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Sarah Ward

The Benefits of Red Wine: What are the Benefits of Red Wine?

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What are the benefits of red wine? Are there health benefits of red wine types? What about environmental benefits? How about the mood-boosting benefits of a glass of the best type of red wine at the end of the week? In this BinWise blog, we’re diving into the benefits of red wine, to see how good our favorite drink is for us. 

We'll cover all the health benefits of red wine, how it affects the body, and wine alcohol content. We’ll also touch on the health benefits of wine as it relates to having a sustainable menu. That's a part of the importance of sustainability. Red wine, and other types of wine, have been making a name for themselves in the sustainability game. Read on to learn what, if anything, red wine does for you.

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What are the Benefits of Red Wine?

The benefits of red wine are something that have been debated in the wine and health communities for a long time. Folks go back and forth, citing supposed correlations between red wine and heart health. There are people who say any amount of alcohol is bad for you. There are many who say that drinking in moderation, especially red wine, isn’t necessarily good but isn’t bad. 

Where’s the truth among all these opinions? Science shifts year to year, as more and more studies are done. The general consensus, at this point, is that red wine certainly has some relations to health benefits. It doesn’t necessarily, however, directly cause those benefits. 

We’ll discuss those potential health benefits, but before we dive into them, we’re going to take a look at another benefit. This is the benefit that red wine can have for the environment.

Red Wine Benefits for the Environment

Red wine, and wine around the world, has been a working part of environmental support for a while now. More and more of the best wineries are leaning into sustainable practices. This includes the way they harvest their grapes, and even sustainable packing solutions. These practices tie together with sustainability in restaurants and restaurant sustainability practices. 

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As we watch the advancements of sustainability in eco-friendly restaurants, we’re excited to see how sustainable red wine can be. The history of red wine shows us how it can change with the times and the work of winemakers. From leaning into vegan wine to canned wine with sustainable packaging, the future is bright for red wine. 

Benefits of Red Wine For the Heart 

The benefits of red wine for the heart aren’t scientifically proven. There have been studies throughout the years, and connections have been made. It’s important to note before we get into those connections that, while they exist, they aren’t proof of a direct benefit.

It’s widely accepted that the benefit of red wine comes from the antioxidants present in red wine. Antioxidants are known to potentially increase levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, or HDL. This is known as the good cholesterol, which helps to protect against a buildup of cholesterol. 

Ultimately, the antioxidants in red wine are part of a heart-healthy diet. That said, you don’t need wine to get antioxidants. If you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage to enjoy, red wine is a good option, but it’s still an alcoholic beverage. Non-alcoholic wine is a good secondary option.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Red Wine Before Bed?

When we dove into the world of the benefits of red wine there were many questions about drinking red wine before bed. Drinking any alcohol directly before bed can cause disruptions to your sleep schedule. 

That said, drinking a bit of red wine earlier in the evening can be beneficial for many non-health related reasons. It can help you relax, it pairs with dinner, and can be a great part of an evening wind-down routine. 

"Key Takeaway: The general consensus, at this point, is that red wine certainly has some relations to health benefits. It doesn’t necessarily, however, directly cause those benefits."

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Wine Benefits

Whether you’re celebrating National Red Wine Day or looking to learn more about freezing wine for fun, diving into the benefits of red wine is always a fun adventure. The mix of information from scientific sources and wine experts provides a great deal to learn. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will give you a jumping-off point to keep digging into the benefits of red wine.

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Is It Okay to Drink Red Wine Every Day?

Drinking a glass of red wine each day can be okay, but it depends on the rest of your lifestyle and health situation. If you’re having a glass of red wine each day with dinner, as part of an otherwise entirely healthy lifestyle, then you’re okay. A lifestyle of moderation is safe. 

That said, you don’t need a glass of wine each day. If it feels dangerous, or even slightly unsettling, that’s more than enough reason to stop. Drinking alcoholic beverages has been a regular part of life and socialization. You may have some internalized thoughts about how normal it is to drink on a regular basis. It’s not, it’s not required, and it’s always okay to not drink.

Is Red Wine the Healthiest Drink?

Red wine is typically rated as the healthiest of the alcoholic beverages. The calories in red wine may be a sticking point, but they aren’t anything to write home about. While liquors like vodka or gin may have less calories, they have a much higher ABV. Red wine isn’t the healthiest compared to a mocktail or non-alcoholic drink, but it is one of the healthiest alcoholic drinks.

What Is the Best Time to Drink Red Wine?

The best time to drink red wine is when you’re enjoying time with friends and family. From an hourly perspective, a good time to have a glass of wine is in the early evening. Somewhere around dinner time, in the range of 4pm to 6pm, is ideal. This gives your body time to process the alcohol and prepare for a healthy night of sleep.

Does Red Wine Help You Sleep?

Red wine will cause you to feel sleepy, and can certainly help you fall asleep. That said, wine and alcohol consumption impairs your ability to fall into a deep sleep, or REM sleep. 

A glass of wine before bed or a few hours beforehand isn’t going to do a monstrous amount of damage to your sleep health. You could also check out the health benefits of CBD drinks as an alternative.

Is Red Wine Good for Anxiety?

Red wine can be helpful for a moment of anxiety, but is not a long-term treatment recommendation. Wine is known to depress the central nervous system. Because of this, when you drink a glass of wine your senses and thought processes slow down. This will lead to you feeling less anxiety in that moment.

On the other side, wine, like any alcohol, is a downer in terms of the results of the substance. When paired with mental health struggles, such as an anxiety disorder, wine can do more harm than good. If you’re having a glass of wine to relax at the end of a long week, that’s all well and good. Be sure to drink responsibly, and take care of yourself if your anxiety worsens.

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Red Wine Benefits: What’s Your Favorite Benefit? 

The benefits of red wine are something wine drinkers and hospitality professionals can enjoy. From port wine health benefits to the health benefits of wine in general, there is much to be appreciated. If you’re a fan of drinking or serving red wine, keep doing so with the knowledge that it’s beneficial for you and the environment. 

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