WineTab Digital Wine List

WineTab makes it easy to create beautifully formatted and always up-to-date wine lists optimized for print, web, and iPads

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

Maintain a perfectly priced and formatted wine list in sync with your 86 list. Never have to tell your customers that the wine they just ordered is out.

Always have an up-to-date wine list

Avoid disappointing your customers with an outdated list full of 86s by upgrading to a digital wine list that you can update on the fly.

Make a great first impression

Use vineyard and vintage information, tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and much more, to paint a vivid picture for your customer and entice them towards certain choices.

Fast-track training and suggestive-selling

You’re probably spending a lot of time training your servers on your beverage list. Speed up their education and arm them with information to suggest wine pairings and upsell.

Bring in new customers

BinWise makes it easy to publish your restaurant’s wine list on the web and use it to promote your restaurant and bring in new customers.

Elevate the dining experience at your restaurant, while saving time and money, by switching to a digital wine list. Give your customers the ability to browse and search your cellar and learn more about your carefully crafted selection of wines before making a purchase they're sure to be excited about.