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Meet the New BinWise: We're Introducing BinWise 2.0

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It has always been one of our goals at BinWise to make it easier for bar and restaurant owners to run more successful businesses. 

For hospitality businesses, efficient inventory practices are essential to reducing costs and boosting profit margins. Using traditional methods such as pen and paper or spreadsheets can be extremely time-consuming and error-prone, especially when your inventory contains hundreds or thousands of bottles. That is where the need for a complete inventory management system like BinWise comes in.

With BinWise, we created an all-in-one system that can do everything, from streamlining the beverage inventory process, managing a profitable beverage program, placing orders for inventory replenishment, working with a barcode scanner app for inventory, and running dozens of reports to help you make smarter business decisions (and avoid the 86 meaning). 

Today, we are excited to introduce BinWise 2.0—a better and more refined version of our industry-leading platform. 

Why a New BinWise?

Since we released the first version of BinWise in 2007, we’ve added countless new features to the platform, all thanks to the feedback and suggestions from our loyal customers. At the same time, we’ve spent hundreds of hours observing how our customers navigate and use BinWise and how it fits into their daily lives. 

With a better understanding of our customers’ experiences with the platform, we decided to reimagine BinWise to mirror how our customers use it, making the system more natural to use, as well as easier to learn and master. The result is BinWise 2.0.

What’s New with BinWise 2.0?

The number one request we’ve received from our customers is a more user-friendly platform design. In this update, you will notice major changes in the system’s interface that deliver a more modern-looking platform with an obsessive focus on user experience and usability.

We’ve made every page, along with all the important features and functionality, more visible and more intelligently organized based on how our customers use the platform. This means you will never feel lost again, or no longer will you have to go hunting for features or memorize where an important report is located.

When you first open BinWise, you’ll see a cleaner Dashboard that is as powerful and informative as ever but also significantly simplified. In addition to a quick summary of your perpetual inventory and current sales, you will find a search bar to look up items and a shortcut to your digital wine list.

In addition to a more modern and easier-to-use user interface, BinWise 2.0 has been heavily optimized to deliver best-in-class performance. You will immediately notice a faster experience as you use the platform and get more stable performance when performing inventory and running your reports.

Here are some other highlights in this update: 

  • Reorganizing of features under Report by frequency of use.
  • Redesign of the Restaurant Switch tab and logout elements.
  • Orders, Invoices, Vendor tabs are split into their own Menu sections and reorganized in the order of standard business process.
  • Admin functions, such as Add Users and Manage Access, are now consolidated under User Profile dropdown (if permissions allow).
  • Recipes feature is now available as a subsection under Inventory.
binwise inventory variance report

We Want to Hear from You

BinWise 2.0 comes with a more refined interface and better performance. We’ve made the system even easier to use and easier to learn for long-time customers as well as new ones. We are excited to share the new platform with you and hope you will love it just as much as we do!

Please reach out to us for any questions or concerns that you have, or book a free demo with us and let us walk you through the BinWise 2.0 live in action. 

If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to share it with us. 

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