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Should You Get a Wine Cellar App? Probably. Here's Why.

January 4, 2020
BinWise Staff
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Nowadays, bar and restaurant managers no longer have to rely solely on spreadsheets and wine cellar books to manage their wine inventory. With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, there are many different wine cellar organizer apps available on the market for online wine cellar management. Each provides unique and advanced functionalities to help manage all types of wine collection, no matter the size.

In this article, we will discuss some of the features and benefits of wine cellar apps.

What a Wine Cellar App Does

Wine cellar tracking apps have come a long way from simple data entry systems to more sophisticated applications available on computers, tablets, and phones. Most apps include the following notable features:

  • Taking wine inventory quickly with an inventory scanner and eliminating manual counting
  • Recording all information of your wine bottles from name, image, vintage, location, varietal, distributor, current price, category, to maturity icon, volume, and tasting notes
  • Informing you which bottles have been used, sold, and alerting which ones need to be restocked
  • Connecting with local distributors and making purchases directly on the app
  • Creating digital invoices and storing them on the cloud
  • Making the entire database accessible at any time and from anywhere
  • Tracking the lifespan, inventory sitting time, and sales records of every bottle
  • Generating detailed statistics and cellar reports for smart buying decisions

Why Use A Wine Cellar App

Using pen and paper has been the way to take and track inventory is a tried-and-true, if sometimes error-prone, method. But switching to a wine cellar tracking app has three major benefits:

Prevents Spillage, Breakage, Free Comps, and Waste

Some of the finest Bordeauxs can last for decades in a cellar. But that doesn’t mean you can store any bottle of wine for as long as you want. Every wine bottle has a specifically limited drinking window that you need to keep track of. Because, once it’s past that peak drink-by date, the wine will begin to lose its quality and value. A wine cellar app will help you track all your bottles’ lifespan easier. Some will even alert you when the drink-by date is approaching. This helps avoid opening wines too soon or leaving them in your cellar for too long.

Also, if your bartenders have spillage, breakage, and comp often, the app helps track these incidents down and prevent them from happening.

Helps Improve the Quality of Your Collection

By matching your inventory with your sales records, the wine cellar app can inform you which bottles are selling fast and which ones aren’t. This helps you know more about your guests’ favorites. And it helps make smarter buying decisions to improve your wine collection’s quality, which ultimately helps boost your bar’s profit margins.

Helps Organize Your Wine Collection

By seeing all of your wine on an app, you always know exactly what’s available in your cellar and what isn’t. That helps prevent your bottles from getting stolen, lost, or spoiled, and even avoid buying more than necessary. At the same time, the app helps you locate any bottle quickly, which is a major advantage during busy nights. Rather than going through every rack to find a specific bottle, simply look for the wine on the app. Then go to its listed location in your cellar and grab as many bottles as you need.

Depending on how large your collection is and how serious you are about maintaining it, a wine cellar tracking app will be useful in managing your collection effectively and getting more done in less time. The difference in the time it could save compared to only using a liquor inventory spreadsheet is definitely worth a shot!

BinWise Pro and Wine Cellars

If you think wine cellar management software or a wine cellar organizer app is right for you, your beverage director, or and level of sommelier, check out BinWise Pro. It's an all-in-one wine inventory management system that helps you manage your wine collection more effectively. It automates and speeds up the wine inventory process while eliminating counting errors and creating your detailed wine list. At the same time, it records all information on your wine bottles and generates important statistics to help you make smart buying decisions.

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