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Kali Mireva

Super Bowl Watch Party Ideas for Bars and Restaurants

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Now is the time for sports bars and restaurants to look into the possibility of hosting a Super Bowl watch party. The Super Bowl is just a few weeks away now and fans from all over the United States are going to watch the games. 

Although many people are going to friends and family's houses, bars and restaurants can organize and bring a better Super Bowl watch party experience. When the Super Bowl food and drinks are curated well and served on time everyone will be happy. You can also think about things to do during the half-time break. For example, you can prepare to play the best drinking card games.

If you happen to be a bar or restaurant owner, stocking up on good Super Bowl beer will not be enough. Take advantage of this huge event to show your guests what a truly great customer experience means. This will earn you new and repeated customers and help your business grow. 

We know how hard it can be to stay at the top of the hospitality industry. For that reason, you should think through all of the components of the perfect Super Bowl watch party. Follow the tips we share below and start building the perfect menu and beverage inventory now!

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Super Bowl Watch Party Ideas 

Hosting a Super Bowl watch party at your bar or restaurant is a great way to attract new customers. A creative and festive atmosphere can help you a lot because people will see your establishment in a great way. Food and drinks are of course, very important, too. You need to curate the menu carefully and consider all of the drink and food pairings possible. 

Key Takeaway: Start planning your Super Bowl watch party now so you can be fully prepared. Think about the special promotions you can do, stock up on good beers, reconsider the food and drinks menu, and prepare the venue for the upcoming event. A good Super Bowl watch party can make your business more recognizable and successful!

But food and drinks are not everything. Even when you are running a restaurant! To make the Super Bowl watch party truly amazing and unforgettable, start with working on the…

Decor and Atmosphere

  • Themed decorations - Although you can decorate the place with team colors and banners, we suggest you go for a more general theme. That would be better if you have a larger venue and you can accommodate a lot of people. Choose some football-themed decor pieces. Hang banners and add little details, such as football tablecloths or napkins. 
  • Table decor - If you want to go the extra mile, you can create special football-themed centerpieces for your tables. You can add mini footballs or helmets. Team pennants are also a good option. They will add to the atmosphere. 
  • Large screens - Make sure you have enough TVs with large screens or projectors. If you are going to use projectors, place them strategically throughout the whole bar or restaurant so the game can be seen from any part of the venue. 
  • Seating arrangement - Think about the table arrangement. Go through the venue and see which are the spots that may not be offering enough view of the screen. Try to rearrange the seating in a way that will make it possible for all to enjoy the game. If you can, have both regular tables and high-top tables. 
  • Photo booth - To get more social media coverage from the people who are going to attend your Super Bowl watch party, it’s a great idea to have a photo booth. You can rent one or create an area for pictures yourself. Encourage people to share their pictures online while tagging your business and using a specific hashtag. This can do wonders for your online reputation. 
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Food and Beverages

  • Tailgate type of menu - You shouldn’t focus on seafood dishes and other special dishes you may be usually serving at your restaurant. Focus on hot wings and sliders, as well as nachos. Football party finger food is going to work great for the occasion. 
  • Drinks inspired by the teams - Super Bowl cocktails can be made fun and exciting if you use team colors, when possible. Experiment with different drink mixers like juices and herbal liqueurs to create the desired, team-inspired look. 
  • Craft beer flights - Craft beer and food are some of the best things you can provide for guests at your Super Bowl watch party! If you want the experience to be really unique, get the beer from local breweries. Create a craft beer menu with descriptions of all types. 
  • Punches and lemonades - One of the smartest things you can do when it comes to serving beverages to a larger crowd is to make punches and lemonades. When you have drinks in larger quantities, people will be able to serve themselves at times, which will save time on the bartender's side. It will also help you avoid stressful situations when customers are waiting too long to get a drink. 

Special Promotions

  • Happy hour - Set the happy hour to overlap with the time of the game. You can also have it for the whole duration of the Super Bowl watch party. It’s a great way to promote your restaurant or bar. Come up with different special offers for drinks whether or not you decide to call it happy hour. 
  • Loyalty program for the football season - Introduce a Super Bowl loyalty program where guests can earn points or rewards for each visit during the football season. This is a great way to earn yourself many return customers. 

No matter what your Super Bowl watch party will look like, try to make the most of it. Get creative with the drinks and food, but also with the promotions and decorations. Create your own hashtags as they will help you tremendously with online exposure and restaurant marketing

A successful Super Bowl watch party can help your business grow and you can earn many loyal customers. Prepare for this football season in advance so you can reap all the benefits later!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Super Bowl Watch Party Ideas

If you need more helpful ideas and information, read the questions below. We have answered the most common Super Bowl watch party ideas questions!

What Types of Food Are Popular for Super Bowl Watch Parties?

Popular types of food for a Super Bowl watch party include: 

  • Hot wings
  • Sliders
  • Nachos
  • Chili
  • French fries and chips

Other finger foods work well for such parties, too. It’s important for the food to be easy to grab and eat while watching the game. 

What Entertainment Can I Provide During the Halftime?

Host a halftime trivia session or play different interactive games. Encourage guests to participate and offer prizes for winners. If you run a bar or a restaurant, you can offer discounts for winners or free drinks and meals. 

How to Promote My Super Bowl Watch Party?

Use social media to your advantage and you will gather lots of people for your Super Bowl watch party. Start posting about your party a few weeks prior to the event. Create an event page, too. Don’t forget to leave some printed materials at your bar or restaurant as well, so people coming prior to the games can see that you are planning a party.

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