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Kali Mireva

Why You Should Build a Beverage Inventory for Michelin Stars

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In this day and age, everyone knows what a Michelin Star is. Plenty of people know at least a few Michelin Star restaurants, as well as Michelin Star chefs. How to earn a Michelin Star is a well-kept secret but we now have a way better understanding of the Michelin rating criteria than ever before. 

If you have worked in the hospitality industry for years, you probably dreamt of earning a Michelin Star at one point or another. You have probably researched many times how a restaurant can get a Michelin Star. You probably read about the food mastery, unique flavors, and incredible service. All criteria strictly related to food

But what remains unsaid and often denied, is the fact that a good beverage menu does matter. When you have one of the top wine lists in the area, your restaurant will draw attention. If the beverage inventory and your seasonal offers are well curated, people will be coming in more often, which will draw the attention of the Michelin inspectors, too.

Nothing is certain because of the anonymity of the Michelin inspectors. However, if your restaurant already has a good reputation, there is a high chance that they will visit. Now, let us tell you how you can help your business earn this great honor by building a beverage inventory for Michelin Stars!

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Beverage Inventory for Michelin Stars: Why Does It Matter

If you look through our blog section, you will find a lot of articles related to drink and food pairings. This is because we firmly believe in the importance of good wine pairing, whiskey pairing, etc., for customer satisfaction.

Beverage inventory for Michelin Stars is not a widely discussed topic, but it’s an important one. Below, you will find a list of all the reasons that make beverages important for your restaurant and a part of your journey to the desired Michelin Star(s)!

Key Takeaway: Building a beverage inventory for Michelin Stars can’t always help you land in the Michelin Guide. However, offering a well-rounded experience with delicious food and quality drinks can bring inspectors to your restaurant. If the inspectors are impressed with your cuisine and quality of service, there is a high chance you may earn a Star.

Enhances Dining Experience

A well-curated beverage menu can enhance the overall dining experience for people. It provides them with a variety of options to complement their meals, catering to different tastes and preferences. 

That’s why it’s crucial to have a diverse beverage menu with different varieties of wine, popular cocktails, and custom drinks, as well as vegan drinks and gluten-free beverages. Non-alcoholic drinks and healthy mocktails will make designated drivers and people who avoid or can’t have alcohol included, too. 

Increases Revenue

A diverse and appealing beverage menu can increase revenue for your restaurant. Although this is not related to building a beverage inventory for Michelin Stars, it’s an important point for any business owner

Beverages often have higher profit margins compared to food items and offering a range of options can encourage customers to spend more on drinks. When you increase the revenue of your restaurant, you will be able to invest in improving the food menu, the interior design, the restaurant marketing, etc. All of these combined will increase the chances of Michelin inspectors visiting your place. 

Differentiates Your Restaurant

A unique beverage menu can help differentiate your restaurant from competitors in the region. It allows you to showcase specialty cocktails, local wines, craft beers, or other distinctive offers that set your business apart. 

Think of all the amazing craft beer and food pairings you can make. Don’t forget about all the exotic wines you can serve alongside delicious seafood dishes. Each drink you add to your menu should complement a food item you offer and vice versa. Building your menus to balance each other is a winning move, every time.

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Attracts Customers 

Beverage inventory for Michelin Stars or not - your main job as a restaurant owner or manager is to attract more customers. This can be done by building a diverse beverage menu. The majority of travelers and restaurant-goers today are Millennials and Gen Z’s. People from these two generations like food and drinks that offer an experience.

People nowadays don’t come to your restaurant to simply get full. They want to experience the food and atmosphere, try something new… and take a few pictures for social media! Take full advantage of that by experimenting with your cocktail drinks and other offers. 

Complements Food Menu

As already mentioned, the beverage inventory for Michelin Stars you should build is one that complements the food menu. When the pairings are done right and your sommelier or waiters suggest the correct type of beverage to customers, the customer experience will improve significantly. And when people are happy with the food and drinks, as well as the service, what would they do? Come back time and time again, of course! 

Reflects Brand Identity

Building a recognizable brand is as important as building a strong beverage inventory for Michelin Stars. The beverage menu is an extension of your restaurant’s brand identity and concept. It allows you to show a personal touch and communicate your values. 

Spend time to curate your beverages with attention to detail. Don’t just order what’s trendy now but think about some timeless, high-quality drinks. Think about hiring a mixologist to help you create unique cocktails for your specific restaurant or for the upcoming season. Holiday drinks are not to be ignored either. 

Build a Beverage Inventory for Michelin Stars and Manage It Well

Curating the drinks you want to serve at your restaurant is a challenge. But what’s proven to be a bigger challenge is managing the beverage inventory well and preventing loss as much as possible. Analyzing customer behavior and streamlining the inventory process is crucial, too, as it can save you lots of time and money in the long run. 

To do all of that and even more, you should use the software of BinWise. We can help any restaurant or bar owner stay on top of their beverage inventory with ease. Our beverage tracking software can help you save up to 85% of your counting time and can be integrated with over 50 POS systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beverage Inventory for Michelin Stars

Want to learn more on the subject? Read the answers we have to these common questions!

Can Cocktails Earn My Restaurant a Michelin Star?

No. Beverages are not part of the evaluation process when it comes to Michelin inspections. However, they are an important part of the overall experience at a restaurant that can bring more customers in. Some of these customers may be the Michelin Star inspectors that will evaluate your food. And incredible food can earn you one, two, or even three stars!

Is Wine a Must for Restaurants?

Yes. Wine is one of the most popular beverages in the whole world, so it’s important to have it on your menu. Building a beverage inventory for Michelin Stars is hard and it’s not going to ensure getting included in the Guide. However, each inventory needs to have a good selection of wine that complements the cuisine of the restaurant. 

Should I Have a Large Beverage Inventory?

The size of the beverage inventory should follow the size of the restaurant and the food menu, as well as the concept of the business. If you run a large restaurant with plenty of food options, the beverage inventory should be large, too. 

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