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Kali Mireva

Benefits of Private Label Wine and Spirits at Country Clubs

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Every detail is important when you want to make the experience in your country club relaxing and memorable. One of the many details to think about is whether to have your own private label wine and spirits!

Country clubs need to build a strong and unique beverage program to appeal to all of their customers. From rich wine lists to poolside cocktails, signature drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks - stocking up and managing a wide variety will be worth it. 

We’ve already talked about the latest adult beverage trends, as well as damage control, temperature-control storage, the proper ways of storing wine, and beverage storage in general. In this blog article, we want to let you in on the benefits you can get from having your own private label. Let’s jump into it!

What Does Private Label Mean?

Private label wine and spirits are produced by a separate company but sold by a retailer, hotel, or country club as their own brand. They are exclusive to the place where they are being sold and customers can’t get these same beverages at another place.

Getting private label spirits or wine is great because you can offer something unique to your customers, without having to produce it yourself. Opening a winery is not easy, especially when you already have your hands full with country club management

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Private Label vs. Branded Wine and Spirits

The private label wine and spirits are sold without branding to the customer. This allows the customer, which could be a bar, restaurant, hotel, or country club, to place their own label and brand. 

While the private label products are produced exclusively for one business, white label products are sold to various businesses. White label products can be branded differently by each business and they can add their own markup, although the products have been produced by the same company. 

You can learn more by reading this article on white label vs private label products. 

Key Takeaway: Private label wine offers a wide range of benefits for country clubs. They won’t only make your business stand out but will save you money and can be a useful marketing tool.

4 Benefits of Private Label Wine in Country Clubs

Curating an exciting wine list is getting harder and harder. People nowadays are a lot more familiar with different types of wines and the prices they retail for in their local grocery stores. This is why it’s important to infuse uniqueness into your country club menu

Choosing to offer a private label wine can bring great benefits to your business, which you, as a business owner, should not overlook.  

1. Increased Profitability

The first and one of the most important facts to know about private label wine is that it will help you boost profits from wine sales. When you are not buying wine that’s already been branded by the winery that made it, you will be paying less money.

When a bottle of wine is not branded and the company that made it didn’t spend money on marketing it, the price for the customer (a.k.a. the country club) will be lower. If you choose to buy only branded wines, you will be spending a lot more money on similar products without offering this sense of exclusivity your customers look for and will appreciate. 

And customer satisfaction is crucial, right? Help them have a great time in your country club by standing out from the crowd, even when it comes to your wine list!

2. Branding Builds Loyalty

There are not many things that can build loyalty better than a private label bottle of wine with your country club’s branding. If country club members enjoy this wine with your label on it, they will want to visit more often and have a nice drink. 

When a specific type of wine is available only in your establishment, it’s possible for this same beverage to bring in new customers and members. People today are turning more and more to unique items, including beverages, and truly appreciate seeing something that they can’t buy in their local store. 

Not to mention the touch of style the private label spirits or bottles of wine can bring. When the bottle has your own branding with your colors, it will match better the interior of your restaurant and the overall feel. This can be ideal for your country club marketing because people will want to take pictures and tag you on social media!

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3. Wine Is Getting More Popular!

Some recent research has shown that people are slowly moving more toward wine, making beer less popular than before. As we touched on in some previous blog posts, Millennials are a different type of guest than the ones before them.

A Millennial wants something unique, exciting, and most importantly - something that only you can offer! They don’t want wine and spirits that can be bought everywhere else. They want to try and explore different tastes and food and wine pairing options. 

Give them what they want by coming up with one-of-a-kind branding for your wine and private label spirits, too. 

4. Minimal Upfront Investment

Leave winery design plans to someone else and limit your spending by choosing to get private label wine! The cost of opening and operating your own winery can be quite high. Not to mention all of the things you need to learn and people to hire.

By choosing private label wine and spirits, you will invest significantly lower amounts of money. You will also get quality wine, produced by people with the right experience and knowledge about wine making. None of that has to be something you worry about when you find a winery that can produce a unique, flavorful wine for your country club!

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Label Wine and Spirits

White labels and private labels are big topics so you probably have some more questions. Here, we’ve gathered some answers to frequently asked questions to help you even further.

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Is It Worth It to Sell Private Label Wine? 

It’s worth it to sell private label wine and other beverages, as you can be unique and offer quality without huge upfront costs. If you have a bar, restaurant, hotel, or a country club, it’s worth looking into private labels. 

This way you can provide a unique customer experience to your guests without the hassle of opening a brewery, winery, or distillery.

Why Companies Want Private Label Products?

For an added sense of exclusivity, better profits, and marketing. Supplying items that are already branded usually comes at a higher price. In addition to that, these products typically can be found in other stores, restaurants, country clubs, etc.

A private label can help any business stand out from the competition and build customer loyalty. Not to mention that when you chose a private label, you get all the control over the marketing of the product. 

What’s the Difference between White Label and Private Label Wine?

While private label wine is sold exclusively to your business to label as your own, white label wine can be sold to multiple businesses. All of them can label the wine as their own, too. 

Everyone can add their own branding and markup on white label wine. Although this saves a lot of money for businesses, it does not provide as much value and benefits as private label wine would.

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