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Kali Mireva

The Myths & Benefits of Digestifs: From Spirits to Cocktails

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If you are a restaurant owner and want to offer digestif spirits and cocktails, you need to learn all about them. First, read what are digestifs if you need to get familiar with the basics. Then, it is time to curate a beverage menu that will put your business ahead of the curve. With all the knowledge you have on drinks, of course. 

There is a range of herbal liqueurs that you can serve as digestif drinks at the end of a meal. Some common types of alcohol, like brandy, can also be served as a digestif. Some drinks can even be used as both aperitif and digestif. But what are the benefits of digestifs, you may ask. 

Here, we want to dive into all of the myths related to these drinks, as well as the benefits of digestifs. This information will help you understand this category of beverage better, and also train your waiters. When the staff is familiar with everything they serve, they can provide customers with valuable information and help them choose the best option for themselves. 

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Common Myths Related to Digestifs

As with everything that is considered beneficial for people in a way, there are myths, too. Although there are positive things that come from drinking digestif, there are some statements that are not entirely true. 

Let’s see which are the things that you should not believe when it comes to the benefits of digestifs. 

Key Takeaway: The benefits of digestifs are all great but they should not be used as an excuse to drink too much. There are also common myths surrounding this specific category of beverages. It’s important to remember that no health issue can be solved with alcoholic beverages and it’s crucial to seek medical attention when there is an actual digestive issue. 

1. Digestifs Cure Indigestion

While some people may feel relief from indigestion symptoms after consuming a digestif, it's not a cure for all digestive issues. The effects of digestifs vary. Also, remember that alcohol needs to be consumed in moderation and with caution. Especially if the person is dealing with health problems. 

In case of medical problems, consult with a doctor whether or not is fine to have digestif drinks. Don’t read only about the benefits of digestifs and decide to cure yourself with a nice after-meal beverage. 

2. Digestifs Must Be Bitter

While many traditional digestifs are bitter (such as amaro), not all of them have to be bitter. Sweet liqueurs and fortified wines are also commonly enjoyed as digestifs. Port wine, for example, is a great digestif which doesn’t have a bitter taste. 

3. Digestifs Help with Weight Loss

Some believe that certain herbs and botanicals in digestifs can aid weight loss by stimulating digestion. However, any potential benefits are likely to be minimal, and excessive alcohol consumption can contribute to weight gain. Not to mention other health issues overconsumption of alcoholid beverages can bring. 

4. Digestifs Speed Up Metabolism

Another common misconception about digestifs is that they can speed up the metabolism. While alcohol can temporarily increase metabolic rate, the overall impact on weight management is complex and should not be relied upon for significant metabolic benefits.

The benefits of digestifs can be felt after a nice meal but these drinks should be used as a cure or a method to improve appearance. 

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What Are the Benefits of Digestifs?

Now that we have debunked some myths about the delicious digestif drinks, it’s time to see what the actual benefits are. Keep these in mind and share with your customers. You can even use this information in your restaurant marketing campaigns. 

1. Relaxing Effects

After a meal, enjoying a digestif can create a relaxing atmosphere. The ritual of sipping a drink can be calming and contribute to a sense of satisfaction after dining. When enjoyed in a comfortable place and after a truly delicious meal - the customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 

2. Helps Some People with Digestion

Certain herbs and botanicals found in some digestifs may have mild digestive properties. It’s possible for digestifs to help ease bloating or discomfort in some individuals. However, as we mentioned before, digestifs are not a cure. People should not overconsume them in hope they will help them deal with slower metabolism or digestive issues. 

3. Enhances Flavor Experience

One of the best benefits of digestifs, which is often underestimated is the way they enhance flavors. Pairing a digestif with specific foods can enhance the overall dining experience. The complementary flavors can provide a satisfying end to a meal. And who wouldn’t love that? As a restaurant owner, providing a delicious and memorable experience for guests should be a top priority!

4. Variety of Options

While the other benefits of digestifs are for everyone, this is mostly for business owners. The fact there are many different types of digestifs allows restaurant manages to select the ones that would make sense. The beverage menu needs to be selected in accordance with the food menu. However, it also needs to make financial sense to stock up on specific types of digestifs. 

How to Perfect Your Beverage Inventory

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Frequently Asked Questions about Benefits of Digestifs

If you have additional questions about the benefits of digestifs, we have more information for you in the paragraph below. 

Do Digestifs Really Aid Digestion?

While some people may experience a sense of relief from indigestion after consuming a digestif, the effects can vary. Certain herbs and botanicals in some digestifs may have mild digestive properties for some individuals. 

What you should keep in mind that as other alcoholic beverages, digestifs need to be consumed in moderation. They should not be used as an alternative to medicine and good diet needs to always be a priority. 

Can a Digestif Help With Weight Loss?

While some believe that certain herbs in digestifs may have minimal impact on metabolism, relying on digestifs for weight loss is not recommended. Excessive alcohol consumption can contribute to weight gain. Other health issues can also be worsen when a person is having too many drinks. 

Proper diet and exercise are the best ways to ensure weight loss. The benefits of digestifs will not be felt if there is not change put in other places when we are talking about a weight loss journey. 

Can I Have a Digestif if I Have Digestive Issues?

It depends on the individual. Some people find relief from mild digestive discomfort with certain digestifs, while others may experience worsened symptoms. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have specific digestive concerns.

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