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Kali Mireva

Easter Food and Drinks: How to Pair Wine & Spirits with Food

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Easter is a big holiday, celebrated by a large number of people. That’s why anyone in the hospitality industry needs to be prepared for it. Whether you are a restaurant business owner or a hotel manager, you should prepare for the people who may want to celebrate this holiday outside their homes. 

Bars need to focus on curating a beverage menu that fits Easter cocktails and Easter mocktails. Restaurant managers need to take care of the drinks but also consider the meals and most importantly - the Easter food and drinks pairings. Drink and food pairings in general are essential for the restaurant businesses. Combining flavors masterfully will help any restaurant owner boost their profit.

We, from BinWise, have extensive experience with drinks and managing beverage inventory. Curating top wine lists is also part of our expertise and we have shared a lot about different varieties of wine in the blog section of our website. We have covered everything from reds, whites, and roses to sparkling wines.

However, if you are here to learn more about Easter food and drinks pairing options, this article is for you. Let’s dive right into it!

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Easter Food and Drinks to Serve at Your Restaurant

The style of the cuisine at your restaurant, as well as the overall concept of your business, dictates the type of menu and the dishes on it. We completely understand that, but a little bit of experimenting is not bad to do now and then.

If you don’t want to experiment too much with seasonal menu offers or Saint Patrick’s Day drinks, you maybe should try creating good Easter food and drinks pairing options. Easter is a widely celebrated holiday so it’s worth investing the time and energy into making it more special for your customers. 

Key Takeaway: There are plenty of great Easter food and drinks pairings you can offer at your restaurant this spring. Stock up on good wines and quality spirits and combine the flavors of the dishes with that of the drinks. When the pairing is done well, the customers will be satisfied and will be coming back for more!

Here’s our list of the most common and super delicious Easter foods you can make and how you can combine them with different beverages!

Roast Lamb

Roast lamb is a classic Easter dish. In fact, different lamb dishes are enjoyed all over the world by people celebrating Easter. That’s why you need to have a lamb dish on your menu, whether or not it’s a roast. 

If you choose to serve roast lamb, you can suggest red wines to your customers. To make a great Easter food and drinks pairing from the lamb roast, you need wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Syrah is also a great full-bodied wine to pair with this meal. The robust flavors of the lamb are perfectly complemented by the fruitiness and the tannins of these types of wine. 

Honey-Glazed Ham

Honey-glazed ham pairs nicely with both red and white wines. To customers who prefer red wine, you should offer medium-bodied reds like Pinot Noir or Grenache. These wines can balance the sweetness of the glaze. 

If the customer prefers to have their ham with a glass of white wine, offer Riesling or Gewürztraminer. These two white wines can complement the flavors of the ham, making for a perfect Easter food and drinks pairing. 

Spring Vegetable Quiche

A light spring vegetable quiche pairs beautifully with crisp and aromatic white wines. You can offer Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio to your restaurant guests. These wines have bright acidity and herbal notes that can enhance the flavors of the vegetables.

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Asparagus Salad

Asparagus salad is a vibrant Easter side dish. It’s a salad that pairs well with mineral-driven wines. Choose between Chablis or Albariño. These wines complement the earthiness of the asparagus because they both have crisp acidity. 

An asparagus salad is a great dish to serve alongside meats. A sommelier will always consider the other part of the meal, too. If your waiter is not sure what to recommend and you don’t work with a sommelier, train them to ask the customer what types of wines they usually like. The Easter food and drinks pairing will be best when it’s to the customer’s taste. 

Easter Brunch

If you already have a brunch menu at your restaurant or café, you need to add some Eastery options. They can be classic brunch meals but with a slight twist in the recipe or with a name changed for the occasion.

One of the best brunch meals to serve all year round is eggs Benedict. You can add smoked salmon to them or even bacon. Eggs Benedict go perfectly with prosecco wine and champagne. If you are wondering which bubbly to choose, read our article on prosecco vs. champagne or champagne vs. sparkling wine

Fruit Tart

A light fruit tart pairs nicely with sweet white wines. Moscato d'Asti or late-harvest Riesling are both incredible options in this case. These wines have natural sweetness and floral aromas that can enhance the sweetness of the fruit in the tart. 

You can also read more about prosecco and desserts and see if you can pair your tart or other offers from your menu with it. 

Spirits to Serve with Easter Meals

If your customers don’t want a glass of wine but rather a nice glass of some type of alcohol, this list will help you create good Easter food and drinks pairings. 

  • Whiskey - Whiskey, particularly bourbon or rye, pairs well with hearty Easter dishes like glazed ham or roasted lamb. The rich and smoky flavors of whiskey complement the savory and slightly sweet flavors of these meals.
  • Gin - Gin can complement a variety of Easter dishes because of its versatility. For lighter fare like spring salads or seafood dishes, offer gin and tonic. For heartier dishes like quiche or roast chicken, opt for a gin cocktail with citrus flavors.
  • Vodka - Vodka is a neutral spirit that pairs well with a range of flavors. For Easter brunch, consider serving a vodka-based Bloody Mary or a vodka soda with a twist of lemon or lime. Vodka also pairs nicely with smoked salmon or cucumber appetizers.
  • Tequila - Serve tequila neat or in popular tequila cocktails like Margaritas or Palomas. These complement the bold flavors of spicy or tangy dishes.
  • Rum - Rum pairs well with both sweet and savory Easter dishes. For dessert, consider serving rum cocktails like a classic Rum Punch. For savory dishes like glazed ham or grilled pineapple, opt for a rum and cola or a cocktail with tropical fruit flavors.
  • Brandy - Brandy is a classic spirit that adds warmth and depth to meals. It will help you make some of the best Easter food and drinks pairing options. Serve brandy neat or in cocktails like brandy Alexander or Sidecar. They pair well with rich and flavorful dishes like roast lamb or chocolate desserts.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Easter Food and Drinks

Curious to know more about great Easter food and drinks combinations? Check out these common questions and their answers to get more information!

What Are Some Traditional Easter Dishes?

Traditional Easter dishes vary depending on cultural and regional customs. However, they often include:

  • glazed ham
  • roast lamb
  • deviled eggs
  • hot cross buns
  • spring vegetables like asparagus and peas

What Drinks Are Commonly Served at Easter Gatherings?

Common drinks served at Easter gatherings include wine, champagne, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and non-alcoholic options like lemonade, iced tea, and fruit punch. Different cocktails and mocktails are also great options, depending on personal preferences and the dishes being served. 

What Drinks Pair Well With Easter Ham or Lamb?

Wines like Pinot Noir, Merlot, or Syrah pair well with Easter ham. Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec complements roast lamb. For non-wine drinkers, cocktails like Whiskey Sour or Gin and Tonic can also pair nicely with these dishes.

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