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Sarah Ward

Happy National Red Wine Day: 10 Red Wine Celebrations

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Happy National Red Wine Day! Each year since 2014, August 28 has been dedicated to National Red Wine Day. On this holiday we celebrate red wine in all the ways we can, in its many forms. From celebrating sustainability in restaurants with organic red wine to enjoying wine in country club drinks, there are many ways to enjoy this holiday.

From hotel restaurants to wine bar businesses with barbacks, there are many ways you can celebrate National Red Wine Day. In this BinWise blog, we’ll walk you through a number of ways to enjoy this wine holiday.

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Celebrating a Happy National Red Wine Day

Celebrating a happy National Red Wine Day is something you can do in many ways. You could enjoy canned wine while camping. Wine cocktails at a bar or cocktail party are a great choice. You could mix up your own with a cocktail ingredients list. Opening a wine bottle at home with a group of close friends is always a good idea. These 10 ideas are a good place to start.

10. Have a Wine Movie Night

A wine movie night is one of the cozier options on this list of National Red Wine Day celebrations. You can pair a movie night with a meal, or simply with a great glass of red wine. You could also work a movie night into many other options on this list of plans. You could even partake in freezing wine to make popsicles!

9. Enjoy a Picnic In a Vineyard

Enjoying a picnic in a vineyard is an option that brings together a great wine location and the opportunity for wine pairings. You can visit a winery that offers some food options, or find a vineyard that lets you bring in your own snacks. 

8. Cook a Meal with Red Wine

Using the best cooking wine options for a delicious dinner at home is one of the coziest ways to celebrate National Red Wine Day. From stew to different types of pasta dishes to some delightful dessert options, there are many things you can whip up with red wine in the recipe.

7. Make Some Cork Artwork

Making some cork artwork is an artistic option, but it will take some planning in advance. If you’re looking to craft cork coasters or create another design, start saving your corks early on. That will give you a sizeable collection for any and all projects. 

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6. Create a Wine Playlist

Creating a wine playlist is a light-hearted way of diving into a happy National Red Wine Day. With songs like Red Red Wine from UB40 and I Will Drink the Wine by Frank Sinatra, there are plenty of choices. You can enjoy your playlist while cooking up a red wine recipe. 

5. Gift a Friend Your Favorite Red Wine

Part of enjoying a happy National Red Wine Day rests in sharing your love of wine with the world. A great way of doing this directly is by gifting a friend a bottle of your favorite red wine. You can enjoy it together, or simply gift it to be enjoyed at a later date. 

4. Attend a Wine Tasting Class

Attending a wine tasting class is great for wine lovers and those who are new to the world of wine. You can check out different wine tasting rooms and find one that suits your taste. From there, learn more about wine while sipping a range of varieties. 

3. Enjoy Wine Food Pairings

Checking out a wine pairing guide can give you something tasty to enjoy alongside your wine on this holiday. You could enjoy a full meal, or pair a dessert menu with your favorite types of red wine. Whatever you choose, a wine and food pairing is always a good idea.

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2. Learn About Different Red Wine Varietals

Exploring different varieties of wine is always a good way to enjoy wine. You can check out the wine lists at your favorite local spots to try wines you may not have experienced before. Even the house wines of a new bar can fit your purposes.

1. Take a Wine Holiday

Taking a wine holiday is one of the larger-scale ideas on this list. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a weekend to a winery, as long at its an intentional holiday. It could also be an opportunity to check out some of the best wineries around the world. 

The History of National Red Wine Day

In 2014, National Red Wine Day was dedicated to the world of wine holidays by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. Since then, August 28 has been the day for red wine lovers to explore their favorite red wine types all around the world. Whether you’re getting your wine from a restaurant bartender or wine bar manager, National Red Wine Day is the day to celebrate.

"Key Takeaway: Happy National Red Wine Day! Each year since 2014, August 28 has been dedicated to National Red Wine Day. On this holiday we celebrate red wine in all the ways we can, in its many forms."

Frequently Asked Questions About National Red Wine Day

National Red Wine Day inspires questions from around the wine community. Many of the frequently asked questions we discovered are focused on all wine holidays. If you’re curious about National Red Wine Day, why it exists, and how it fits into the rest of the wine holidays, read on!

Why Is May 25 National Wine Day?

It’s hard to say why May 25 was chosen as National Wine Day, although we do know that it started back in 2009 officially. While the date may be arbitrary, it’s safe to say that May and the summer months are some great times for wine appreciation. Many of the wine holidays fall in the months where we see the most sun. 

What Day Is National White Wine Day?

National White Wine Day falls on August 4, as another wine holiday in the summer months. For white wine this is especially appropriate, as white wine is often enjoyed in warmer weather. It pairs well with summery meals. Many of the wine holiday dates are chosen at random. They give us a reason to celebrate a love of wine throughout the year.

Why Do We Celebrate National Red Wine Day? 

National Red Wine Day was founded in 2014 by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, as a way to celebrate the complexity and delights of red wine. Red wine is a behemoth in the wine market, with red wine varietals being produced in all corners of the globe. National Red Wine Day falls at a time when the grapes for red wine are beginning to ripen, starting off autumn with joy.

What Occasion Is Red Wine For?

Red wine is suited for many occasions, from a fancy dinner party to a casual Friday night at home. There are different types of red wine that fit different situations, but ultimately, with the variety of wine around the world, there’s a red wine that is perfect for every occasion. You simply can’t go wrong with red wine.

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Celebrating National Red Wine Day: Raise Your Red Wine Glass 

Celebrating a happy National Red Wine Day is a treat for every wine lover. Whether you already have the best type of red wine chosen or you’re looking into the latest vegan wine, there’s something to enjoy. Take time today to enjoy a glass, and take some sips while you contemplate the celebration of red wine. 

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