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Lauren Platero

Sports Bar Marketing: 5 Sports Bar Advertising Ideas

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Sports bars are a great option if you're starting a bar. Many consumers like to relax in a casual dining atmosphere before a big game, which is the vibe that encompasses all sports bars and makes them on the high end of the question of how much do bars make

The restaurant industry consists of countless ways to make a sports bar profitable. Creative restaurant marketing ideas can accelerate business, regardless of whether or not it’s your opening weekend. 

Steadily generating business can seem like a daunting task. So, we gathered some of our favorite tips for generating awareness and traffic to your sports bar. Let's discuss five sports bar advertising ideas.


Sports Bar Advertising Ideas: Tips For Increasing Business For A Sports Bar

Now that you’ve decided on a sports bar for your restaurant style, you’ll need to figure out ways to increase bar profits. There are several ways to boost exposure from special promotions to digital marketing efforts, without skyrocketing restaurant expenses

Every restaurant business plan should have a solid marketing strategy. Let’s dive into five ways to increase business for a sports bar. 

Establish A Digital Marketing Strategy

Consumers spend a shocking amount of time on their mobile devices. As current and future customers are bouncing between apps, make sure that you’re optimizing your digital presence. 

If you manage a bar, consider adding a marketing expert to your team. Here are some digital strategies they can use to increase exposure:

  • A frequent social media posting schedule 
  • Paid advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Social media giveaways for gift cards or high demand products
  • A restaurant SEO strategy featuring relevant SEO terms to generate more website traffic 

Digital messages are more powerful than you may suspect. By publishing eye-catching imagery with helpful copy, your sports bar will stand out to locals in no time. 

Once you establish a consistent strategy, your sports bar will frequently end up in front of the eyes of potential customers. Remaining in the conversation about great eateries in the area to visit is key. 

As your bar generates customer satisfaction, word-of-mouth marketing will take over and most likely become your most significant driver of sales.

Differentiate Your Business From Competitors

If you’re planning to open a bar, you’ll want to start by conducting a competitive analysis. Sports bars can quickly become similar from one to the next. Ensure that your sports bar is unique from the rest. 

Various factors that you’ll want to look out for are:

  • Hours of operation
  • Regular prices and specials
  • Whether or not they book live music
  • Strict or inclusive restaurant menus 
  • Food and drinks delivery options
  • Having recreational activities such as trivia nights or a pool table

To be a memorable and go-to option, your top priority should be to provide a convenient and stress-free experience to every customer.

Create A Loyalty Program

Reward your most loyal customers by offering them discounts every so often. Businesses can manage loyalty programs with punch cards or phone numbers.

It’s advisable to allow people to sign up for your loyalty program online. Customers won’t have to stop in to become a member by offering an at-home sign-up option. Then, they’ll have an initial reason to visit if they haven’t already. 

Loyalty programs could include rewards such as:

Phone numbers might be the easiest way to track loyalty programs and streamline restaurant operations, as some customers may lose their cards. A digital system will also eliminate the risk of your wait staff and bar staff of noticing any dishonest punch cards. 

Host Seasonal and Special Events

Consumers may not be drawn to an average bar on any given day, but they might choose to stop by once there’s a fun sports event. Holiday and seasonal events are festive ways for people to visit your business and bring their friends or family. 

Events are successful ways to have a profitable day while introducing your business to a whole new crowd. Sometimes, the unique experiences at your bar increase awareness to those who may not have heard of it before. 

If you’re stuck on which events would make sense for your business, here are some fun bar event ideas that could set you apart from the competition:

  • Super Bowl parties 
  • Half off Irish beer brands for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Wine sampler for National Wine Day
  • Charity night for local sports teams 

If there aren’t any special occasions in the near future, happy hour menus work fantastic. Discounted drink specials can always boost profits, regardless of the time of year. 

Hosting private events is also another strategy that can quickly grow your business. Anyone who attends one of these events will be aware of your food, the location, and that you offer parties. 

The details pertaining to private events will depend on the bar setup, so be mindful of the bar layout and capacity prior to pushing relevant advertisements. 

Note that private events cost a small fortune, so inexpensive party and catering services is sure to result in many happy customers. 

Learn how to price a menu before setting higher costs for catering services and on-premise events to maximize profits. 

Start An Email List 

Email is the most direct form of contact a business can have with its customers, aside from paper mail. Sending out occasional email newsletters is a great way to remind customers that your bar exists and why they should stop by. 

There are numerous ways to collect email addresses from your customers. Here are a few of the most popular sources:

  • Landing page pop ups with a discount offer
  • Collections from surveys and contests 
  • Private event contact forms

Since sports is such a niche market, email lists are also a personal way to engage with customers who keep up with regional teams. 

Upon adding newsletters to your marketing strategy, always receive permission from the customer before sending them messages. On contact forms and surveys, simply add a disclaimer. You can also create a checkbox so that customers can choose if they want to receive your email communications. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Bar Marketing Tips

How Do You Market A Sports Bar?

Fostering a sports-centric theme, serving great entree food, and providing excellent service are the best ways to establish a loyal customer base. 

Get creative with specials, fun events, and promotions to attract new customers. 

How Do You Make A Sports Bar Successful?

Generating profits and building a positive reputation will drive ongoing success for your sports bar. Come up with promotional campaigns that will bring awareness to your bar and host contests that involve leaving reviews. 

Sports bars are popular, so you want to make sure that yours stands out as one of the best options in your area. 

Ensure that each bartender has the mixologist skills to create custom beverages including various types of alcohol. Learn more from our bartender's guide book for new ideas.

Delicious food is a must, so ensure that the sous chef on each shift is an expert at their craft. 

How Many TVs Should A Sports Bar Have?

The general rule is that every seat in the sports bar should have a view of at least three television screens. So, it all depends on the size of your establishment. On average, sports bars have roughly twelve televisions hung up around the room.

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