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Sarah Ward

Emerging Technologies In Restaurants: 6 Technology Trends

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Emerging technologies in restaurants and hospitality businesses are something every restaurant or bar business owner, hotel staff, or hospitality entrepreneur should learn about. Technology supports so many aspects of these industries already. As new technologies are developed and brought into businesses, profits and customer satisfaction rise. Including in the top 25 Michelin Star restaurants.

In this BinWise blog post, we walk through a variety of emerging technologies in restaurants and the hospitality industry. Some of these technologies are already being used by many businesses. Others are still relatively new. One thing we know for sure about all of them is they’ll boost your business and help you grow.

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Emerging Technologies In Restaurants

Emerging technologies in restaurants are all about streamlining the work of restaurant staff, from kitchen staff to wait staff and servers. Ultimately, these technologies serve to make the processes of the restaurant run more smoothly, which leads to a better customer experience. That is, after all, what the restaurant industry is all about. 

These three technologies are all somewhat new. Some are already making the work of restaurants easier. Some are just beginning to show up on the restaurant radar. All three of them are positioned to grow in popularity and improve the restaurant industry. 

3. Online Table Registration

The systems for online table registration aren’t new technology, but it is steadily gaining popularity. Instead of having to call a restaurant for a reservation a customer can choose their time and, in some cases, their specific table online. There’s a limit to how many reservations can be made, and the entire process is simplified. 

2. Drone Food Delivery

Drone food delivery is a technological advancement still in its first stages of use. There are kinks to be worked out, but it is promising as a way to improve delivery services beyond the congestion of traffic. As drone use changes and becomes more prevalent, drone food delivery could take off in the near future. 

1. Prep Lines Automation

Prep line automation includes everything from AI technology for making meals of prepped ingredients to technology that shares meal orders with the kitchen automatically. These technological advancements ease the work of kitchen staff and provide faster service for customers. They also save time and money for the restaurant owner.

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Emerging Technologies In Hospitality

For emerging technologies in hospitality, the new technologies on the block center on the guest experience and streamlining of processes. Every hospitality business, especially hotels and similar establishments, are always on the lookout for ways to make the guest experience even better. 

These three emerging technologies in hospitality center on the guest experience. From making the stay more comfortable to easing needs for services, these technologies make it even easier for guests to have a relaxing stay. 

3. High-Powered Wi-Fi

High-powered Wi-Fi isn’t new by any means. It is, however, still growing in the hospitality industry. More and more businesses are installing high-powered Wi-Fi to create an all-inclusive atmosphere for guests. Any guest can use it, and their stay can be productive as much as it is relaxing. 

2. Robotics and AI

Robotics and AI are coming into the hospitality industry from the front desk to in-house restaurants to room service. For many businesses, these technologies are useful in streamlining processes and saving money. Hospitality businesses will always be based on human touches, but robotics and AI are beginning to grow in popularity.

1. Infrared Sensors

Infrared sensors are beginning to join the mix at hotels and similar businesses. They’re being used to check rooms to see if people are currently in their rooms for room service. The old process of hanging a tab on the door to alert room service is being phased out with the use of infrared sensors. 

"Key Takeaway: As new technologies are developed and brought into businesses, profits and customer satisfaction rise."

Frequently Asked Questions About Emerging Restaurant and Hospitality Tech 

Emerging technologies in restaurants and the hospitality industry are constantly evolving and encouraging questions. From technical questions to general business-related questions, when you dive into the information, there’s plenty to learn. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will help you stay ahead of the game in restaurants and hospitality technology. 

What Technology Can Be Used In Restaurants?

The list of technology that can be used in restaurants to ease operational efficiency and improve business operations includes:

  • Inventory technology
  • Order management technology
  • Reservations technology
  • Point of sale technology–like a bar POS system
  • Self-order kiosks
  • Kitchen display screens
  • Digital printers
  • Beverage recipe technology
  • Table management technology
  • Waitlist management technology
  • Online ordering technology
  • Delivery technology

Those are a lot of the basics. There are many types of technology out there. Depending on your type of restaurant and what you intend to do, you may find more technological support that works for you. You could also discover a space for a new technology that you create or fund.

What Technology Can Be Used In Hospitality Businesses?

A lot of the technology that can be used in hospitality businesses is similar to the technology we’ve talked about for restaurants. The key difference is the wider range of businesses under the hospitality industry blanket. The main business people think of in hospitality is hotels and similar establishments. 

Hotels and other similar businesses can also use technology to help with guest services. That could be front desk software support, room service inventory management, and dining support. The main thing is, for hospitality technology, every aspect of the customer service experience needs to be accounted for. 

What Trends are Emerging In the Food Service Industry?

The trends emerging in the food service industry include:

The food service industry has been learning from the shake-ups we’ve experienced in the last few years. From the COVID-19 pandemic to work-from-home trends that turned into people spending plenty of time at home, the food service industry is following suit. Delivery and other dining options are growing exponentially. 

That said, food service businesses are also getting creative with ways to get people out of the house. Kiosks and self-service restaurants are growing in popularity. The change in the dining landscape has made space for so many types of restaurants, bars, and cafés. 

What are the Latest Trends In Restaurants?

The latest trends in restaurants include:

  • Expansive vegan menu options
  • Built-in menu flexibility
  • TikTok marketing standards for content marketing
  • More focus on zero-waste and environmentally friendly restaurants
  • Locally sourcing ingredients
  • Increased virtual restaurants and pop-ups
  • Continued growth in fusion menu types
  • Expansions in delivery services
  • Customizable menu items
  • Promotions through social media 

Only time will tell where these trends will go. These trends, however, are all leaning in a direction that is adaptable for restaurants and highly enjoyable for customers. As everyone in the food and beverage industry and the hospitality industry will tell you, customer satisfaction is the name of the game.

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Emerging Restaurant and Hospitality Technologies: Behind the Tech Curtain

Going behind the technology curtain in restaurants and hospitality shows you how much work in those industries centers on the customer experience. Every piece of technology in this blog is designed to improve the experience of every guest, restaurant visitor, or bar patron. 

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