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Kali Mireva

How RFID Inventory Control Can Reduce Waste in Restaurants

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The biggest trends in the hospitality industry lately have been sustainability and reducing waste. In the last few years, people and businesses have started looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, use what they have, and limit the amounts of food, clothing, and other items that reach landfills. This is a bandwagon restaurant owners need to hop on, too. 

By implementing a few different practices, a restaurant manager or owner can ensure that there is significantly less waste produced by the establishment. This will not only help the environment but also save money and other resources for the business. An important first step to take is to evaluate the way you are getting all of your food and beverage stock. The second one is to ensure you are managing it well. 

One fairly new method that can help you greatly in your journey to becoming a much more eco-friendly restaurant is RFID inventory control. Through RFID tags and scanners, you can monitor the amounts of food and beverage in your inventory, check expiration dates, and make sure you are following the FIFO method.

If you want to learn how you can use the RFID inventory control technology to your advantage, so you can reduce the waste generated by your restaurant, this article is for you. We will outline all the ways this technology makes sense and helps restaurants operate efficiently while doing what they can for the environment in the process. 

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6 Ways RFID Inventory Control Helps Reduce Waste

There are various ways in which RFID inventory control can help business owners reduce waste. Whether you have a big restaurant with a large menu and a top wine list, or a small establishment focusing on seasonal menus - it doesn’t matter. This technology can help you cut waste down to a minimum which will benefit both your business and the environment. 

Key Takeaway: RFID inventory control technology is a great way for restaurants to streamline their processes, reduce waste, prevent theft, and improve the experience of both staff and customers of the establishment. RFID technology saves valuable time and prevents human errors when counting, which is going to save lots of money for the business in the long run.

1. Tracking of Perishables in Real Time

Restaurant staff handles perishable items every day. From fresh produce and dairy to meats - everything has a limited shelf life. The RFID inventory control technology helps track all these items in real time, which allows managers to monitor inventory levels accurately. When the management has proper information about the stock, they can better manage stock rotation and make sure that the oldest items are used up before anything else. 

By utilizing this technology for tracking perishable items in your food and beverage inventory, you can ensure that you are reducing to a minimum any waste due to spoilage. Items can be prioritized before they expire if you know that the expiration date is getting closer. 

2. Optimizing Food and Beverage Ordering

One of the greatest pros of using RFID inventory control systems in your restaurant is that they can help you optimize the food and beverage ordering process. When you can see what you have in real time, it’s easier to decide what needs to be ordered. This is a great way to avoid over-ordering and reduce eventual waste. RFID systems can also help identify trends in consumption patterns, allowing you to adjust ordering quantities accordingly and minimize waste.

If you use other systems in your restaurant to streamline operations, you probably can do digital ordering. Imagine the amount of time you are going to save when you get accurate data at any point in time and then all you have to do is place an order. 

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3. Improving Portion Control

RFID tags can be used to track portion sizes of ingredients used in different recipes. By monitoring how much of each ingredient is being used in a dish, you can identify opportunities to optimize the portion sizes. This can help greatly when trying to reduce waste. Additionally, RFID inventory control technology can ensure consistency in portioning, which reduces the likelihood of over-portioning and subsequent waste.

This could be used both for food and beverages, as well as cocktail ingredients and cocktail garnishes. Keeping a close eye on everything that’s already in your inventory will make a world of difference!

4. Enhancing Inventory Accuracy

Traditional inventory management methods in restaurants often rely on manual counting, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. RFID technology provides greater accuracy in inventory counts. This significantly reduces the risk of overstocking or stockouts. This accuracy helps prevent waste by ensuring that restaurants have the right amount of ingredients on hand to meet customer demand without excess or shortages. 

When you stock up on the types of alcohol that are in high demand in your restaurant and plan well the amount of food ingredients you are going to need, waste will be reduced to a minimum. This is what all bars and restaurants need to strive for so they can keep their inventory tidy and customers happy. 

5. Improving Traceability

RFID tags can be used to track the origin of food items. This can provide valuable information for food safety and traceability purposes. In the event of a food safety issue or product recall, restaurants can quickly identify affected items and remove them from inventory. The result will be reducing the risk of serving contaminated food and minimizing waste associated with recalls. It’s a great reason to use RFID inventory scanning at your restaurant, for sure. 

6. Reducing Theft 

RFID technology can help deter theft in restaurant kitchens and storage areas. By accurately tracking the movement of inventory items, restaurants can identify instances of unauthorized access or removal of goods. This is a sure way to reduce losses and waste associated with theft.

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Frequently Asked Questions about RFID Inventory Control for Restaurants

If you want to know more about the RFID inventory control technology, read the questions we have answered below. You may find valuable information!

Can RFID Tags Be Damaged or Destroyed?

The RFID tags can be destroyed by different factors, such as radiation, heat, water, and magnetic fields. To ensure the longevity of the tags, do your best to audio any of these. If you take proper care of the RFID tags, they should last for a really long time. 

Can RFID Inventory Control Technology Reduce Waste? 

Restaurant owners can automate many processes with RFID technology. This will reduce the need for manual labor and will significantly increase the overall efficiency. RFID inventory control technology will eliminate the need for manually counting, which can save a lot of time and prevent human errors. 

Is RFID Technology Reliable?

RFID tags and scanners offer accurate information to the users and are an efficient way to track inventory. They are a great help to any bar and restaurant owners and managers who want to have a better understanding of what’s in the inventory, manage it well, and reduce waste as much as possible. So far the technology has proven that it’s highly effective and can improve supply chain management, as well as inventory control. 

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