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Sarah Ward

Beverage Food Truck: What Is a Beverage Food Truck?

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What is a beverage food truck? How does it fit in the world of food truck businesses? What types of drinks can you sell from a beverage food truck? All these questions and more come up when you start to think about starting a food truck business and leaning into beverages. 

Beverage food truck businesses have all the needs of a standard food truck business. You’ll want to check out the best places to start a food truck business. You should also look into the best food trucks themselves, to find inspiration from their drink menus. Beverage food trucks fit among the types of food trucks seamlessly, with a bit more of a garnish. 

The cost to start a beverage truck is comparable to the cost to start a food truck business. Food and beverage trucks both have similar needs in terms of customer experience to prioritize customer satisfaction. Overall, beverage trucks and food trucks are two peas in a pod. 

In this BinWise blog, we’ll dive into the specifics of beverage food trucks, to help you decide which type you want to operate. There isn’t a bad choice among them, and all the details that go into running each business will be the deciding factor for you.

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Beverage Food Truck Definition 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of beverage food truck operations, it’s time to define what a beverage food truck is. A beverage food truck is a food truck business model with a focus on beverages. They can serve only beverages, or highlight their beverages with a few food options. 

The Difference Between Beverage Trucks and Food Trucks

The difference between beverage trucks and food trucks is that beverage trucks, even if they serve food, have a focus on their beverages. Their marketing centers on their drinks. For food trucks, the food options are their main source of income and focus for marketing and branding. 

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Growth of Beverage Food Trucks

The market for beverage trucks has grown alongside food trucks. In recent years, with food trucks making a name for themselves, beverage trucks have been alongside them. They've been finding a balance between food truck customers and beverage truck-specific customers. Beverage trucks are in the same rising boat of food trucks in the tide of the food service industry. 

8 Types of Beverage Food Trucks

The types of beverage trucks are as varied as the general types of food trucks you can open and operate. These eight types of beverage trucks cover the basics and some more unique options. You can stick with these, or use them as inspiration for new ideas.

  • Slushy drink beverage trucks: all types of slushy drinks can create a themed beverage truck that tells people exactly what they can expect.
  • Location-based drink trucks: location-based drink trucks are all about the space you’re parking your business. If you’re at a beach, go with a tropical theme. If you’re in a city center, cater your drinks to on-the-go folks.
  • Themed drink beverage trucks: you can also choose one theme that works no matter what your current location is. From cocktail hours to under-the-sea, the options are endless.
  • Specialty drink trucks: specialty drink trucks are beverage trucks that focus on a particular drink. From margaritas to martinis, specialty trucks focus on several unique recipes for classic drinks.
  • Culturally-based beverage trucks: if your brand is tied to your culture, it stands to reason that you should focus on some drinks that are culturally relevant.
  • Mocktail beverage trucks: mocktail beverage trucks are the perfect option if you’re looking to serve up cocktail drinks without alcohol (and without a liquor license).
  • Beer and wine trucks: in liquor licensing, there are specific licenses you can get that allow you to serve just beer and wine. If you’re looking to be a niche beverage truck with fewer licensing needs, a beer and wine truck is a great option.
  • Cocktail beverage trucks: cocktail beverage trucks are one of the most popular options. Of course, you’ll need to learn all about getting a liquor license. From there, you can mix up cocktail ingredients to make a great beverage truck business. This is one of the best options for bringing your beverage truck to types of catering events.
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Beverage Truck Market

The beverage truck market plays into the future of the market and the goals of beverage truck owners. The food and beverage truck industry is booming, showing no signs of slowing down, but also not increasing at an intense rate. If it continues at a similar pace, it’s going to be a great future for food and beverage truck owners. 

"Key Takeaway: A beverage food truck is a food truck business model with a focus on beverages. They can serve only beverages, or highlight their beverages with a few food options."

Frequently Asked Questions About Beverage Truck Businesses

When it comes to starting a beverage truck or beverage food truck, the majority of questions potential owners have focus on the profits and costs of the business. Our answers to these frequently asked questions reflect that, as many owners want to know if the business is a good idea financially. Read on to learn if it’s the right choice for you.

Are Beverage Trucks Profitable?

Yes, beverage trucks are profitable, bringing the profits of a food truck business together with the generally profitable business of selling drinks. The average profits of beverages, particularly alcoholic beverages, are often within the 70% to 80% margin because ingredients are so cost effective. 

Food and beverage truck profits are based on what you’re selling and what your overall costs are. Some of the most important costs to factor into your budget are the costs of food truck regulations. Permits and licensing are the most pricey part of opening a mobile food or beverage business. That said, food and beverage truck profits make the costs worth it.

What Beverage Company Makes the Most Money?

Anheuser-Busch, a brewing company, makes the most money worldwide. As a beverage truck, you won’t be turning profits to the tune of $54 million a year like the brewing beast of Anheuser-Busch. You can, however, lean into their marketing and profit plans of serving brands people love. 

What Type of Drinks Sell the Most?

In the U.S. and worldwide, the drinks with the most sales are soda products and popular brands and types of drinks in bar businesses. From a beverage truck perspective, this information shows you people are likely to keep buying what they know they enjoy. You can grow your profits with this knowledge by serving familiar drinks with a unique twist from your brand. 

Is Starting a Beverage Company Profitable?

Yes, starting a beverage company is a profitable venture if you stick with it and last through the first year or two. The beginning will be a lot of hard work. If you keep looking for growth opportunities, however, and you focus on guest retention and utilize restaurant tech, you’ll find the profits will start to flow your way.

How Profitable Is a Mobile Bar?

A mobile bar often sees a profit margin of anywhere from 70% to 90%, depending on the location, tips, and drink types being served. To maximize profits in a mobile bar business, make sure you’re focusing on drinks with cheaper ingredients that you can make money on. There are many drinks, from great rum drinks to types of tequila drinks, with low overhead expenses.

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Beverage Truck Businesses: Let the Mobile Taps Flow! 

A beverage food truck business has a lot of moving pieces to keep track of while you manage everything from inventory to customer service. On the inventory and order management sides of the business, lean on BinWise and BlueCart for software support.

The BinWise Pro beverage inventory program gives you peace of mind when you take inventory. It pairs with the BinScan mobile app for inventory control in the palm of your hand. BlueCart’s order management software simplifies your order management system

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