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Kali Mireva

Summer Wines to Serve to Your Customers This Warm Season

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Want to hear some good news? Summer is almost here and it’s time for all the cool summer cocktails, different sangria flavors, fun mocktails… and summer wines! When the weather is getting warmer, people are getting outside more often, meeting with friends, and enjoying their favorite meals at the restaurant they love.

If you happen to be a bar or restaurant owner, you know that and need to take full advantage of the fact more people are going to visit your place. This means you need a game plan on how to provide the best customer service you can, paired with delicious meals and high-quality drinks. You need to prepare your beverage inventory, curate your seasonal menu, and make sure your kitchen and bar staff are well-trained. Educate the waiters so they can suggest great drink and food pairings, too. 

We already have shared lots of ideas on popular cocktails to make and unique bar drinks, as well as pairings you can create. We have covered exotic wines, wine cocktails, and many other wine-related topics. However, we have not talked about the summer wines that you need to have on your top wine list and should suggest to your customers during the warmer months.

If you want to know more about summer wines, stay on this page, and let’s dive deep into the topic! 

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Summer Wines You Need to Have on Your Wine List

Whether you are changing up the dishes you offer during the summer or not, you should add different summer wines to your list. Even if you are offering the same seafood dishes and other food items, you can create wine pairings that are better suited for the warmer weather. 

To help you curate your wine offers, we have created a list that you can go through. It’s not necessary to have all these wines on your list, but it would be great to have as many options as possible. When you have a large wine inventory, the waiters or the sommelier at your restaurant can suggest to customers wines that will pair perfectly with their meal and satisfy their taste. 

Key Takeaway: There are wines from each variety that are perfect for the warmer months. These appropriate for summer wines pair well with various dishes that people tend to enjoy when the weather is hot. Just make sure they are chilled and paired with quality food!

White Summer Wines

White wine is among the most preferred wines during the hot summer months. It’s lights, it’s refreshing, and it goes perfectly with lighter food options. You just can’t go wrong with different types of white wine! However, we have a few suggestions for you and some tips on what to pair each wine with. 

  • Sauvignon Blanc - Get your Sauvignon Blanc from regions like  New Zealand, California, or Loire Valley (France). These wines have crisp acidity, and notes of green apple, citrus, and herbs. They pair perfectly with light salads, seafood, and goat cheese. 
  • Pinot Grigio - The best regions to get Pinot Grigio from are Italy, Oregon, and California. These wines are light and dry and have flavors of lemon, green apple, and honeysuckle. These flavorful Pinot Grigio wines pair exceptionally well with light pasta dishes, grilled chicken, and summer vegetables. 
  • Albariño - If you want to offer quality Albariño, you should get it from Spain. It has high acidity and flavors of stone fruit, citrus, and florals. You should pair the Albariño with shellfish, ceviche, and fresh cheeses. If you offer cheese boards at your restaurant, you can suggest to customers this type of wine. 
  • Riesling - Stock up on some bottles of Riesling from Germany, Alsace (France), and Finger Lakes (New York). These wines range from dry to sweet and have flavors of green apple, apricot, and honey. They pair perfectly with spicy dishes, pork, and Asian cuisine. 

Rosé Wines for Summer

Rosé comes right after white wines when talking about people’s preferences during the summer. These types of wine are sometimes preferred by people who would usually drink reds when it’s cold outside. But rosé in general is enjoyed by a large group of people. If you want to know which types you can add to your summer wines selection, read the following list. 

  • Provence Rosé - You need this French wine from the region of Provance. It’s light, dry, and with notes of strawberry, citrus, and floral aromas. It’s a perfect wine to pair with grilled fish, as well as salads, and other Mediterranean dishes. 
  • Grenache Rosé - Grenache should come either from Southern France or Spain. This delicious wine has bright acidity and red berry flavors, as well as a hint of spice. Pair it with tapas, paella, or grilled vegetables. 
  • Syrah Rosé - The best Syrah Rosé to get is from Australia, Washington State. This wine is medium-bodied with flavors of cherry, raspberry, and melon. You should pair it with grilled meats, barbecue, or hearty salads. 
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Sparkling Wines for Summer

You just can’t have a wine list without quality sparkling wines on it! Especially for the warmer months or if you have a brunch menu. Although there are many great sparkling wines you can serve, make sure you focus on these three for the warmer months: 

  • Prosecco - Everyone’s favorite bubbly needs to be on your wine list all year round! For it to be a real prosecco, you need to get it from this specific region in Italy. The wine is light and fruity, and it has flavors of green apples and pears. It’s best to pair prosecco with light seafood dishes, appetizers, and fruit-based desserts. You can also read our article on prosecco and desserts to get more inspiration!
  • Cava - The best Spanish bubbly has to make the cut! It’s crisp and has flavors of citrus, green apple, and almond notes. It goes great with fried foods, tapas, and light pasta dishes. 
  • Brut Rosé Champagne - There’s only one place to get real champagne and this is the region of Champagne in France. You need this world-famous sparkling wine in your inventory! People love its flavors of berries, citrus, and creamy texture. It pairs perfectly with smoked salmon, sushi, and berry desserts. 

Red Summer Wines

When it’s hot outside, people don’t really think about red wines. However, there are a few different ones that classify as summer wines. Interested to know which they are and how to serve them? We got you covered!

  • Pinot Noir - It’s recommended to get your Pinot Noir from Burgundy (France), Oregon, or California. These are light-bodied wines with cherry, raspberry, and earthy undertones. They pair well with grilled salmon, roasted chicken, and mushroom dishes. 
  • Beaujolais - This wine also comes from France, from the Beaujolais region. It’s light and fruity and has flavors of red berries and a hint of spice. Pair it with charcuterie boards, grilled vegetables, or light pasta dishes. 
  • Lambrusco - A great red wine from Emilia-Romagna, Italy is also one you need on your wine list. It’s a sparkling red wine with flavors of dark berries and a slight fizziness. You should pair it with cured meats, pizza, and barbecue. 

To turn your wines into summer wines, make sure you are serving them in an appropriate manner. Keep whites and rosés chilled at 45-50°F. Red should be slightly cooler than room temperature at about 55-60°F. You can offer additional ice for people who enjoy wines even cooler. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Wines

If you have more questions about summer wines, check out this section. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions in the paragraphs below. 

What Makes a Wine a Good Choice for Summer?

A good summer wine is typically light, refreshing, and has higher acidity to provide a crisp finish. These wines often have fruity and floral notes that are perfect for warmer weather and pair well with lighter fare.

Can Red Wines Be Served during Summer?

Absolutely! Opt for lighter-bodied red wines that can be served slightly chilled. Wines like Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, and Lambrusco are excellent choices as they are refreshing and pair well with summer dishes.

What Is the Best Way to Store Summer Wines?

Store summer wines in a cool, dark place, ideally at a temperature between 50-55°F (10-13°C). Avoid exposing the wines to direct sunlight and drastic temperature changes to preserve their quality.

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