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Kali Mireva

Craft Vodka: Flavors, Production, and Interesting Facts

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Vodka is among the most consumed types of alcohol in the world. If you are in the United States, you may be surprised to learn that here, it’s the most consumed spirit. While many drink it as is, there are plenty of great vodka cocktails. They are, in fact, some of the most popular cocktails in the world.  

Of course, there are many types of vodka. With such popularity, producers started coming out with different flavors of this popular spirit. But things didn’t end there. Similar to the way breweries started making craft beer, some producers decided to go the craft route, too. That’s why now you can enjoy unique craft vodka neat or in cocktails. 

But what is craft vodka and what’s so unique about it? We are here to answer these questions! We know that for many of you, the concept of craft vodka may be new and that’s why we will give as much information as possible. 

Running a successful business in the hospitality industry requires knowledge about different beverages. This will help you build the ideal beverage inventory for your bar or restaurant. So let’s get right into it!

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What Is Craft Vodka?

Craft vodka is a spirit produced in smaller batches. The production process is altered to create a better quality, which affects the quantity of the produced vodka. Flavors are added to the vodka, too, to create a unique taste and experience.

The term “craft” was originally used for some Scandinavian vodkas but since then, it has become a synonym for quality hand-crafted spirits. Craft vodka types are best served either near or on the rocks. However, you can also mix it with fruit juice and other ingredients to create great cocktails!

The distillation process is done at 80 to 90 proof or in other words - 40% ABV. This makes craft vodka less potent than rum and whiskey but it has a lot of flavor. 

Key Takeaway: Craft vodkas, just like craft beer, are going to bring a lot of vodka lovers to your restaurant or bar. These unique spirits come in a variety of flavors and because they are made in small batches, they are more enticing. Take advantage of that now and expand your beverage offers!

The Popularity of Craft Vodka Drinks

Craft vodka is a premium product that is truly appreciated by vodka drinkers. Because it’s made in smaller batches than regular vodka, the attention to detail can be felt. The distillation process is done following unique recipes and the ingredients included are specially selected. There are no added sweeteners or artificial flavors because craft vodka is all about the quality and the authentic taste.

The great news for consumers is that there is a craft vodka for anyone’s taste! There are toffee-flavored vodkas, as well as delicate organic flavors. A good selection of craft vodkas will tick everyone’s boxes! 

Flavor, however, is not the only thing that appeals to customers. They also love the fact craft vodkas are made to stand out from the rest on the market. They are typically better than the mass-produced vodkas.

What Is the Difference Between Regular and Craft Vodka?

Craft vodkas are made with various grains. They are distilled multiple times, which creates a smooth vodka with a complex flavor profile. Craft vodka is also usually bottled at a higher proof, which allows the flavor to come through better. 

Because of the way regular vodka is made, it doesn’t have any aroma or flavor on its own. Craft vodkas, however, are made with added flavors, which makes them unique and more enticing to many customers. 

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What Is the Taste of Craft Vodka?

Craft vodka is a unique spirit. Vodka is a plain canvas that producers have used to build different flavor profiles. Any additional flavors are not obstructed by the base because of its plain nature. Gin and rum, for example, can’t take many additional flavors because of the strong flavor of the base. 

Craft vodka is truly unique because it allows the producers to experiment with additives. They create small batches of their unique spirit, which makes it worth trying and an experience in itself. 

Are There Benefits to Craft Vodka?

The greatest benefit of craft vodkas is that they are a perfect cocktail ingredient. The unique flavors of the different craft types also make this an ideal drink to offer to anyone who loves to drink their alcohol neat. You would be able to offer unique drink and food pairings when you know the flavors and aromas of each type of vodka on your menu. 

What Cocktails to Make with Craft Vodka

If you are planning your beverage menu and want to include craft vodka, you probably need to know what cocktail you can make with it, too. Changing the vodka you use will improve the quality of the drinks, which will surely increase the customer satisfaction. Here is our list of must-have cocktails for any drinks menu that you can make with craft vodka.

Feel free to experiment with these recipes and adjust the ingredient quantities to suit your personal taste preferences. Enjoy crafting signature cocktails for your bar and restaurant, too!

Managing the Beverage Inventory of Your Bar or Restaurant

Adding craft vodka to your offers is something we highly recommend. Vodka lovers will be pleased to find out they can enjoy the unique flavors of their favorite spirits alongside the great meals you serve at your restaurant. Bargoers will surely enjoy it, too.

However, to make sure that you are making the right business decision to add this drink to your menu, you need solid data. Analyzing customer behavior and keeping a close eye on what goes out of your beverage inventory is a must. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Craft Vodka

Have questions we haven’t answered yet? Check out the following common questions about craft vodka. Our answers will be helpful!

How Should I Store Craft Vodka?

Craft vodka should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes. Sealing the bottle tightly after each use helps maintain its quality. This is the way all spirits should be stored so they don’t lose their flavor and other qualities. 

Is Craft Vodka More Expensive Than Regular Vodka?

Craft vodka tends to be priced higher than mass-produced vodkas due to the smaller-scale production, quality of ingredients, and attention to detail. The cost can vary depending on the brand and the region.

Does Craft Vodka Have a Distinct Flavor?

The flavor of craft vodka can vary depending on the base ingredients and the distillation process. Some craft vodkas may have subtle nuances, while others aim for a neutral taste.

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