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BinScan 2.0 Beverage Inventory Scanning App

BinWise Staff
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As a part of our continued efforts to improve the BinWise platform, we are excited to introduce BinScan 2.0—a faster and more efficient mobile bar inventory app for beverage inventory management.

BinScan Mobile App and Handheld Barcode Scanner

BinScan is a free barcode scanning mobile app for BinWise customers. The app is available on both iOS and Android. Please select one of the links below to download the compatible version to your device.

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Unlike other scanning apps, BinScan offers two options to accommodate your business needs.

  1. You can simply download the BinScan mobile app, log in with your BinWise credentials, and start doing inventory right away. We recommend using the app on its own if you have fewer than 500 bottles in your inventory.
  2. If you have greater than 500 bottles in your inventory, we highly recommend pairing BinScan with a handheld barcode scanner to speed up the process. Our suggestion is the Socket Scan S740, which is one of the most durable and cost-efficient scanning devices. It can scan up to 4 items per second and help you complete your inventory in a fraction of the time compared to manual counting.

As you know, Internet connections can be hard to find when you’re doing inventory in the cellar, so we designed the BinScan mobile app with a handy offline mode. Your scanned items are saved on your device and are automatically synced with your BinWise account when you are connected to the internet again. We’ve put together this convenient quick start guide for setting up the BinScan mobile app and pairing it with your external barcode scanner.

We hope the new and improved BinScan mobile app will make inventory less of a chore and help you get it done faster so you can get back to more important things. Please reach out to us for any questions or concerns that you have about BinScan; we're always happy to help and would love to hear any feedback!