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Kali Mireva

What Are the James Beard Awards and How to Become a Winner

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Have you heard of the James Beard Awards? Whether you have heard of them or this is the first time you stumble upon the name James Beard, we are sure you will find valuable information here. We will present to you, the business owners in the hospitality industry, what the awards are and how to become a winner. 

In the following paragraphs, we will also talk about people who already are James Beard Award winners. Learning more about them can help you walk a similar path to success. We like to give our readers insights on such topics, so they can help their business and profit grow. We even have an article on how to earn a Michelin Star, which is an interesting read, too. 

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What Are the James Beard Awards?

The James Beard Awards are annual awards that are given by the James Beard Foundation. These awards are designed to award chefs, restauranteurs, journalists, and authors in the United States of America. 

The awards are held every year around the birthday of James Beard, which was on the 5th of May. The media awards are presented at a dinner party in New York City. The restauranteurs and chefs awards, however, were presented in New York only until 2015. Now the foundation has moved the gala to Chicago, where the awards will be presented until 2027. 

Key Takeaway: The James Beard Awards are prestigious and many chefs and restauranteurs aspire to win each year. Although it’s not easy to win, working hard to get there is worth it! Great professionals from the culinary industry get that recognition and help their businesses grow even more. 

The History of the James Beard Awards

The James Beard Awards were established back in 1990. This is when the foundation expanded its chef awards and combined them with a few others. They were the Cook’s magazine Who's Who of American Cooking and the French's Food and Beverage Book Awards. 

Initially, the awards were for chefs, restaurants, and books, but in 1993, journalism was added, too. Then, in 1994, the James Beard Awards expanded to broadcast media and in 1995 to restaurant design. 

The James Beard Foundation changes the rules for the awards later on to be more inclusive. In 2018, they made sure their rules were set in a way that would fight the race and gender inequalities in the industry.

The changes included a rule that the judges should reflect the demographics of the United States. The Who's Who of American Cooking awards were retired because they were judged by their previous winners. Leadership awards were added and they were focused on social justice issues. And finally, some media entry fees were waived.

Now, the awards are voted by over 600 culinary professionals, including the previous award winners. The recipients of the award get a medallion with the face of James Beard and a certificate from the James Beard Foundation. 

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How to Get Nominated for a James Beard Award

There are two ways to participate in the James Beard Awards. The first way to get nominated is by going through the Open Call Entry. This way applies to people interested in getting the Media Award for books, broadcast media, and journalism. The candidates need to enter their own work and pay an application fee of $85. 

The second way to get nominated is through the Open Call for Recommendations. This way of entering is reserved for leadership, restauranteurs, and chefs. In this Open Call, anyone can enter candidates without paying a fee. This is the process that most restaurants and chefs use and that’s why it can be very competitive. 

Once the Open Call for Recommendations is open, you can get your chances of getting nominated high by encouraging other people in the industry to participate. Talk to colleagues, diners, and other industry insiders. Use social media channels and any industry networks you can think of, to amplify your nomination. Think about attending the James Beard events to meet and connect with potential nominators. This way you can also get insight into what the committee is looking for. 

How to Get a James Beard Award

The James Beard Award submissions are typically collected in October and November. The deadline is the end of December. Then, the committee creates a list of semifinalists. Once the list is complete, it’s sent to previous award winners and the other judges for voting. The results are then compiled in a new list of nominees, which is sent out for a second round of voting. This is how the winners are decided. 

Winning a James Beard Award for your restaurant business is not easy. It can take many tries until you win an award for your restaurant. For example, in 2023, there were 115 nominees in the first round and 11 of them were included in the previous year’s nominations, too. Some chefs got an Award on the third try, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win in the first year when you participate.

There are 23 awards given by the James Beard Foundation each year. The winners are usually announced at a gala award ceremony in June. 

Prepare Your Restaurant for the James Beard Awards

Just like the Michelin Star rating, the James Beard Awards are prestigious. They are hard to earn by not out of reach. You can earn a James Beard Award each year or not get it one year and then get it again on the next. With the Stars, however, you need to learn how restaurants lose Michelin Stars to prevent it from happening to you. Getting in the Michelin Star Guide is never easy but being taken out of it can be.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the James Beard Awards

Want to know more about the James Beard Awards? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions!

Who Was James Beard?

James Beard was a renowned American chef, cookbook author, and teacher who is considered one of the pioneers of American cuisine. He was a champion of local and seasonal ingredients and is credited with popularizing gourmet cooking in America.

What Is the Significance of Winning a James Beard Award?

Winning a James Beard Award is considered one of the highest honors in the culinary world and can significantly elevate a chef's or restaurant's reputation and profile. It is a mark of excellence and recognition by peers and industry experts.

Can Anyone Attend the James Beard Awards Ceremony?

The James Beard Awards ceremony is primarily an industry event attended by chefs, restaurateurs, food writers, and other culinary professionals. However, tickets to the ceremony are sometimes available to the public for purchase.

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