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Sarah Ward

International Pinot Noir Day: 15 Facts and Celebration Plans

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International Pinot Noir Day is celebrated each year on August 18th. The wine world has been celebrating International Pinot Noir Day since 1987, which is saying something in terms of wine holidays. It pairs up with the amount of time Pinot Noir has been a wine in the industry. It’s been around for over 1000 years more than Cabernet Sauvignon.

Whether you’re learning to open a new restaurant or you're in customer experience, this day is one to pay attention to. Pinot Noir leads to customer satisfaction whether you’re hosting brunch or serving up country club drinks

International Pinot Noir Day is also something you can celebrate at home, in private settings. Whatever the case, International Pinot Noir Day is a time to enjoy this best type of red wine of all the red wine types

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How to Celebrate International Pinot Noir Day

The best ways to celebrate International Pinot Noir Day are to learn more about Pinot Noir while enjoying a glass or two. The history of Pinot Noir, as part of the history of red wine, is one place to start. You can also dive into fun facts. 

Celebrating International Pinot Noir Day can be done out and about, or with a cozy night in with a movie, friends, or both. There’s no wrong way to enjoy this day. One thing’s for sure though, a glass of Pinot Noir, even from a non-alcoholic wine line, is a must!

For your ease of celebrating this wine holiday, we’ve broken it down into a few categories. First, we’ll walk you through some Pinot Noir fun facts to get the ball rolling. 

Pinot Noir Fun Facts

Learning about Pinot Noir is one of the most delightful ways to enjoy it with greater depth. You can learn about it over a glass of wine, or at any time. Winemakers have been experimenting with it through the centuries. There’s so much to learn about. 

These five Pinot Noir fun facts are some options to get you started. These hint at different parts of the history of Pinot Noir and how it is enjoyed today. As you read through these they’ll likely spark your interest in other parts of the intricacies of Pinot Noir:

5. Pinot Noir is the 10th most planted grape variety

4. Pinot Noir is more than 1000 years older than Cabernet Sauvignon

3. Pinot Noir os a mirror of Pinot Grigio and Pinot Blanc

2. The top 3 producers of Pinot Noir are France, the United States, and Germany

1. Pinot Noir has unexpected tannin levels

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Best Pinot Noir Choices

Adding to the joy of learning about Pinot Noir is the equally delightful option of drinking some! There are so very many options for Pinot Noir. Whether you go to a specialty wine shop, a grocery store, or a wine bar, you’re going to find some excellent choices. 

If you already have a favorite type of Pinot Noir, that’s the best choice. If not, or if you’re looking for something new, try out any of these best Pinot Noir choices. We’ve left the years off, as these brands consistently do a wonderful job with their Pinot Noir selections:

5. Meiomi Pinot Noir

4. Underwood Pinot Noir

3. Yellow Tail Pinot Noir

2. Angeline Pinot Noir

1. Josh Cellars Pinot Noir

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5 Ways to Celebrate International Pinot Noir Day

International Pinot Noir Day is a time to learn about Pinot Noir. It’s a time to appreciate the history of wine, and how it has been enjoyed around the world for centuries. The world of wine is vast. These wine holidays give us time to slow down and appreciate each type of wine in the ways they all deserve. 

To celebrate International Pinot Noir Day, these options are a good place to start. You can mix and match them together. Picking just one is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing singular event. Whatever you choose, enjoy this International Pinot Noir Day:

5. Host a wine tasting party

4. Visit a winery

3. Check out your local wine bars

2. Watch a wine movie

1. Have a quiet Friday night at home with friends

"Key Takeaway: The best ways to celebrate International Pinot Noir Day are to learn more about Pinot Noir while enjoying a glass or two."

Frequently Asked Questions About Celebrating International Pinot Noir Day

Celebrating International Pinot Noir Day is a wonderful occasion for everyone in the wine world. It inspires great celebrations and the desire to learn more about this addition to the different varieties of wine. Our answers to these frequently asked questions will get you started on that learning. Read on from here to dive into everything you could want to know about Pinot Noir.

What Is Pinot Noir Known For?

Pinot Noir is known for its fresh, floral, fruity, earthy, and spice aromas. It’s a well-rounded wine, with a great amount of nuance in each glass. No two Pinot Noirs are exactly alike. The joy of Pinot Noir rests in how you can enjoy each new Pinot Noir for different reasons. With all those differences, you'll always remain a fan of the variety. 

What State Is Known For Pinot Noir?

California is known for Pinot Noir as the leading domestic producer of the wine. Pinot Noir is the third most popular variety of wine in California. It’s been around a long time and many winemakers have made their names in Pinot Noir. It’s no wonder it’s such a huge part of the wine culture of wine country in California.

What Does Noir Mean In Pinot Noir?

The overall name of Pinot Noir, in French, means “black pine cone.” This name is meant to represent the look of the Pinot Noir grape. The noir part references the red or purple shade of grape skin. In common wine or bartending terms, Pinot Noir is simply recognized as the red wine varietal of all the Pinot wines. 

Do You Put Pinot Noir In the Fridge?

Yes, it’s recommended to keep your Pinot Noir in a fridge, in particular a wine fridge if you have one available. Pinot Noir is often one of the lighter red wine varieties, so it does very well with a slight chill to the wine. If you prefer it much colder, you can get creative and make Pinot Noir popsicles!

What Does Drinking Pinot Noir Say About You?

It’s been said that drinking Pinot Noir says you’re an introspective, sensitive, artistic sort of person. You’re known to appreciate the nuance of life, which can be found in a glass of Pinot Noir. Whether that’s true for every Pinot Noir drinker or not, the world may never know! What we do know is that drinking Pinot Noir is an excellent choice, as it’s one of the best types of wine.

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Celebrating International Pinot Noir Day: Wine Not Enjoy Some Pinot Noir? 

Celebrating International Pinot Noir Day is the perfect way to enjoy Pinot Noir. To be fair, there isn’t a bad time to enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir. From wine pairings, including wine and cheese pairings, to a winery visit, there’s always something to enjoy with Pinot Noir. Come on back to the BinWise blog for more ways to enjoy wine in the world of hospitality and wine lovers.

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