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Sarah Ward

What Does the Future of Dining Look Like? 8 Dining Previews

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When answering the question of “What does the future of dining look like?” there is a lot of information to dive into. The future of dining is a mix of predicting how current dining practices will expand and how new ideas will pop up. 

In this BinWise blog post, we will walk you through the future of dining from both a business and customer perspective. If you’ve been wondering where dining is headed, read on. 

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The Future of Dining

The future of dining is a mix of the familiar and the cutting-edge new experiences just around the corner. As we look ahead we can see some drastic changes, but mainly improvements and continuations of practices that have been proven. From COVID-19 safety procedures to dining updates like a good brunch menu, there is plenty we have to appreciate and look forward to.

These four predictions about the future of dining are of the utmost importance for restaurant and bar owners. Truly, they apply to anyone in an owner or manager position in food and beverage services and hospitality. Even hotel staff can benefit from these four dining previews.

4. Software Support Galore

Software support has been a vital part of dining for a while, and it’s not going anywhere. The future of dining shows a view of bars, restaurants, and other businesses leaning into software and technology. That support will ease operations and increase operational efficiency. Every food service restaurant should invest in software if they haven’t already.

3. Sanitization Specialties

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us now more than we ever considered before how important hygiene is. Of course, restaurants, bars, and related businesses have been following health codes for years. In the future, those codes will encompass more specific rules and regulations to make everything as safe as possible. 

2. Unique Dining Spaces

Later on in this post we’ll talk about the desire for comfortable dining spaces from the customer's perspective. That doesn’t negate the importance of unique dining spaces for businesses. You can be comfortable and unique at the same time. All that requires is finding something your customers will enjoy with ease.

1. Consistent Quality Food

Consistent quality food might seem like a no-brainer. With the current food supply chain issues and a recession going on, consistent quality food is about more than having the same classic dishes. When you’re dealing with shortages consistency with your food quality is all about being able to mix up new dishes or variations. It all revolves around the ingredients you have available.

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The Future of Dining Out

When we talked about the future of dining we focused on the perspective of the restaurant or bar business owner. In the food service and hospitality industry, this perspective is one we focus on quite a bit. However, there is another equally important perspective: the perspective of the customer. We emphasize customer service, so it’s vital we also focus on customer perspective.

For this section about the future of dining out, we’re focusing on the perspective of customers who are dining out. Of course, these four predictions for customers are also part of the business for the owner, bar manager, or even wait staff. They are, in this case, directed toward customers looking to see how dining out might change or stay the same.

4. Easier Ordering

Ease of ordering is a key component of customer satisfaction for every customer. Each year it gets easier, with QR codes and virtual ordering systems. This will continue. QR codes aren’t going anywhere for now, but there’s room with technological improvements to find something even more streamlined–if that’s even possible. 

3. Expanded Delivery

The best option for expanding delivery is for more businesses to get on board with operations like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, and Instacart. These delivery businesses are scalable and integrate easily with businesses. The more businesses are willing to work with these operations, the more customers they’ll bring in.

2. Cozy Dining Experiences

Cozy dining experiences are the key to bringing in customers. As much as customers want to visit a place unique in decor and menu types, there is something so special about a cozy space. You can achieve this with the right lighting and personal touches, such as a vase of flowers on each table.

1. Influenced Dining Choices

Influencers on social media platforms continue to play a role in what we all want to experience. This trend will only continue to spread across our ways of making choices. Influenced dining choices will have customers choosing the best bars and restaurants. Make sure you’re influencer-friendly with photo-worthy food presentation and design ambiance.

What are the Eight Most Common Types of Dining?

The 10 most common types of dining are:

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Casual dining restaurants
  • Fast casual restaurants
  • Contemporary casual restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Pizzerias
  • Room service
  • Pop-up kitchens
  • Ghost kitchen spaces
  • Catering

Nearly every bar, restaurant, café, or hospitality space falls within these 10 categories. You might think there would be more. When you think about specific places, however, you can begin to see how far-reaching many of these categories are. Casual dining, for example, covers a wide range of wildly popular businesses.

"Key Takeaway: The future of dining is a mix of the familiar and the cutting-edge new experiences just around the corner."

Frequently Asked Questions About The Future of Dining

There is always more to learn about the future of dining. In part that’s because that future is constantly shifting as time goes by. Our answers to these frequently asked questions are relevant now. Next year or five years from now the future of dining will continue to shift. Who knows what the questions will be then?

What Is the Future of Dining?

The future of dining leans heavily on dining that takes place outside the walls of the establishment. This means dining that works with ordering technology and delivery services. It also means dining options where you order from a kiosk and take your meal to go on a walk. Ultimately, the future of dining is dining beyond the brick-and-mortar businesses.

How Is Technology Changing the Dining Experience?

Technology is changing the dining experience by making everything more efficient, safer, and consistently available. From order management system software to inventory management program software support, technology is backing up food and beverage service businesses. Technology gives dining experiences a way into the tech world. 

How are Millennials Shaping the Dining Experience?

Millennials have been shaping the dining experience through their preference for build-your-own meal options. This could be a sandwich made to your specifications. It could be a pizza with topping options. In some cases, this is even an à la carte menu with a variety of dishes to pick and choose your favorites. 

What Is the Future Food Trend of 2023?

The food trends of 2023 are predicted to include fried chicken, comfort food, and charcuterie boards. It’s no surprise that we’re all looking for some cozy, home-cooked, and delicious options for 2023. 2020 through 2022 have been a host to many ups and downs. We’re all looking for something comforting in 2023 and beyond.

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The Future of Dining: Dining In the Future

The future of dining for bars, restaurants, and every business in between is bright. From ordering ease to unique menu items that fit the supply chain, there is plenty businesses have to plan for and look forward to.

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