong way to enjoy this fun wine day. These 10 ideas are a place to start if you’re looking for the right mix of activities.

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10. Host a Wine Tasting

If you’ve learned how to host a wine tasting party, National White Wine day is the perfect time to exercise those skills. Invite your wine-loving friends for a delightful event.

9. Visit a Winery

Visiting any of the best wineries is always a good choice for a wine holiday. You can appreciate the winery design while enjoying a glass of wine or a wine flight

8. Check Out a Paint and Sip Night

A paint and sip night, with wine and painting, is a creative option for celebrating National White Wine Day. Often you’ll find these events have an artist in residence to show you the ropes.

7. Enjoy a Blind Tasting

A blind tasting is an event that is often reserved for those who have learned a lot about wine. Whether you fit that category or not, a blind wine tasting where you experience wines without the pretence of expectation is a new way to enjoy wine.

6. Make Wine Coolers

National White Wine Day is one of the best wine holidays to enjoy something refreshing because it falls in a warm time of year. Making wine coolers and enjoying a party at home with friends is a great way to mix the weather and your favorite wine types. You can also make use of the best wines for a cocktail party.

5. Go On a Wine Bar Crawl

A wine bar crawl, visiting the best wine bars and learning from the wine bar manager while you sip on a glass, is a community-minded celebration. Checking out the wine lists of different wine bars is a great activity all year long!

4. Cook a Meal with White Wine

A night at home on National White Wine Day can be dressed up with the best white wine options for cooking. Creamy pasta dishes are a favorite among the types of food you can cook with white wine.

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3. Discover Great Wine Pairings

A wine pairing guide can be your best friend on National White Wine Day. From tastings with food at wineries to a home wine pairing party, the options are endless.

2. Find Unique Wine and Food Events

Unique wine and food events can go on any time of year. From Valentine’s Day restaurant ideas to country club drink events, the options are endless. For National White Wine Day, seeking out some unique events can spice up your day.

1. Go Out for a Nice Meal with Your Favorite White Wine

We saved one of the most classic options for last: a nice meal with your favorite type of white wine. This will be personal for you, and can happen wherever your favorite restaurant is in your town (or it’s an opportunity for travel).

"Key Takeaway: Happy National White Wine Day! National White Wine Day is celebrated each year on August 4th."

Frequently Asked Questions About National White Wine Day

Enjoying a happy National White Wine Day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about white wine, as well as all wine events. Our answers to these frequently asked questions surrounding National White Wine Day will give you more to dive into. We recommend learning about the world of wine and wine celebrations with a glass of wine in hand. 

How Many National Wine Days Are There?

There are 17 National wine days. When you search for wine holidays, you’re going to find a lot more than 17 though! The fact of the matter is, there is a mix of national, international, and small-scale wine days. Many were coined by different wine businesses as a way to drum up business and build up their community. Overall, there’s a wine day for every type of wine lover.

What Day Is National Red Wine Day?

National Red Wine Day falls on August 28th. Here on the BinWise blog, look forward to a post coming up at the end of August to celebrate the rosy-hued partner of white wine. National Red Wine Day and National White Wine Day are two of the most commonly widely celebrated wine days.

Why Do We Celebrate National Wine Day?

We celebrate National Wine Day for the purposes of:

  • Enjoying wine: this is the main reason for celebrating National Wine Day, it’s a time for wine lovers to especially enjoy their favorite wine.
  • Learning more about wine: unless you’re a Master Sommelier or wine connoisseur of the highest degree, odds are there is more you can learn about wine. National Wine Day is the perfect time to do so.
  • Learning about responsible enjoyment of wine: the reasons behind National Wine Day and the celebrations that usually take place are a way of practicing responsible drinking. 

Overall, we celebrate National Wine Day to set aside time to enjoy our favorite wine. Everything else comes together to make it a robust wine holiday.

What Is the Biggest Selling Wine Day?

The biggest days for wine sales in the United States are Christmas and New Year’s Eve. These holidays, which are a staple for many folks, both in the U.S. and abroad, are a time for partying and enjoying life. Responsible enjoyment of wine is a common addition to all parties and events around these holiday times.

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Celebrating National White Wine Day: Raise Your White Wine Glass! 

Here at BinWise, we’re wishing you a happy National White Wine Day, and every day to enjoy your favorite wine in between! From a glass of wine enjoyed with friends and family at home to a winery wedding event, wine can be enjoyed any time of the year. Choosing your favorite wine day, whether that’s National White Wine Day or any of the many others, is a great place to start. 

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