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Kali Mireva

Tequila Seltzer: What Is It and Why People Love It

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Are you planning the beverage menu of your bar and restaurant for the upcoming warmer months? We got a suggestion for you! Together with sangria and other popular cocktails, why not add tequila seltzer into the mix? This refreshing beverage combines two drinks people love - tequila and seltzer. 

On our blog, you can find many informative articles about hard seltzer. We have answered the question “How is hard seltzer made?” and talked about hard seltzer flavors. Restaurant owners can read about hard seltzer food pairings and find out the answer to “Does hard seltzer go bad?

We have plenty of information about tequila, too. Check out our articles on tequila pairings and tequila vs. mezcal. Knowing more about each type of beverage you serve and sharing useful information with your customers will improve their experience. When customer satisfaction rises, you will notice an increase in profits, too! 

But now, let’s focus on the unique drink called tequila seltzer! Starting with the most important question…

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What Is Tequila Seltzer?

Tequila seltzer is a relatively new drink that combines the taste of tequila with the fizziness of seltzer. It’s a low-calorie beverage, that also doesn’t contain any gluten. It’s refreshing and perfect for the hot summer days. 

Tequila seltzer is rooted in the culture of Mexico. It started gaining popularity because it aligns with modern wellness trends. Also, the demand for convenience makes canned drinks even more popular than they were a decade ago. 

This drink also comes in a variety of flavors and can easily be mixed with cocktails. The tequila seltzer is not a regular beverage. It’s clear proof of the growth and evolution of the beverage market that’s been happening in the last several years. 

Key Takeaway: Tequila seltzer is a trendy drink that might be here to stay. It has a fresh and crispy taste and it’s a perfect choice for more health-conscious people. People avoiding gluten can enjoy it, too.

The Historical Background of Tequila Seltzer

If you are familiar with the history of tequila, you know that this alcoholic beverage comes from Mexico. Its history is very rich and it’s deeply rooted in the cultural and agricultural practices of the country. Now, tequila has already been a staple for Mexicans for centuries. 

But how tequila ended up being part of the tequila seltzer? Well, the concept of mixing seltzers with different types of alcohol is not anything new. However, mixing tequila with the seltzer is a different combination, a more modern one. It’s a drink that caters to contemporary tastes, which younger generations truly enjoy.

What Is Tequila Seltzer Made Of?

Tequila seltzer includes both tequila and seltzer typically but may feature other ingredients, too. Sweetener is a common ingredient, together with fruit flavors like:

  • Grapefruit
  • Lime
  • Watermelon
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Passion Fruit
  • Pineapple
  • Guava

These fruit flavors are added to enhance the taste of the seltzer. Also, offering such variety at a bar or a restaurant will ensure there is something for everyone’s taste. 

Why Is Tequila Seltzer Gaining Popularity?

As we have mentioned before, in the last 3-4 years people have become more health-conscious. The pandemic we have been through made many think more about their health first. Tequila seltzer is a great alternative to regular alcoholic beverages because it contains fewer calories and less sugar than classic cocktail drinks

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Are There Any Benefits of Tequila Seltzer? 

Yes! Glad you asked. There are a few benefits of drinking tequila seltzer that are worth noting. As mentioned before, this drink is suitable for health-conscious customers. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Let’s see what they are!

Low-Calorie Count

Tequila seltzer is a great alcoholic drink to offer to people who are counting the calories they consume. Because sparkling seltzer water and tequila are not rich in calories, the drink they create together has a low count, too. 

Gluten-Free Drink

Want to cater to gluten-intolerant customers or ones who avoid gluten? Tequila seltzer is a perfect option! Because tequila is distilled from the agave plant, the alcohol naturally doesn’t contain gluten. This makes the beverage a great choice for anyone with intolerance, allergies, or celiac disease. 


Since seltzer is made out of water and it’s a big component in this drink, it means that it offers way more hydration than other alcoholic beverages would. Especially on the hot summer days, if people are looking for something alcoholic but refreshing and hydrating - offer them a nice cold glass or can of tequila seltzer.

Popular Brands Offering Tequila Seltzer

With its growing popularity, more brands are now offering tequila seltzer. Each of them offers unique flavors. However, if you want to know which ones to look for, check out this list: 

  • Buena Fe Organic Quencher
  • Onda Tequila Seltzer
  • Ranch Rider Spirits Co.
  • Hornitos Tequila Seltzer
  • Jose Cuervo Playamar Hard Seltzer

Using Tequila Seltzer in Cocktails

Here’s yet another great thing about tequila seltzer - it’s not just a standalone drink! It’s also a versatile ingredient that can be used by mixologists to create unique cocktails

Because of its simple nature, tequila seltzer is a great cocktail mixer. Its subtle flavor makes it a perfect ingredient that won’t overpower the other components of the drink. 

If you want to use it as an ingredient, rather than a stand-alone cocktail, here’s what you can make with it: 

  • Tequila Seltzer Margarita
  • Fruit-Infused Tequila Seltzer
  • Spicy Tequila Seltzer

And of course, your own creative twists with tequila seltzer! Experiment by adding different fruit and other cocktail mixers. You can draw inspiration from the current season or other beverage trends.

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Is It Worth It to Stock on Tequila Seltzer?

Yes! We believe it’s worth giving tequila seltzer a try. Order a few varieties or a simple version you can use in your cocktails. Set a trial period and see how your customers respond. If they like the drink, you can add it to your permanent offers or add more flavors to next season’s menu.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tequila Seltzer

Have more questions about tequila seltzer? We answered some of the most common ones here for you!

How Many Calories Are in Tequila Seltzer?

The calorie content of tequila seltzer can vary by brand and flavor. Many ready-to-drink seltzer products are marketed as lower-calorie options compared to traditional cocktails. This includes the tequila seltzers, too. 

Does Tequila Seltzer Have a High Alcohol Content?

The alcohol content of tequila seltzer can vary depending on the brand or recipe used. However, it’s a drink with a generally low alcohol content. Usually, seltzers have 4.5% ABV. 

Is Tequila Seltzer Gluten-Free?

Yes! Tequila itself is gluten-free. However, it's essential to check the specific product label, as some additives or flavorings might add gluten. Many tequila seltzer products are marketed as gluten-free, but it's always best to confirm.

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