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Bartender Lingo, Restaurant Terms & Kitchen Slang

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Restaurant terms and bar terminology are not only extensive, they're also cool. I used to wait tables, and I'm still tempted to yell "corner!" when taking a blind turn. But, there is so much restaurant lingo, it can feel like a foreign language. So, we put our feelers out and came up with all the bar and restaurant slang and jargon we could find (things like 86 meaning). Go forth, traveler! Learn the language and experience this exotic land like a native speaker.

Restaurant Terms

Front of House Terms

The front of house (FOH) is the public-facing part of a restaurant or bar, where people enter, wait, sit, dine, and drink. Unless you’re getting a tour of the back offices and kitchen, if you’re a guest in a restaurant, you’re in the front of house.

Kitchen Terms

The kitchen is the primary part of a restaurant’s back of house (BOH). Other parts of the BOH include the dish pit and any storage areas connected to the kitchen itself.

Bartending Terms

Drink-slingers, unite! Unite through the power of a shared language, that is. Here's all the awesome stuff folks say behind the bar.

Wine Tasting Terms

Here's all the wine slang you need, including what is typically the least-accessible vocabulary in the whole hospitality business (see hospitality definition): wine tasting terms. But don't worry, we've made it easy.

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