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Sarah Ward

National Cocktail Day: 3 Facets of Celebrations of Cocktails

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National Cocktail Day, which occurs on March 24th each year, is a celebration of creativity in drink mixing. From the Negroni to the whiskey sour, National Cocktail Day celebrates all the mixed drinks. This holiday celebrates what we have enjoyed since people started mixing up drinks. It goes all the way back to the joy sparked in the history of rum and the origin of vodka. Heck, it even ties into the history of tipping for great drinks and customer service combined.

The love of cocktail drinks is a universal appreciation at this point in history. While the name for the day itself includes “national,”, it’s safe to say this is an international celebration.

The versatility of cocktails feeds into the many National Cocktail Day celebration options. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate, some options include:

  • Going out to grab cocktails with friends, and enjoying different gin brands
  • Mixing up your own cocktails at home (some popular cocktails with fun cocktail ingredients are a good starting place)
  • Watching a movie about cocktails while you sip on a drink-wine movies will also do the trick.
  • Making some mocktails (if alcohol isn’t your thing)

Whichever way you choose to celebrate National Cocktail Day, just know, there’s no wrong way! 

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Cocktail Day

National Cocktail Day was originally created by a holidaymaker by the name of Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. She created the day as a way to celebrate the drinks so many holiday participants enjoy.

These celebrated drinks range from the British punches of the 1700s to the rumored first US cocktail–the Sazerac from 1838 in New Orleans. These days, there are infinitely more cocktails available than any of the first cocktail creators could have dreamed of.

The beauty about celebrating cocktails is that, if you can dream it up, anything can be a cocktail. National Cocktail Day celebrates that creativity and gives us all a reason to have a drink responsibly. It's also a great time to enjoy the history and present-day variations of all the mixed drink options.

What Is Day Drinking?

A classic way to celebrate this holiday is to responsibly enjoy day drinking. Depending on where you live and what your lifestyle is like, you’ll have a unique opinion on the acceptability of day drinking. In Europe, a glass of red wine types or a cocktail with lunch in a standard drink measure is nothing but the norm. In the US, someone may bat an eye at you if you have a martini around noon.

That said, given the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the shift in worldviews to a better work-life balance, day drinking is a more acceptable practice. If you’re not usually a day drinker but would like to try it, a National Cocktail Day celebration is a great time for it! You may even find an earlier happy hour with some cocktail specials. Remember to drink responsibly and avoid circumstances that could lead to legal issues.

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Drinking Holidays Around the World

March 24th is a great drinking holiday for anyone who likes cocktails–and let’s be honest–that’s a lot of people. That said, if you’re not a cocktail fan, or if you’re just curious about other drinking holidays, there are plenty to choose from. The list includes:

  • Ginuary - starting January 1st
  • National Mocktail Week - the week of January 8th
  • Prohibition Remembrance Day - January 16th - perfect for mixing drinks with types of rum
  • Brandy Alexander Day - January 31st
  • International Pisco Sour Day - February 4th
  • World Bartender Day - February 24th
  • National Beverage Day - May 6th
  • Beer Pong Day - May 7th
  • National American Craft Beer Week - the week of May 10th
  • World Whiskey Day - May 21st
  • National Wine Day - May 25th 
  • National Bourbon Day - June 14th - with great bourbon cocktails
  • Beer Day Britain - June 15th
  • National Martini Day - June 19th
  • National Dive Bar Day - July 7th
  • The Legal Drinking Age Day - July 21st
  • National Tequila Day - July 24th
  • National Whiskey Sour Day - August 25th
  • Bourbon Heritage Month - starting September 1st
  • Cabernet Franc Day - December 4th
  • National Eggnog Day - December 24th
  • National Champagne Day - December 31st

Whatever you like to drink, there is a holiday for you! Learning how to make a cocktail with rum works for many of them. Getting familiar with tonic water will also help.

Frequently Asked Questions About National Cocktail Day

National Cocktail Day celebrations are a time for drinking, but they can also be a time for learning. If you have questions about cocktails, it’s as good a time as ever to find the answers! A few common questions include:

What Is The Drunkest Holiday? 

It’s hard to nail down one particular holiday that leads to the most hangovers-and a need for a hangover cure. A few of the top ones include:

  • Mardi Gras (with the mint julep as a popular drink of choice)
  • New Year’s Eve (a great time to enjoy easy winter cocktails)
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day

Any holiday is typically a good chance to relax. For many adults, having a few (maybe a few too many) drinks is a popular choice. 

What Is The Most Popular Bar Night of The Year?

Thanksgiving Eve rings true as the most popular bar night of the year. This is due to several factors, including the beginning of the holidays, people visiting from out of town, and the start of a long weekend.

If you’re looking for a busy bar night, head on out for Thanksgiving Eve. If you like a quiet time, maybe spend that night at home with a cocktail of your own making. 

How Do You Celebrate National Cocktail Day?

There is no wrong way to celebrate National Cocktail Day. Whether you choose to go out, stay in on your own, or host a cocktail party, it’s all great. You can mix up an alcoholic cocktail (with a great margarita recipe) or go for a classic mocktail. The holiday is based around having a good time, so as long as you have fun responsibly, you’ve celebrated well.

binwise cocktail guides ebook national cocktail day

National Cocktail Day Celebration

You may choose to celebrate National Cocktail Day with a drink, or perhaps you just like reading about cocktails. Either way, here's to a great celebration this year or in the future! Come on back to the BinWise blog when you're looking to learn about other bar and restaurant related celebrations.

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