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Sarah Ward

How to Collect Wine: 10 Tips for How to Collect Wine

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Learning how to collect wine is the perfect hobby for wine lovers and enthusiasts. Have you been enjoying Pinot Noir for years, and are looking for a new way to appreciate your favorite brands? Do you love the idea of having the perfect wine, even if the occasion is sitting in your wine cellar enjoying a nice glass? 

If you answered yes to those questions, this BinWise blog post is the place for you! We’re taking a look at the best steps you can take to build up your wine collection. We’ll also talk about some alternative wine collection methods, and dive into the details of how to collect wine. 

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How to Start Collecting Wine

If you’re learning how to start collecting wine, it all starts with an appreciation for wine. From there, you’ll need the practical steps of a wine cellar or other sort of wine storage system. When it comes to the very beginning, however, it begins with loving the wine you’re hoping to collect. Beyond that first step, these 10 steps will help you build your wine collection.

10. Focus on Disposable Income

However much you’re planning to spend on your wine collection, make sure it’s all disposable income. Like any hobby, the amount you spend on your wine collection should be an amount you can put into something without financial concerns. 

9. Track Your Wine Inventory

Tracking your wine inventory in your wine collection will help you keep track and be that much more in touch with your collection. A perpetual inventory system, like the BinWise program, helps you keep constant track of the wine you have in your collection. It could even help you keep track of wine bar supplies to help you enjoy your wine at home.

8. Invest In Your Cellar

Investing in your cellar could mean something different for every wine collector. It’s all about investing in the storage and structures that make sense for you. Whatever you choose, invest in high-quality options, to make your wine collection last. 

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7. Consider Wine Value

Considering wine value comes up every time you add a new bottle to your collection. A wine that is valuable today will maintain and most likely increase in value. Of course, the right wines for you to collect are up to your taste. Wines with inherent value, however, are a good place to start.

6. Save Your Receipts

Saving your receipts comes in handy for wine appraisals and checking your wine collection from time to time. For fine wine that you want to show off and potentially sell, you need the proof of where it came from. 

5. Have Your Wine Appraised

Having your wine appraised is something you won’t necessarily think about with your first few bottles. As you get more involved with wine collecting, however, it’s fun and important to know the value of your wine. 

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4. Don’t Overly Handle Your Wine

Once you’ve collected your wine you might be tempted to take each bottle out and check them out from time to time. A minimal amount of this is okay, but for the longevity of your wine, don’t overly handle it. Those changes in temperature can result in your wine slowly losing value and taste through the years. 

3. Watch Out for Fakes

As it goes with every collectible item, there are always going to be fakes in the world of wine collecting. If you’re looking to buy wine, buy through reputable sources. The time when you’re deciding whether or not you’ll buy is also a great time for some wine appraisals. 

2. Start Small

Every wine collection has to start somewhere, and the best place to start is with something small. This could be a singular shelf in your home, or a few select bottles from your favorite vineyard. From there, your wine collection will grow as you learn more about how to collect wine.

1. Focus On What You Like

We saved this for last, because there’s nothing more important in wine collecting than a focus on what you like. Your wine collection, even if it’s an investment and a potential profit point, is made for you. Make sure it’s something you look at with pride and happiness.

How to Collect Wine Labels

Collecting your wine labels is another way to keep track of your wine, but it’s especially made for collecting wine you’ve enjoyed. Learning how to remove labels from bottles of wine takes some work, and perhaps some trial and error. Once you find the method that works for you, however, it’s a great way to hold onto memories of great wine.

How to Organize Your Wine Collection

Organizing your wine collection is something you can look up directions for, but it should center on what makes sense for you. Often, it should be organized by wine type–red, white, sparkling, champagne, and so on. You can also organize by year, or by what your intention for the wine is. 

"Key Takeaway: Learning how to collect wine is the perfect hobby for wine lovers and enthusiasts."

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Collect Wine

Learning how to collect wine comes with a lot of questions. It’s something you can do casually, or it can become your main hobby. It can cost as much as you have to spend on it. It could also be as little as a bit of spare cash when you have it around. Basically, how to collect wine is all about how it works for you.

Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help you prepare for collecting wine in the way that makes sense for you. Whatever your means or reasons are, these answers will help you along the way.

Is Collecting Wine Profitable?

Collecting wine can turn into a profitable hobby with the right wine, patience, and planning. Many people who collect wine do it for the fun, and for the enjoyment of the wine. There are also folks who collect wine, hold onto it, then sell it at auctions and through private sales. If that’s your goal, and you have an eye for great wine, it can be a profitable hobby.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Wine Collection?

If you’re aiming to start a wine collection with a real wine cellar, the starting cost is around $15,000 for the basics. It can range up to $180,000 for a residential cellar. On average, the cost is around $30,000, which makes for a middle-range wine cellar. You can start small with wine fridges and shelving, but starting a more professional cellar collection will cost into the thousands. 

What Wines Should You Collect?

You should aim to collect a variety of wines. The best type of red wine, the best type of white wine, and some sparkling wines are a good place to start. Of course, the best wine types will mean something different depending on your taste. Your collection is primarily about your taste, so let that guide you through choosing the wines you want to collect.

Is Wine Considered a Collectible?

Yes, wine is considered a collectible. These days, there are wine collectors who treat their collections as an investment. Wine gets better with age from a quality and monetary view. You can insure your wine collection, and keep track of it through an inventory program to maintain your collectibles. 

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Collecting Wine: Curate Your Collection

When it comes to how to collect wine, the most important factor is your collection starts with you and your passion for wine. From there, all the technical aspects of planning a cellar will come together when you follow these 10 steps.

If you’re looking for inventory support with your wine collection, BinWise can help. Our BinWise Pro inventory system, paired with the BinScan mobile app, can be worked into the system of a wine collection. Reach out to our sales team today! 

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