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QR Codes for Bars and Restaurants: A 2020 List of Resources

QR Code Menu

It’s arguable that the cleanliness of bars and restaurants—their ability to deliver a germ-free experience—has literally never been more important than it is right now.

The hygiene of the places we drink and eat at has always been important, of course. But now the stakes are higher. The public’s expectations are higher. Going out to crowded places is not only a risk to you, but to everyone you come in contact with—knowingly and unknowingly.

But it’s a risk we have to accept cautiously and manage responsibly. And bars and restaurants are leading the charge. One way they’re doing that is by using QR codes.

Here’s a list of helpful resources to get you started.

The Benefits of QR Codes for Bar and Restaurant Menus

The Basics: Why Use a QR Code Menu?

If you’re looking for the lay of the land, this is a great starting point. In this post we cover what QR codes are, how to leverage QR codes in restaurants, and what to look out for when you create your own menu using a QR code. It’s a great starter’s guide to the whys and hows of using a QR code in bars and restaurants.

Menu App vs. QR Code | Which Is Right For You? 

Digital menus are the answer to a lot of the issues facing safe restaurant reopening and operation. But there are two types to choose from: a standalone menu app or a lightweight QR code-based menu. This post explores the differences between the two, along with the pros and cons of each.

Digital Wine Lists | The Future of Wine Menus

One particularly useful application of QR codes in bars and restaurants is the touchless digital wine list. It’s proven that digital wine lists increase wine sales. It’s also proven that going contactless is safe—and important to diners. This post looks into where those two beautiful truths overlap: the scannable, QR code-based digital wine list.

The Many Upsides of QR Code Marketing

One of the reasons we talk about menus that use QR codes so much is because that’s the lowest hanging fruit. Paper menus are dirty and QR codes are totally contactless, affordable, and easy to deploy. But that’s not where the use of QR codes ends for bars and restaurants. Another use is marketing. That’s because QR codes are so very accessible. All a customer or potential customer needs to do is scan. As such, QR codes are a great way to communicate to people. This post surveys the many ways it’s done.

QR Codes and the Touchless Restaurant Experience

QR Codes, Contactless Menus, and the New Normal

Because of the pandemic, the hospitality industry changed permanently. Social distancing, contactless commerce, and a focus on personal hygiene all make QR codes a natural response. This post looks into exactly how consumer expectations around bars and restaurants have changed, along with how QR codes slot in perfectly to meet those expectations.

Creating a Touchless Experience with Touchless Menus

Having a menu that’s touchless is only part of the greater touchless bar and restaurant experience that’s on the horizon. Probably the most important part, but a part nonetheless. This post delves into the many ways bars and restaurants can go contactless and deliver germ-free dining to a public that rightfully demands it.

How QR Codes Help Safely Reopen Bars and Restaurants

Going touchless is, of course, an important piece to bars and restaurants safely reopening and resuming business. And while this post goes into that, it also covers some other important guidelines bars and restaurants should follow. It’s all based on our research into what the CDC, academia, and industry leaders are finding most effective.

Free, Printable QR Code Resources

How to Scan a QR Code

One of the many benefits of QR codes is how easy they are to use. And how familiar everyone is with them. That makes them more publicly accessible than almost any other piece of restaurant technology out there. But just because folks are familiar with them doesn’t mean everyone knows exactly how to use them. That’s okay, though, because this post breaks down how to scan a QR code real easy-like. And it has a free, printable infographic you can hang anywhere in your bar or restaurant that shows diners how!

Free Printable QR Code Templates

Hand-in-hand with our instructional template above are the QR code templates themselves. Once you get your QR code, put it on one of these templates, print it out, and hang it up. We had a professional designer cook up a nice template so you didn’t have to. There are multiple downloadable templates to choose from, and we even break down how to paste your QR code image onto it.

Using QR Codes Is a No-Brainer

QR codes, to put it simple, make everything touchless. Someone can scan a QR code to see your restaurant menu on their smartphone. Someone can scan a QR code to process a payment or send an order. The options are numerous, versatile, and extremely easy to implement.

Couple that with some simple calculations:

  • Menus using QR codes are much cheaper than owning a fleet of tablets for digital menu display. Or printing and discarding mountains of menus every day. Or building a standalone menu app from scratch.
  • Customers don’t want to get sick at restaurants. Physical menus are filthy. Customers know physical menus are filthy.

The computer age changed restaurant technology forever. Now it’s evolving further. The future of bars and restaurants isn’t just digital, it’s touchless.