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Chef de Partie Job Description: 9 Chef Job Key Factors

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An executive chef is the commander of a kitchen who has numerous responsibilities. Similar to Ringo Starr, sometimes they get by with a little help from their friends.

In the case of kitchen staff, the executive chef is Ringo, and the chefs de partie are the friends who help the executive chef get by. Read on to learn more about the role of a chef de partie, including job description, responsibilities, and average salary.

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What Is a Chef de Partie?

A chef de partie, also called a line cook or station chef, is responsible for a particular area of food production in a restaurant.

Chef de Partie Job Description

In a large kitchen, a chef de partie might have several cooks or assistants. In small to mid-sized kitchens, the chef de partie is the only worker in that station.

They oversee a section of the kitchen- pantry, fish, sauces, or vegetables. A chef de partie is a vital part of the culinary team that ensures smooth kitchen and restaurant operations.

Chef de Partie Responsibilities

They supervise a specific section of the kitchen and report to the sous chef and executive chef. Five main responsibilities of the job include:

1- Preparing, cooking, and presenting high-quality dishes within the specialty section.

2- Assisting the executive chef and sous chef to define menu concepts and develop dishes.

3- Helping with the management of health and safety practices.

4- Monitoring supplies and assisting with recipe costing and inventory control.

5- Operate and maintain all department equipment and report any problems.

Chef de Partie Duties

They have an important role in the kitchen, preparing the food that is served to customers. Different types of chefs prepare food at their stations, with each handling a specific food category.

For example, there is a chef responsible for cooking meat and one for cooking fish. There may also be a pastry chef or patissier, a sauce chef, and a vegetable chef- each falling under the title of chef de partie.

It is necessary to estimate the daily production needs and check the quality of cooked and raw items. Knowledge of all procedures and standards for food production, receiving, storage, and sanitation are very important. They must know all items on the menu and their presentation standards.

Since they are part of a larger kitchen brigade, it's necessary to establish and maintain effective cooperation with other stations. This ensures that the kitchen operates smoothly and that any problems which arise can be solved with a team effort.

Specific Titles

More specific chef names and titles include the following:

  • A butcher chef, or boucher, prepares meat and poultry before they are delivered to their respective stations.
  • Fish chefs, or poissonniers, are responsible for preparing fish dishes. They may also butcher the fish and craft the appropriate sauces.
  • A fry chef, or friturier, specializes in the production of fried items on the menu.
  • A grill chef, or grillardin, oversees the preparation of all dishes that require grilling.
  • Pantry chefs, or garde-mangers, prepare cold dishes, including salads and pâtés.
  • A pastry chef, or patissier, handles baked goods, desserts, and pastries.
  • A roast chef, or rotisseur, prepares roasted meats and the appropriate sauces.
  • A sauté chef, sauce chef, or saucier, is responsible for sautéing dishes and creating sauces that accompany other dishes.
  • A vegetable chef, or entremetier, produces vegetables and soups. More specifically, a potager prepares soups while a Legumier makes dishes with vegetables.

What Is A Commis Chef?

A commis chef prepares food items and assists in preparing and cooking dishes. They wash, peel, and cut fruit and vegetables needed for meals.

An important duty of most chefs de partie is training and supervising commis chefs, also known as junior chefs.

They often work under the chef de partie because they have just completed culinary school and are starting their careers in the kitchen. They learn about the kitchen environment and absorb knowledge and skills from the more experienced chefs.

Preparing ingredients and adding seasoning to dishes may also be part of their duties. They also clean stations, accept deliveries, and restock areas used by the other chefs.

Chef de Partie Salary

A chef de partie can expect to earn anywhere between $29,279 and $43,879 per year. There is a wide salary range because the amount paid depends on where the position is located. It's possible to find work in many restaurants and hotels, but resorts, cruise ships, and casinos also hire workers for this position.

Similar to an executive chef or sous chef, they have the opportunity to work almost anywhere in the world. Resorts in Bali, Dubai, and Singapore look for chefs to join their kitchen teams. It's possible to learn how to cook international cuisine and broaden cultural awareness.

A Royal Opportunity

Recently, Queen Elizabeth II announced that she was searching for a traveling chef to work for her. In recent months, the Royal Household website posted an advertisement seeking a demi chef de partie to prepare pastries.

London's Buckingham Palace would be the primary location of work, but the chef would also need to travel. The candidate would cook at other royal buildings, such as Balmoral and the Palace of Holyrood.

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Career Path

People who are interested in becoming one usually follow these steps to get there:

The first step on the path is learning how to cook. Many chefs attend culinary school to gain experience and learn from experienced chefs. Not all positions require a degree, but candidates must demonstrate their cooking skills and knowledge.

Search for work opportunities to learn more about the operation of a professional kitchen. Even if you work in an entry-level role, you can learn from various types of chefs as you watch them prepare dishes. Working as a line cook is a good way to improve your cooking skills and learn about kitchen and restaurant operations.

Chefs must have good skills to succeed in a busy kitchen. A good chef de partie must multitask and prioritize needs as requests come quickly to the kitchen staff.

It's also vital to communicate effectively with other team members and remain calm under stress. Perfecting these skills, along with cooking techniques, can earn a promotion.

The position of chef de partie is a good achievement, but it could also lead to more opportunities in the kitchen. A successful employee often earns a promotion to sous chef and executive chef, where they command respect and a high salary.

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