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Lauren Platero

5 Benefits of Using Restaurant Bar Inventory Software

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Restaurant bar inventory software solutions can dramatically improve your bar and restaurant. If you take inventory manually, you know that it can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. However, there are numerous tech solutions that can simplify such tasks. Besides, there are a number of other benefits that will coincide with an inventory management system. But before we jump into those, let's define what we're talking about! Read on.

What Is Restaurant Bar Inventory Software?

Restaurant bar inventory software is a digital product that allows bars and restaurants to easily track inventory. More specifically, it’s the tool that keeps track of beer, wine, spirits, mixers, and so on. Just think of anything you might need for a bar to turn a profit–bar staff can track all those products within a restaurant bar inventory platform. Now, read on to discover five benefits of such a system.

Top 5 Benefits of Restaurant Bar Inventory Software

Once you invest in restaurant bar inventory software, you’ll quickly notice improvements in your business. Whether you need to improve operational efficiency or maximize profits (or both!), these tools might do the trick! See below for our five favorite benefits we notice amongst software users:

1. It Can Make Your Business More Profitable

There’s a likelihood that you’re overspending on beverage inventory if you don’t have a software solution to reference. For instance, opening a new bottle of wine for just one glass might be driving costs. Or, the cost percentage for particular recipes might not be profitable. These are just two of countless metrics that a restaurant bar inventory platform can display, showcasing ways to be more profitable.

2. It Helps You Save Time Taking Inventory

Manually taking inventory can take hours. Meanwhile, this is time that can be spent elsewhere, like tending to customers. Or, your staff might even be able to clock out a bit earlier. When you’re able to quickly scan barcodes to update inventory levels, the time it takes to count bottles can be cut in half. Plus, automating the process helps to ensure accuracy.

3. Automating Inventory Tracking Reduces Work Overload

Bar and restaurant duties keep you busy and are not for the faint of heart. By adding manual inventory tracking to an employee’s workload, they'll immediately have a lot on their plate. But similarly to our point above, using a restaurant bar inventory software can eliminate work overload by reducing the time spent counting bottles and updating a spreadsheet.

4. Your Inventory Storage Stays Organized

By utilizing a restaurant bar inventory software solution, you’ll be able to quickly take inventory with a barcode scanning device. This system helps to organize your liquor storage cabinets or wine cellar. Not only can an organized space help reduce wait times, but it will lead to employee satisfaction.

5. It Ultimately Leads to Customer Satisfaction

When you have accurate numbers regarding the beverages you have available, you’ll know exactly when to place new orders. Therefore, you should always have everything available to serve all the drinks on your menu. As a result, customers will have a positive experience. It can leave a very negative impression when a server or bartender has to deny a customer a menu item. But when you’re always able to keep up with inventory levels, this issue is never a risk.

Are You Ready to Reap the Benefits of Restaurant Bar Inventory Software?

Are you shopping for a restaurant bar inventory software that’s incredibly high level but extremely user-friendly? If so, BinWise should fit seamlessly into your business. From tracking drink sales to approving purchase orders, it ensures accurate data and eliminates hours of manual labor. If that sounds good to you, schedule a demo with us to learn more!

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