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Free QR Code Template for Restaurants | Poster, Design PDF

June 15, 2020
QR Code Menu

One of the easiest, most effective ways to work toward a germ-free dining experience is to use QR codes. By leveraging a QR code menu, you’ll be rid of the single dirtiest thing on restaurant tables: paper menus.

Paper menus are almost inconceivably dirty. To the tune of 185,000 germs per square centimeter. That’s 16 times dirtier than pepper shakers, the 2nd dirtiest thing on restaurant tables. That’s why the National Restaurant Association now recommends discarding paper menus after every use.

And that’s also why contactless menus are fast becoming the new norm. Bar- and restaurant-goers are not going to experiment with restaurant cleanliness anymore. And bar and restaurant owners don’t want to incur mountains of cost printing and discarding menus. The industry, as a whole, is leaning toward menu apps and QR code menus to go touchless.

That’s why we created these free printable QR code templates. Couple them with our simple printable instructions on how to scan a QR code. Doing so makes it as easy as humanly possible for your guests to feel safe in public. And you’ll be well on your way to seamlessly delivering on the public’s expectations of germ-free dining.

To help introduce your shiny new QR code into the wild, here are a few different versions of QR code design templates. We’ve got two different versions and two different alignments. We've also got a few templates for general QR code use, not just for menus. Want to use them as QR code poster templates and print them out straight away? Go for it. Want to use them as more QR code design templates and iterate on them? Do it! You could even add some helpful information about QR code scanning problems. They're flexible templates meant to support this very exciting restaurant technology. Do with them as you wish.

Horizontally-Aligned QR Code Templates

a horizontal qr code template
a horizontal qr code design template

horizontal qr code template with scan me

horizontal blank qr code template

Vertically-Aligned QR Code Templates

vertical qr code poster template
vertical qr code template
vertical qr code template with scan me
vertical blank qr code template

How to Update Your QR Code Design Template

Click on any QR code template here and you’ll see a high-quality printable version of it. Follow these steps to insert your QR code into it.

  1. Open up the image of your QR code in Preview (for Macs) or your photo viewer in Windows
  2. Under the “Edit” menu click “Select All” and then “Copy”
  3. Open the QR code template, in Preview or your photo viewer, that you just downloaded here
  4. Under the “Edit” menu click “Paste”
  5. Adjust size and position of QR code as desired
  6. Save and print

How to Make Your Own QR Codes

You've got the templates! How do you get the QR codes? It's easy. You can make a QR code for a PDF online, though that comes with a fair amount of built-in QR code risks. Ideally, you partner with a technology company that makes reliable, inexpensive, pre-formatted QR codes for you. Doing so takes almost everything off your plate besides supplying the raw information you want surfaced to your customers.

Just remember, whatever ou choose to do, to create a dynamic QR code. Not a static one. How QR codes are used, typically, requires information be updated and edited on the fly, without having to create, print, and distribute a whole new code. We do it all the time with the country’s top restaurants’ digital wine lists. And we can help you do it with your digital menu, too.

Get Your Free QR Code Template Right Here

QR code marketing is versatile. You can put these QR code design templates anywhere in your bar or restaurant. Doing so are the first—and arguably most important—steps to delivering the touchless restaurant experience that 2020 and beyond will inevitably develop.

The question is, will you lead the charge? If so, you can expect customers to respond in-kind, leading their own charge through your doors. They’ll fill up your dining room, and they’ll line up at your bar. All because they know a touchless menu means you take their health and safety seriously.